The Comeback - Introduction

An inspiring story of Cici and how she came back from a deep and dark depression! There is drama, comedy, and action in this series!

I walked down the hallways of that bleak school, wondering if I would make it out alive. I was a type of girl who everyone like. I had a ton of friends, and was happy, but then the next day, I was the same girl who everybody forgot about. Now to tell you about how this happened, I probably should rewind to a month ago ....


In case you're wondering, my name is Celia, but everyone calls me Cici. I am a sophomore, in this prison they call high school. Why do you even need to go high school? If the correct answer is to feel unnecessary anxiety and stress. Then I must be doing great! I have brown hair, blue eyes, short, and small figure, and top of that I have a sense of humor like no one would have. My favorite thing in the world is to kid around with people. I love to make people laugh.

Anyway, I walked into 1st hour on a cold January morning after I had just tweeted a subtweet about a friend who was always telling me awful things about this girl and then the next thing I knew she was best friends with her. It got annoying after a while. I left 1st hour and checked my phone, and there was like 2 texts messages from her. Of course, I lied and said they weren't about her. They were about some other girl. Luckily, she believed in me. This girl name was Melanie. Melanie and I had gotten really close that year, and we were starting to go different directions in our life. She was hanging with the kids that partied all the time and I wasn't, which made me a TOTAL loser.

Melanie would never walk with me in the hallway if she saw one of her cool friends. That just hurt my feelings. I didn't personally understand the popularity thing. I believe everyone is equal and that in 5 years nobody would give a shit if you were queen bee or one of those Gothic kids. Melanie and I had gotten into a lot of fights that week. There were so many subtweets about me on her Twitter that I cried myself till sleep. I won't say what they said, but just knew it was cruel and awful.

The next day I deleted my Twitter account. Then a bunch of drama happened with all of my friends and she turned a ton of my friends against me and I became a loner. It was the worst semester of my life.

I will tell you this story is not about stupid high school drama, it is a story about how I came back from a serious depression. To this current day I still struggle with it, but to understand how I am doing now, you must know all of my deep and darkest days, then only you will understand how I am standing strong today!

- Cici


Author's Note...

This is my first story on iBuzzle. I hope you like the prologue! Chapter 1 will be coming soon! Please comment and let me know what do you think about the story.

Published: 9/9/2013
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