The Chronology of Death

So sorry.
Long gone, never coming back,
So many broken hearts,
Long gone, you are calm,
Rest my dear, we will cry.

You left so fast, so unexpected,
And here we are left with questions,
To never be answered.
Such a gloomy day, lead me the way,
My heart searches for your light,
But it has faded away.

Such heartbreaking moment,
Of the last day of a hero.
We remember your last comment,
But it all sums up to zero.

She was left confused,
To never again see you, no clue.
Says you're in heaven, when will you be back?
We all want the answer, happiness gone bad.

Daddy's in heaven, said the wife,
What a gloomy, gloomy night?
Oh, what about the child?
Why did you have to go tonight?

Questions that remain unanswered,
Where is all you said?
You gave us hope, you were the light.

No one was there to stop you,
No one was there to help you,
No one was there to hold you,
And now that you're gone,
We all miss you.
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Published: 11/11/2013
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