The Contract - Chapter 11

Could Andre still have feelings for Adriana? Find out more in this chapter.
Author's Note

Hey Guys,

I decided to change Melanie's ailment because I had a brilliant new plot and I can't wait for it to unfold, for the delay I'll give you guys spoilers, There's gonna be a new McKenzie baby on the way! But who is it from, Adriana or Olivia?? Which McKenzie brother is the father?


Olivia was worried about Melanie, she looked healthy before they left for the honeymoon, she wondered what would have happened to her that would require the hospital to admit her, poor Andre, he'd probably be devastated now, on the other hand she felt he was lucky. At least he gets the chance to see his daughter, care for her, she wasn't dead like her Aiden, whose corpse was what she saw at the hospital. Tears escaped her eyes as she had a flashback of the awful day. She was done packing their belongings, she decided to call Calvin.

"Olivia, you should focus on your husband, rather than calling me all the time," he said.
"Chill, I'm coming back to the city, there was an emergency and the honeymoon is over, I'll come over to the house in the evening."
"Okay, we'll be expecting you."
She cut the line, gave a last look at the beautiful edifice and left.

"Doc, I don't understand what you're saying, Melanie has always been healthy, I give her less cholesterol how can her kidney be bad," Andre asked.
"You probably didn't notice, she was born with a defected kidney, it seems to me like she wasn't given the best medical care as a baby," the doctor concluded.
Andre looked over to Adriana.
"You hear that Adriana Rios? You are the cause, you neglected your child."
Tears of guilt fell from Adriana's eyes.
"I'm sorry."
"She will be discharged tomorrow, I suggest we start looking for a kidney donor," the doctor said.
"Yes, go ahead with the search for a donor, whatever it costs tell me."
"Thank you."
Andre and Adriana rose and headed out, silence grew between them.
"Andre, I'm sorry."
"Look, Adriana I don't know what to say, this obviously isn't the time to fight with you," he walked out on her and moved to Melanie's ward.

"Daddy, when will I go home," Mel asked with the most self-satisfied smile. Andre could see the genuineness in her smile, it broke his heart more, his daughter deserved the best.
"We'll take you home soon," he answered.
"Will my mum, Adriana be coming with us?" She asked again.
"No baby, but I promise she can visit you whenever she wants and you can go over to her place," Adriana was shocked, and happy.
"You will be fine baby," she gave Melanie a peck on her head.
"I need to go inform my family of the new development, I'll be back," Andre said squeezing Melanie's hands.

"Why do you have tears in your eyes daddy?" Melanie asked.
"Sweety I'm just happy you're leaving this hospital," he lied.
"But da....." Adriana interrupted Melanie.
"Enough questions darling, you need rest and so does your father, you know he traveled a long distance for you," Adriana said.

Andre was marveled about how much Adriana cared for their child, why then did she abandon them, they could have been a happy family, he walked down the stairs to the reception area where his family, Autumn and Tyler were waiting.

"What's going on son?" His mother asked.
"Melanie isn't well and she needs surgery but she'll be discharged today," he said collapsing on the floor, he put his hands up to support his head, tears fell from his eyes, the last time he cried was when Adriana left him with a day old child. His parents were confused, everyone was.

"Son, I don't get it, surgery for what? My grandchild has been healthy," his father blurted out.
"Kidney transplant surgery, dad I failed her. It's all my fault, I neglected her complains, she's been complaining of stomach ache for a year now, dad I failed my only child," more tears fell from his eyes, how did he miss the clues, why hadn't he carried her to the hospital after the frequent complains.

Tyler sat on the floor where Andre was seated.
"Bro, it's gonna be alright, we'll find a donor, be strong for her, don't blame yourself we all saw how you struggled to take care of her after her mother died," Tyler said to comfort Andre.
"Her mother is not dead, I lied."
Everyone but Jason and Autumn gasped.
"What are you saying?" His mother asked.
"Where is her mother?" His father supported.
"Who is she?" Tyler said.
More tears fell from Andre's eyes.
"Ty, I'm sorry. Adri ... Adriana Rios is Melanie's mother."
Tyler was shocked.
"My girlfriend?"
"Yes, she used you to get closer to Melanie and I."
Tyler shook his head in disappointment, he stood up from the ground.
"I thought you were my best friend! I'm Melanie's Godfather for Christ's sake," he walked out the hospital.


