The Comeback - Chapter 1 (Nightmare)

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I keep on waiting outside the emergency room, my tears won't stop from flowing out of my eyes. My hands and shoulders are uncontrollably shaking. My lips are trembling; I can't even speak a word. My mind lost its consciousness. I feel lost. I feel terrible. I feel like this is the end. I feel-

There he came out. I looked up at my only chance, the man in a white coat. Hoping he would say that he's alive. "I'm very sorry. We've tried our very best to save your son. He lost a lot of blood and there's nothing we could do about it. He didn't make it Mrs. Bryant," he said sadly.

As soon as the doctor said the horrible truth to his mom, I lost my balance. All of a sudden, I fell on the ground. I can see people hovering around me as I slowly closed my eyes. Then I feel like someone's shaking me, waking me up.


"Julie wake up! Wake up!" My sister shouted. I opened my eyes to look at her. "You were having a nightmare," she said.
"I-I-I'm dreaming of that horrible day again... the day when I lost him," I stuttered.
"Look, it's been one year sis... please help yourself, and try to move on... I love you sis," she said while giving me a sympathetic smile.

I smiled slightly at Jenna, my sister. "Now you get ready for your college... I don't want you to be late again." She said as she opened my door and went out.


I can't forget about him, everything about him. He was my first love. He was my Stan. I lost him one year ago but I can still feel him. I always think of him even if he's dead. His face is still clear in my mind. His straight dark brown hair that he used to rub when he's embarrassed. His chocolate brown eyes gave him the look of a trustworthy person when you look at. His straight nose used to sniff my hair. His plump lips that made me kiss him. His chiseled jawline that I used to caress when he feels sad. I just knew every detail of his perfection. He made me feel like the happiest girl when he was alive. But now, he made me feel like the loneliest girl when he left.

I think... I think, I can't love a person again. No one can replace him. Only his presence can make me feel alive. Now I feel dead without him. I feel like I can't go back to my old self. He was the only person who I'm comfortable with.

I remembered, how I was attempting suicide a week after his death. I didn't go to his funeral because I couldn't accept the fact that he was dead. My parents and my sister went to the funeral that day. Instead of going there, I locked myself up in my room. I tried overdosing myself.

I woke up in a hospital and was lucky enough that I'm still alive. I was in a deep depression, so my parents decided to get me into therapy. And somehow it helped me. I've realized that I should still continue this life. I still have my family to live my life with.

That's why I'm here, continuing my life. Now, I'm in college studying Photography. If Stan's alive, he would be in the same University as me. He told me once that he was going to take Photography too. Just... just thinking of him makes me sad.

I started going out of my bed, took my shower and dressed myself. I went down the stairs and greeted my mom, "Morning Mom".
"Morning honey, just go have your breakfast... you're going to be late," she said. I finished my cereal and got out of my house. I started the engine of my car and sped off.

The class ended by quickly. I'm not even paying attention to the lectures today. I'm thinking of Stan again. There's only one thing I wish for... and that is - for him to come back, though I know myself that it's impossible. It's just a wishful thinking that I'd like to keep to myself.


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Published: 4/19/2013
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