The Cheating Game - Chapter 7

Hope you had a very happy Christmas and a great time with your family. This chapter is for you, hope you like it. I might be able to write 'Human Beat' too so keep an eye out, it's great! New Character!! Secrets revealed. Pic is of Hope.
Kaitlynn's POV

Ugh school, I hate it!!! All the boys looking at you giving you numbers and the girls giving you looks for being Dave's friend and telling to stay away from him. *_* Pfft, as if I like him, but his friend Tyler is a hottie.

"Dave, where is my next class?" I say as I hand him my schedule.
"Ouch! You have Mr. Kongay that can't be good. Okay, all you have to do is, show him how brilliant you are and you'll be the first girl he ever had a soft spot for."
That wasn't a very good feeling why did I have a bad teacher the period before lunch! I waved bye to Dave and entered the English room. I sat next to a girl and said hi.
"Don't talk to me, I loved him, made a mistake and he dumped me. Now he's going out with a girl like you. What do you have that I don't?" She cried. Are you serious? Do Dave and I look like a couple?! I think I swallowed my vomit.

"I don't go out with him!"
"Good, because I was lying. What's your name? I'm Hope."
"I'm Kaitlynn. Is there a 'Stacy' by any chance in this school?" I asked.
"Yeah, that's my friend. Why?" She asked puzzled.
Right that moment she walked in. She passed by my desk, saw me and stared hard. 5...4...3...2...
"OMG Kaitlynn, I didn't know you were in this school. How is the devil Abigail?"
"I moved here last week and Abigail is across the hall in Science quiet down, I got to make a good impression on Mr. Gay."
"It's Mr. Kongay."

Mr. Kongay wasn't bad after all, he was nice at least to the girls. He showed us this movie about an orphan who ran from home and went to live in a library. The librarian took him under her wing and they discovered he was a secret agent. Blah... Blah mystery of books blah... blah enemies. The movie was the best nap ever!!! At least I watched a little.


Lunch Time - Dave's POV

I sneaked up on Stacy, wrapping my arm around her waist and pulled her in for a kiss which she denied. She looked at Kaitlynn and asked, if I were treating her alright. Kaitlynn nodded and Stacy accepted it. A girl next to Kaitlynn giggled.
"Who's this?" I asked.
"I'm Hope, nice to meet you." She said.
"Do you date?" I asked.
Stacy's face was priceless!!!
"I mean for Tyler," I said.
Stacy breathed a sigh of relief.
I pointed to Tyler who started walking to the table with his food.

"Couldn't take the flirting man. Who are these two beauties sitting by themselves without a guy to go out with them?"
"Meet Hope and Kaitlynn who are both available," I said.
Kaitlynn frowned while Hope blushed.
I pulled Kaitlynn away and asked her, "Where is Abigail really?"
"She didn't come because she was scared of a new school. What's it to you?"
"Just want to know. Next, we are leaving you know."
"You liar, you told me I had Mr. Fleak after this."
Never had a girl run after me, trying to kill me instead of asking for a number.
I got into the boys bathroom which didn't stop Kaitlynn from pushing me in the garbage and running out with pride on her face. She's devil!

When I got out of the garbage I spotted Stacy laughing with Katie.
"Kate, I'm giving 5 seconds to drive home before I start chasing you 5...4...
Kate got the message and ran to her car while I chased her right there. She will suffer tomorrow .


(Next Day Last Period) - Dave's POV

I took out the melted jello and put it underneath Katie's chair on the floor. I bent down as if I were tying my shoe. I loosened the screw in her chair and tied the string around her chair. Abby saw me and mouthed 'what are you doing'. I waved her away and sat in my chair then I yanked the string.

Katie fell down and landed on the jello. Which looked like blood dripping down. The class turned and laughed, even Ms. Mackerel joined in. Kate turned around at me and gave me the most hateful look ever. Then she smirked and mouthed me a message. Two can play that game. Oops, when she says that, then you're in for it. The teacher handed her a pad and sent her to the bathroom. I don't regret this at all, no matter what Princess Kate will do to me.


2 hours Later - Stacy's POV

"Why the hell are you late you bitch spending time with that boy, you whore?!!"
My father then beat me making sure not to hit my arms. Then pushed me in the closet and to get all my things and get ready to leave. He pushed me on the bed and... well I hated it and don't remember. He does this every night but even Mom doesn't know or else he will turn on my little 10-year-old sister.
Then he kicked me out.
"You touch Lucy, I'm killing you." I said before leaving to Katie's house.
Before I even knocked, Abby opened the door.
"What do you want? And this isn't a sleepover you know."

Her mom appeared at the door and I explained everything before she wrapped me in a hug and gave me bed to share with Kate. How am I gonna explain this to Dave? He will hate me. What am I gonna do?!
I wrapped myself in the blanket sharing Kate's warmth. Whatever happens, he was a great guy, too great for me. Kate said that he'll understand and feel bad but he won't dump me so I shouldn't worry, but you can't underestimate a person like that. I cuddled in my blanket for a dreamless sleep.


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