The Cheating Game - Chapter 3

This chapter has more drama. Sorry it took long, I had to go visit my family. Please comment. Picture is of Emily.
"Dave have you met Justice my boyfriend," said Stephanie.
Yes, I met this devil of a jock. Just last week I scored a basketball shot against him, he pushed me against the wall and called me something, I still need to punch him for, but I decided not to bring that up.

"Stephanie you've probably met Emily, she is in the cheerleading team just like you," I replied. Both girls kept shooting death glares at each other. Okay this double date is worst in history of dates.

"Alright, let's get our ice cream and maybe watch a movie if that is okay with you guys," said Stephanie.

"Nah, thanks anyway me and Emily are having a date ourselves after this," I answered.
I kissed Emily so she wouldn't say anything. She looked confused at first, but eventually she got the message. A oversized waiter came up to us and said, "May I help you?"
Justice rudely responded, "You need help with your weight, get us a waiter who isn't a hippo please."

The poor lady looked at him in horror and roller-skated away. See dude is a monster.
"You could've been nicer you know," said Stephanie.
Justice just shrugged and ordered our ice cream. I noticed Emily staring at me weirdly and asked "What?"
She pulled out her phone and texted me.

Emily: She likes u
Me: Who?
Emily: Don't act stupid Stephanie keeps staring at ur hot body
Me: That deserves a kiss
Emily: Not in front of Steph she'll get jealous
Me: She probably kill u if she knew u called her that
Emily: Hear me out listen
Me: Alright we better raise our heads from under the table
Bad choice we don't hit our heads.
"What you were doing under there, kissing?"
"No, we were texting Tyler and Mia."

Justice gave me a look that said yeah right while Stephanie kept staring at me. Wow, turns out Emily was right, but if I ever go out with Stephanie, she'd cheat on me like Cassie over Brian. Ha she thinks I don't know she likes him more. I know that she'd cheat on me and I'm willing to torture her for it. She just wait till we arrive at the college, I will make her suffer.


Stephanie's POV

I can't be without Dave, so I decided to end to end it with Justice. How stupid I was to think he would make Dave jealous inside the store, she is sitting on his lap making out with him. It makes me so mad I want to kill her.

"Babe, why are we out here."
No Stephanie, you can't do this that would make you feel too bad. It will break his heart then Dave will never like you.

"I want to go home now, this date is making me tired." I lied.
During the car ride I thought about it and decided I'm gonna keep Justice. He is just like Dave expect he's funnier.
"Steph, you know I love you and will never hate you, but I want to end our relationship."
Damn, should have done it myself, now I will cry. Better take out the Bounty wipes it's gonna be a long night.


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Published: 9/24/2012
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