The Cheating Game - Chapter 6

Get ready for DRAMA!! Please comment. I chose to update a pic of Stacy, so from now on that's how she looks.
I strolled through the park quickly thinking about my life. My life isn't real why boy gets cheated on every time. I'm so unreal but I've got better things to worry about. I stuck my hands out hailing the taxi to the airport, looking at a squirrel in a tree thinking what the hell is real life really like as I enter the airport after paying the guy $50. I see Kaitlynn talking on the phone, her light strawberry blonde hair cascaded down her back and her twin Abby's long dark strawberry blonde hair, at least I still knew the difference.

I sneaked behind Kaitlynn shushing her mom and sister and took her bag and ran. Yeah, back to being a jerk of a friend. She turned around and chased me for a hug after the greetings. I grabbed all their bags which were surprisingly light (We all know how girls are ready for anything). As we pulled up in front of their new house across the street from mine, Abby pulled me aside, "Sorry about what I did to you in 8th grade I wasn't thinking." She said. She was talking about trying to make me and Kaitlynn fight which was a stupid horrible idea, and ended with very catastrophic things happening to her.

I finally got a breath after packing, collapsed on her soft comforting bed. Kaitlynn stared at me and said, "You're lazier than I thought." After that we talked about life, love, and all the events that happened after I moved from Nevada. Kate's mom barged into the room and seeing us on opposite sides of her big bed she smirked and said, "Stay that way, I'm not planning on being a grandma this soon." Kate gave her mom the finger at least after her mom left. My phone buzzed by an unknown caller saying to get outside. "Kathie, I'll be right back." I told her.

When I left I saw Stacy crying under a tree. I sat down with her and stared at the designs on my jeans. When I got the courage I asked, "What happened to you?" She turned as I wiped her tears.

"Was that you with Abby Wenver," she asked.
"Yes, what about her and how do you know her, I don't think I told you her name." I replied.

"She was my enemy in middle school and whenever she sees I have a boy she takes him from me with her prettiness and sense of style and they agree because I have nothing.

"That isn't true, you're pretty and beautiful, and the best girl in the world, don't sell yourself for short. Pretty girls like you shouldn't cry over stupid things like that even if I said it sounds corny."

I lifted her chin and kissed her vigorously but gentle and loving. That put a smile on her face. Too bad there was someone watching who would end us as easily as a fat man gets diabetes. And it's not who you'd think it is.


Abigail's POV

I stepped out the house and saw Dave kissing some girl who sent a shower of rage down my throat. Why should I care, he is nothing to me. I got inside and called my old friend Colleen to come over, what I didn't know was she already had plans to end someone's relationship and was using me.
Do you like this enemy of Stacy?
Yes, she is perfect.
No, she's too nice girl.
Make her more evil then she'll be perfect.
Don't care, just write the damn story!
Published: 12/17/2012
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