The Contract - Chapter 10

This is a heartbreaking chapter. Andre and Adriana receive bad news over Melanie. Please leave a comment!! That's our Mrs. McKenzie.
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Annie: I guess you're back to stay, thanks for the comment.

Apps: I understand what you mean, Adriana is one of the best characters I've come up with I'm still undecided on whether to portray her as a protagonist or an antagonist, either ways she'll be amazing. Her relationship with Andre is complicated but she's gonna be a great mother to Melanie. Thank you.

Miha: Thank you dearie, we've gotten to the suspense part of the story, this chapter might break your heart a little. I promise you every chapter would be better than the last. Stay glued.


Chapter 10

Jason and Adriana searched the surroundings hoping to see Melanie somewhere, but their effort was worthless, Melanie obviously wasn't anywhere around, they decided to use the car to search for her, she couldn't have gotten far.
"Andre is gonna kill us, he'll never forgive us now," Jason said.
"Shut up Jason! Who cares about Andre! My little girl is missing! Lord please bring her back safely," Adriana cried.
Meanwhile Autumn was on her way home from grocery shopping when she found a child sitting on the floor sobbing. She looked closely and the child looked familiar, yes, it was Melanie McKenzie.

"Melanie is that you," she stretched out her hands to pick up Melanie.
"Please don't hurt me," Melanie cried out.
"No honey, I wouldn't. what's wrong."
"I... do... not .. know," her words broke.
"Come in, this is my house."
Melanie went in with Autumn.
"Are you lost? Should I call your father, honey you're cold?"
"No, don't call my dad."
"Okay let me get you a hot cup of chocolate so you'll feel better."

Autumn went into her kitchen, she wondered what would make Andre's daughter sad, she ran away from home, poor child. She wondered if she should call Andre or just let him suffer for a while, he deserved it after what he had done to her. She remembered how she'd gone on a date with Andre three years back and they had sex, she thought it was the beginning of a new relationship but Andre had gotten up early, dropped some cash and dropped a note saying thanks for the good sex. She had cried her eyes out for days but eventually she forgot about it, she had promised to have her revenge some day but she hadn't seen the perfect opportunity, but when Olivia told her she'd be a bride's maid in Andre's wedding she knew her time had come, her plan was simple; ruin Andre's happiness.

This little girl in her home is one or more than half of Andre's happiness but she definitely wasn't one to take advantage of little kids. Andre and Olivia owed her a lot. Olivia had once been the love of the only guy she wanted Nicholas, she wondered where he was now, he didn't get Olivia that serves him right. She handed the chocolate to Melanie who was now running a temperature

"Honey, I need to get you home, you're not well," she cuddled Melanie into her arms and carefully caressed her hair. Melanie began to shiver and had problem with breathing.
"Melanie! I need you to help me."

Melanie became unconscious, Autumn was terrified she checked to see if Melanie had a pulse.
"Yes, hold on baby girl." She dashed into her room to pick up her car key. She opened the doors of the car, sped inside to pick up Melanie and laid her at the passenger's seat.
She drove her way to the hospital and decided to contact Melanie's family member, she tried Andre, his number wasn't going through, he was probably busy with his wife now it was already late at night, she soon remembered that she had exchanged contacts with Jason at the wedding.

"Hello Jason its Autumn."
"Hi Autumn sorry but I can't speak now."
"Wait I'm with Melanie now."
"Melanie?" Jason said surprised.
Adriana dragged the phone from Jason as soon as she heard him mention Melanie, she put the phone on speaker.
"Is she fine? Where are you," she asked.
"Sorry who is on the line now?" Autumn asked.
"It's Melanie's mother, we met at the wedding," Adriana answered.
The voice was cracked and shaking but it sounded familiar to Autumn.
"Adriana? How's that possible?"
"I'll explain later just tell me where my child is? Name your price I'll pay."

"No, Autumn pay no attention to Adriana she's been worried all day, where can we meet you both?" Jason intervened.
"We're at the hospital."
"What!! Jason my little girl." Adriana cried out loud, she dragged Jason by the shirt and hit his chest
"Adriana please stop, Autumn what hospital is Melanie okay? Was there an accident?" Jason asked.
"No, no, no accident she had a breakdown the doctors have been with her for over an hour, they insist on seeing her parents. Andre's line wasn't going through," Autumn replied.