Serayah's POV

School just dismissed, I was informed on Melanie's admission to the hospital, I don't have a clue what's wrong with her. I've been doing some underground research and I have some news for Calvin and Caitlin, so I have to see them now. My heart feels heavy because I'll see Calvin, I can't deny I like him but I know it has to be hidden, the scar his ex Sophia left in his heart is still fresh, also Olivia won't be pleased to know I have a thing for Calvin. I have arrived Olivia's old crib and knocked at the door.The door is opened by a shirtless Calvin in workout shorts, he has a towel hung around his neck.

"I'm sorry for coming by this time."
"No it's fine, I'll shower and be with you in some minutes," he says.
I stare until he is out of sight, Calvin didn't take much time in the shower, within 10 minutes he was out, we talked for a while, I don't know if it's in my head but he's enjoyed my company a lot.
"I can't believe you don't think a female detective is just as good or even better than the male." I say throwing a pillow at his face, he catches it before it hits him.

"No Sera, you females are too emotional. You get attached to cases and can miss clues," he threw the pillow back and it hit me real hard. I move to the couch he's seated on and give him a hard punch

"You're such an old-fashioned human with a really annoying mentality."
He laughs real hard and I become more pissed, he looks down at me and tickles me all over, I began laughing so much that I didn't even realize that Calvin was right on top of me and my hair has been loosed from its bun, he stops tickling me for a moment, and looks me straight in the eye, I can feel all my hormones raging in fear, anxiety, and intense passion and it happened his lips entangled mine and my breath seized a bit, the kiss was soft and sweet, passionate, and demanding, it felt like he was speaking through the kiss but he stops all of a sudden and stands from me.

"Did I do something wrong?" I had to ask.
"No, we shouldn't have, we can't, I just lost Sophia and my baby please understand me, I'm so sorry." He said hastily.
My heart breaks and rips into different parts, I understood what he was saying but it still hurts.
"No, I get it. We got caught up in the moment," I dress myself properly, an awkward silence befalls us.

"Hmm, I guess I should go," I say.
"But you had something to tell me and Caitlin,"
"Yes, I got the hmm address of our killer, I figured we could go for a visit to know if the McKenzie's are behind the murder."
Calvin's eyes widen, his face lighten up again.
"That's good news, I guess I was wrong about female detectives."
"You sure are wrong, I think we shouldn't tell Olivia now."
"I agree. We'll go together to see the killer."
"Okay, I have to go."
I move over, give him a peck on his cheeks and leave the house.


Two Weeks Later

The last two weeks was quite hectic for everyone, nothing was normal anymore, Andre had lost Tyler his best friend. He didn't even have the guts to explain well to him. Olivia has been sick for a while and Melanie seemed to be improving but she was unhappy. Andre had restricted Adriana from Melanie. Adriana had literally blacked out of the world, she had nothing, Scott was still on her neck and Andre hated her.

Jason had just recovered from the injuries Andre gave to him but he was heartbroken for Adriana, she wasn't doing well because she hadn't seen Melanie since she left the hospital, Jason decided to go see Andre so he could plead on her behalf.

"Hey bro, can I come in?"
"Sure dummy, as far as you're not with that witch," Andre said.
"No but I'm here to see the witch's daughter."
Andre gives Jason a death stare.
"Melanie is in her room with Olivia, she's taking her meds."
Jason left Andre and headed to Mel's room, he spent time with her before heading back to the gym in the house to talk to Andre.
"She looks fine, how's the arrangement for the surgery going?" Jason asked.
"We haven't found a donor yet, the doctor says she has a rare kidney type, he's consulted some doctors in other countries, once the match is found, she'd be prepared for surgery." Andre said hopefully.

"I'm sure this will pass, I'm here to apologize for allowing Melanie get missing right under my nose, but I guess it changed a lot."
"Yes it has," Andre answered.
"How's she coping with having a mother?" Jason asked curiously.

Andre smirked, he walked out the gym to the bar, he served himself and Jason a low alcoholic wine. Jason sat at the counter and watched his brother's facial expression, he knew he had hit a soft spot, could Andre's anger towards Adriana actually be love in disguise? He could remember years back he had suspected a woman behind the smiles of his big brother but Andre didn't speak about it. Adriana was Andre's first love and the love produced a child.

"Bro I asked a....." Jason was interrupted.
"Melanie is really happy with Olivia her mother, she adores her."
Jason looked at his brother with a disappointed stare.
"I mean her real mother Adriana."
"Jason, she's not a part of my daughter's life" Andre left the glass of wine on the table and headed to the game room, Jason followed him.

