The Cheating Game - Chapter 5

I didn't write so long because I felt like nobody was reading my story, but I will start another story and see if you like that better. I will continue this one. This is a pic of Jason.
Dave's POV

"Hey Ms. Collins I came to talk to Emily, can I go upstairs?" I asked. After a nod, I heard moaning, weird like when you kiss someone.

OMG! SHE ISN'T CHEATING ME! I burst through her bedroom door and Justice was on top of her while she was pushing him away.

When she saw me, she burst out crying. By the time Justice looked up from harassing, my fist connected with his chin and he flew off the bed.

She started crying but I couldn't let that stop me.

"Emily we are over now, you can finish what you started."
"What happened up there, aren't they practicing for a test," asked Ms. Collins.
"Yup, they're practicing alright."

Stacy's POV

I been waiting for hours where is Dave. He sure is taking a long time with Stacy. Dave comes through the back door with clenched fists.

"Get in the car, me and you are going to watch that movie alone. Emily and I are over."

A million possibilities flew through my head none quite real. I looked up at him and caught him staring at my face weirdly. I looked away instantly remembering what Stephanie told me but I couldn't help and lean on his shoulder. He looked at me then opened up his phone and typed something in his phone.

Dave: Will you got out with me tomorrow?
Hell yeah but I tried to play it cool and, said 'yes'.

Tomorrow night...

Dave's POV

"Where are you going," says Jason.
"On a date now, go watch TV till I come back please," I plead.
"For a price 20 bucks please then GBFN."

I gave the kid the money and went to the door and there was Stacy in a red spaghetti strap dress. I guess I was staring at her too much because she blushed and "What club are we going to?"

My brother who is only 9 pushed by me saying, "Your date is sexy where did you get her."
I pushed him in the house and asked, "Shall we go now."

The music of the club was booming with girls winking sexy glares and guys staring at your date.
"You want to dance," asks Stacy. I pulled her into a slow dance and she hung her hands on my neck.

"You're a good dancer Stace, I loved dancing with you, do you want a drink?" I said.

She agreed and we sat there talking about random stuff. While we were talking about Stephanie's jealously Stacy was officially drunk.

Okay you have to not have any contact with her or else we are gonna have a baby child. I carried her to my car and that was the smartest choice of my life. When I put in the car she pulled me on top of her, kissing me and I pushed her away not too hard, just enough to get up. A man came out of the club carrying a girl. That was the guy eyeballing Stacy if I hadn't of brought her to my car, she would be dead.

"Sorry for getting drunk and I hope I didn't, you know have it because I like..."

I silenced her with a kiss. It felt like her lips were the perfect size, length and taste, I loved every minute of it. As we drove home, she leaned against the window with her blondish brown hair falling on the side of her face. Gorgeous. Wait I'm falling for her already on first date what if I like her more than she likes me. NO, THIS IS NOT HAPPENING!

The Next Day...

Stacy's POV

"Stephanie guess what I went with Dave yesterday and it was amazing, he is such a awesome guy."

"I told you he isn't a good guy, he will get your body and will leave you alone."
"Actually I got drunk and he didn't touch me even when I pulled him on top of me, he didn't stay there; so I guess you were wrong. Let's go get a pizza Steph and yes I'm calling you that no matter what you say."

Steph and I sat at a seat and Dave came in through the door. For some reason my heart beat a mile a minute and I had a burst of happiness in my gut. What is happening to me I'm Stacy Redid, tough girl who moved because of getting in trouble and into fights, what wrong with me. That calls for 4 words. Playing. Hard. To. Get.
Do you want an enemy from Stacy's old school to appear?
Hell yeah.
Don't care, it is your story, not mine.
Published: 11/7/2012
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