"What hospital?" Adriana asked.
"St Lucas hospital, the one behind Hong's Chinese restaurant."
"We'll be there in 30 minutes thank you," Jason said.
Autumn cut the call.
"Get off the wheel, I'm driving. I'll get us there in less than 15 minutes," Adriana said.
"You're crazy if you think I'll let you kill us," Jason laughed.
"I'll kill us both if you don't let me drive," Adriana's eyes were blood red and swollen, she gave.

Jason the death stare, he had never seen a lady this fierce all his life, without a doubt he was sure she loved her daughter and Melanie got her fierceness from her mother, he exchanged seats with her, for the first time he did the sign of the cross from his heart and prayed to God that Adriana doesn't kill them in an accident and that Melanie doesn't die, his life would be over literally cause Andre would kill him.

"You almost killed us Adriana."
Adriana ran into the hospital.
"Where is she?" She asked Autumn.
A doctor came out.
"Here's Melanie's mother doc," Autumn said.
"Mrs. McKenzie? This way," he led the way to Melanie's ward.
"No Miss Rios doc, how's my baby girl?"
"Not so good Miss Rios."

Adriana entered into a private ward, she saw her baby girl been connected to a lot of tubes, there's a drip and an oxygen mask on her. She was asleep, the doctor excused himself.
Adriana pulled a chair and sat beside the bed, she laid a kiss on Mel's forehead.

"You'll be fine baby, I'm so sorry. You're better off without me. Andre's right I shouldn't have shown up in your life my child, forgive me for all the pain I'm causing you my Darling forgive me, I'm sorry, just get well I promise I'll leave," Adriana cried, her daughter was pale and looking lifeless before her. She had never felt half-dead in her life, her heart seemed like it was being pierced with knives, she loved her daughter so much and would give anything to be in her position. She sniffed, wiped off tears from her eyes.

"You're stronger than this. I remember how you use to kick like a champ in my belly. You'll get well for us," she kissed her hands.
Melanie opened her eyes slowly.
"Yes baby its mummy."
"Why did you leave me mummy" tears fell from the little girl's eyes.
"I'm sorry child.. I had to protect you."
"So you didn't go to heaven? You didn't see my paintings from heaven? Dad lied to me."
"No, your father didn't want to hurt your feelings, you know he loves you."
"Mum? will you leave me again?"
"Never, get well so we can be a happy family."
"With dad?"
"Yes baby."
"But daddy is now married to my new mummy Olivia."
"Baby enough, we'll be fine just get well soon, we'll catch up on every mother daughter moment we missed out on. I love you," Adriana cleaned Melanie's eyes, she's been accepted by her daughter, that was more than enough for her, she sand songs to Mel until they both fell asleep.

Olivia couldn't sleep, it was 1:00 am and she had to speak with someone, she called Calvin.
"Hey cal, how are you over there?"
"I'm good Mrs. McKenzie, you?" Calvin teased.
"Don't please. I found out something and I think you should know."
She explained how she found the note and how Andre has refused to talk about it.

"Wow, that's strange, just yesterday Serayah linked one of the possible hit man and he used to work for the McKenzie's as a body guard, he was fired days after the incident, isn't that too much of a coincidence? Andre definitely knows something. Make him trust you girl that shouldn't be hard."
"I'll try."
"Yes, now go to bed okay when you get back we'll talk more."

She hanged up the line and laid on the bare ground, she cried, she needed Andre to trust her and the only way to his heart was sex.

She woke up early in the morning by 5:00 am, she had her hair done and put in some blonde highlights, she had gone shopping and bought clothes that Andre couldn't resist. She was looking like the Mrs McKenzie he wanted. She made dinner and changed into a very seducing outfit.

"Wake up baby, you scare me with your sleeping at times," he grunts.
He finally woke up, he saw a gorgeous model who could fit as a porn star.
"Olivia? What did you do?"
"I prepped myself for you baby," he got up and looked at her, she dragged him up from bed.
"Why don't you shower real quick and come down for breakfast," she said leaving him.
"I doubt I'll be coming down for breakfast," he teased.
"What? Why? I cooked!"