"Andre can't you see the entire problem started from you hiding things from your family, you never ever want to talk about you! Andre Mason McKenzie."
"Jay, we're not women, my life is my problem."
"Adriana is a good woman." Jason said calmly.
"She put you up for this? She's history, she left, she can't come back four years after and expect everything to be the same, I'm in love with Olivia now," Andre protested.

"She doesn't want your love, she wants to care for her child."
Andre's anger increased now, he didn't understand why Jason supported Adriana.
"Bro, she's just as devastated as you are over Melanie's illness, I assure you she's loving and caring." Jason said trying to calm Andre.
"She died, she's a disgrace to womanhood."
Jason too began to be pissed.

"I won't let you say such about her, be careful," Jason's voice hardened.
"She's a worthless mother, why are you supportive of her?" Andre yelled this time.
"You're just being a baby as always, you can't deal with the fact that she hurt you and can still hurt you because you still have feelings for her." Jason yelled.
The atmosphere was heated already, Andre was hurt because he knew Jason said a little truth.

"Get out of my house, why do you believe her so much?" Andre moved closer to Jason.
"Because I can't bear to see her suffer, because she has a right to be with her child but most importantly because I'm in love with her," those words fell out of Jason's mouth and Andre landed a blow on his stomach, the brothers began to fight. Andre separated from Jason, he pushed him out.
"You're a backstabber, you finally fall in love and it had to be with my daughter's mother," he yelled.
He moved back into the bedroom, Olivia and Melanie hadn't heard the fight and yelling, he went into the bathtub and immersed himself in the water. He remained there till evening, the anger subsided a little.

He and Jason haven't been the closest siblings but they never had a reason to throw punches at each other. How could his baby brother allow a woman bring enmity between them, their parents had brought them up to be loving and caring to each other, he still didn't understand why it had to be Adriana, he cheated his conscience and concluded that Adriana was a bad person and his baby brother deserved better. He cleaned his body and decided to go spend quality time with his family, he moved out the bedroom and heard whispers, he followed the voice and found out it was Olivia making a call in low tune, she was looking around to be sure no one was around, he tried to listen in on the conversation but he couldn't make sense out of what she was saying.

"Calvin, you're an Angel, we'll meet up tomorrow, I can't wait to see where this leads us to," she said, he heard clearly this time.
"Calvin again? Olivia you've been calling Calvin ever since the wedding, what's the deal?" He slatted Olivia.
She became anxious.
"Andre I don't have to explain myself to you."
Andre's anger came up again, this time he was losing it.
"You're my wife."

"I know, but my relationship with Calvin is personal," she turned to walk away, Andre was mad, he moved closer to her without thinking he pushed her down the stairs, she fell with a loud scream. She began bleeding from her head. Andre looked down at her, he ran quickly when he had snapped out of his trance.
"Hold on Olivia, I'm sorry," he carried her.

Jason had gotten himself drunk after his fight with Andre, he regretted fighting with his brother but he was sick of hearing Andre talk bad about Adriana, he had spent time with her and he had monitored how Adriana treated Melanie even in everyone's absence. He knew very well that if Adriana left Melanie it must have been for a genuine reason, he had a black eye which he used shades to cover, he didn't want to go home alone and he couldn't go to his parent's home because they would die of heart attack if they knew he fought with his brother. He had no choice but to go to Adriana's.

He abandoned his car because he was too drunk to drive, he hailed a taxi and gave him the direction to Adriana's house, it was already 10:00 pm and he knew she was asleep already. He knocked the door several times before she opened the door, she was on her blue nighties with a black robe. She rubbed her eyes to see if it really was Jason before allowing him come in.

"You're drunk," she said as she could smell the alcohol all over him, he was staggering and she tried to control his movement.
"What are you doing here, why did you drink so much?" She asked.
"Andre and I fought," his shades fell and she was shocked to see the throbbing eye, she sat him down and grabbed a bag of ice.
"Why? What happened?" She questioned.
"You, we fought for you." He belched.
"Me? Why?" She continued.
Jason looked Adriana in the eye, he collected the bag of ice and put it down, "I told him I'm in love with you Adriana."
He drew her closer and placed his lips on her, she protested but he held her head firmly and kissed her deeply.
Published: 12/2/2016
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