The Comeback - Chapter 3 (New Friends)

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Days passed by like a car running at its highest speed. I didn't even realize when it stopped until I finally found something that'll make my life interesting, it's something you call friends.

This girl named Sheena, I never thought we would be friends. When this guy introduced me to her, the first thing I felt was insecurity. Everything looks perfect about her and my thoughts proved me just right when I get to know her. She's kind, beautiful, smart and really humble. I thought of her as a sister. And she has a beautiful relationship with her boyfriend Aries that I wish me and Stan still has. But I guess love was cruel about us, it never made us that.

Aries is a strange but a really sweet guy. Strange, for he would suddenly talk about exorcisms just to creep us out. Sweet, for he would sometimes leave a cookie with a letter on Sheena's locker. That guy is adorable in his own way that's why I guess Sheena fell for him.

I finally met this guy who introduced me to Sheena and Aries, the one and only Raven.

I was once eating in the cafeteria when he appeared right in front of me. My eyes were puffy from crying, so I didn't look up to meet Raven's eyes. He just sat on the same table as me. When I looked at him, all he did was to smile then he gave me his handkerchief. My mind stopped it's consciousness for a while; I was just staring at him.

I decided to accept it and I just smiled back when he made a funny face. We just clicked and become friends after that day, though it took me a few days to tell him the reason why I'm crying. Of course, it was about Stan.

I feel like I could trust him so I told him about it. Raven is really sweet and gentle. He's just like a perfect nice guy, a girl looks for. He said he has been brokenhearted like me. I never believed him, but that's what he said.


"Julie daydreams again," Raven said while waving his hand in front of me with his smirk.

"Nahh, I'm not," I said back while smiling at him.

"Sure, you must be thinking of something good huh... that smile can't hide it," he said while pointing at my face with his favorite smirk.

"Well, I was thinking of going out with the three of you this Saturday... what you say?" I asked.

"Unfortunately, the two has a date on that day, but if you still want to go out I'm free," he said while giving me a wink.

"Fine, pick me up around 3 pm." I just said back while rolling my eyes at him.

Sometimes Raven acts like a jerk... anyway, I don't mind because I'm used with his playful acts.



"I really can't believe that you're actually going to have a date after a long time!" Jenna said with a hideous smile written all over her face.

"How many times I would tell this to you," I clearly stated the last words to her.

"Anyway, no matter how you say it, it still sounds like a date to me," she said, while putting her tongue out that would likely annoy me more.

"You get really annoying sometimes," I said while rolling my eyes at her.
"But you love this annoying girl," she said when she got up to get out of my room and gave me a wink.

"Ughh..." I said, clearly annoyed with her assumption.

I decided to get ready. I put on my black skinny jeans, lemon green tank top with a blazer on, and my green flats. I brought my little pouch with me. I also decided to put on a little makeup that'll just give me a natural look. I think that kind of look is the most pleasant to girls.

I went downstairs when I heard the doorbell ring. I found Raven standing on the front door, wearing a white-fitted shirt and denim jeans. We then rode his car and decided to go.

"Are you ok with going to an Art museum?" Raven asked.

"Sure, that would be great." I just said back.

Raven turned his car on the left and ran a few blocks away from my house. We stopped at a big house that looked like it belonged in the classical era.

Once we entered it, I can't help but be amazed by the paintings that were hanging on the walls.

"As you can see, this place is just small for a museum, but everything looks perfect with the paintings that are on the walls." Raven said.

"How many times have you been here?" I asked.

"I've been here twice, now is the third time." He replied.

I kept on looking at the paintings until there was this one painting that just caught my eye. I walked up to that painting and just stared at it.

It was a painting of a soul entering this man's body. The painting looked dark, but it also looked like it's telling you something.

I could see Raven walking up towards me while I was still standing in front of the painting.

"When I first came here, this painting caught me too. It's darkness tells you something but you couldn't figure out what it is. The painting is just amazing," Raven said while still looking up at the painting.

"It's weird but it really amazes me." I replied.

After going to the museum, we just went to a coffee shop and decided to go home.

Raven stopped his car when we reached my house.

"Thanks for today Raven, I had a great time." I said while facing him.

"Uhh... yeah," he said with the kind of nervous tone.

We just stared at each other until we both looked away when we noticed it. I burst out of laughter when I saw him blushing.

"What's funny?" Raven said, confusion evident in his voice.

"Nothing," I just said and got out of his car.

I waved a goodbye at him, and went straight to my room just to escape from Jenna's questions.

When I was on my bed, I felt the vibration of my phone. I get it and saw a message from Raven.

Raven: Seriously, why were you laughing?
Me: I won't tell :P
Raven: Ughh... fine.
Me: Good Night, Raven.
Raven: Night, sleepyhead...

After I received his message, I suddenly fell asleep.
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Published: 7/29/2013
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