"Yes you cooked up that body real well. I'll be coming down for that body," Andre said. She giggled.
"That's if you get to touch it," she teased and sashayed down.
Andre got into the shower fast, he was happy Olivia was out of her sad phase, he wasn't even gonna bring it up so as not to ruin the moment. He grabbed his clothes and went down the stairs.

"This place smells heavenly, baby what are we celebrating." He asked grabbing her waist from behind and giving her a kiss on her neck.
"Stop, let go of me, let's eat."
She tried to let go from his grip but he grabbed her back to him. He lifted her to the kitchen counter.

"Can't you see I'm trying to eat a healthy dessert," he caressed her chin.
"You look beautiful Olivia Hartz McKenzie."
"Thank you," she gave him a peck on the lips and jumped down from the counter.
"You have to eat real food first McKenzie Andre! If you start now I might let you have a yummy appetizer now," she leaned forward and grabbed his ass, she could smell his testosterone running high, she herself was in the moment.

"Damn you Andre, tell me what you know already," she said in her mind.
Andre sat down and started to eat, his phone rang but he ignored it just not to spoil the moment. Olivia picked up the phone.
"Baby, its Jason. He called 7 times."
Andre dropped his fork.
"Is everyone okay, let me have the phone."
He dialed Jason.

"Dude take the next flight back home now, we're at St. Lucas hospital, Melanie was admitted here yesterday, the doctor wants to see you, it's an emergency," Jason hanged up.
Andre jumped from his seat, his daughter.

"What's wrong?" Olivia asked as Andre moved up and down looking for his car keys.
"Melanie is at the hospital, St. Lucas I have to go it's an emergency, I have to go now," he said giving Olivia a kiss on the cheek and dashed out.
"I'll change and meet you there," Olivia yelled out.
"Yea, pack our stuffs home," he yelled back.

His heart was too heavy for him, what could be wrong with his little girl, the journey was taking too long, he had the urge to jump out the car and race to the hospital but he knew it was dumb idea he was desperate.
Within an hour he got to the hospital.

"What's wrong?" He saw his parents, Jason, and Autumn at the reception area.
"Calm down Andre. My granddaughter is a fine," Mrs. McKenzie said.
"She's a McKenzie, she'll fight," his father added.
"Where is she?" He asked again.
"The private ward upstairs, fourth room by the left," Jason answered racing after him.
"Melanie," Andre said as he saw Adriana singing songs to a sleeping Melanie.

"What are you doing here? Baby what happened?" He moved closer to his child and pecked her.
"Andre she's going to get better. I believe our daug..."
"My daughter!" Andre corrected.
"She knows the truth Andre. I told her," Adriana snapped.
"What!" Andre moved to Jason and lifted him with his shirt.

"You let her see Melanie after all I said," he punched Jason on the mouth. He fell on the ground with a bleeding mouth.
"Daddy stop" Melanie woke up.
"Baby how are you. What happened?"
"I ran away from home. I met aunt Autumn and my tummy began to hurt again and she brought me here, mummy said I'll be fine," Andre was shocked.

The doctor came in.
"Mr. McKenzie, Miss Rios I need to talk to you both in private."
"Sorry, she is an intruder, I'm the father."
"Daddy let my mum go with you please," Melanie intervened.

The two followed the doctor to his office.
"Doctor is our daughter going to be okay?" Adriana asked.
"Okay stop! Melanie isn't here enough with the pretense. She's my daughter mine alone. We don't need you," Andre lost it as he banged his hands on the table. The doctor became pissed.

"Your daughter is dying, the last thing she needs is for her parents to constantly be at war," the doctor snapped.
Andre froze, their heartbeat accelerated.
"What do you mean by dying?" Adriana picked up courage to ask.
"Melanie has a hole in her heart, I can give her pills to sustain her, but if a heart replacement surgery isn't done then she has less than a year to live and she can breakdown anytime if she's stressed, unhappy, worried or depressed."
Who is hotter? Adriana or Olivia!
Published: 10/7/2016
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