The Contract - Chapter 12

Happy new year friends! Your favorite characters are back with more action than ever... Olivia gets shocking news.
Andre was feeling so bad, he regretted his action. It was all Jason's fault, he prayed to God to protect Olivia for him, she had been rushed into the emergency ward for over two hours, he had to inform someone what was happening, so he called Serayah and directed her to the hospital, he also called Adriana.

"Andre, why are you calling by this hour," Adriana questioned.
"I'm at the hospital Ana."
Adriana's heart jumped.
"Is Melanie okay?"
"No, no, its Olivia, I need you to go to the house and pick Melanie or stay with her, she's all alone and my parents aren't in town," he panicked.
"Sure, definitely, what about her medications?" She asked curiously.

"She has taken her night dosage, I'll come over to see her tomorrow, just take care of our daughter, I'm trusting you on this," he said confidently.
He knew Adriana loved Melanie, he just didn't want her to get Melanie so easily.
"Okay, I'm on my way now, don't you worry, Olivia will be fine," Adriana hanged up.
She felt deeply satisfied, Andre had called Melanie their daughter, she prayed for Olivia also, Jason was in the guestroom in her house, she woke him up.

"Jason! Get up you have to go."
After the kiss he gave her, she gave him a pill that made him relax and sleep, she didn't want Melanie to meet Jason in this state.
"Why? What's going on?" He asked grumpily.
"Olivia and Andre are at the hospital, I need to go pick Melanie, I'll drop you by your house," she dragged him by his legs.
He fell off the bed and followed Adriana to her car.
"Is Andre okay?" He inquired.
"Yes, Olivia's the one in the hospital," she kept her eyes focused on driving, they were few drives away from Jason's house.

"I'm sorry," Jason said looking at a focused Adriana.
She managed to give him a quick glance.
"What for?" She asked.
"The kiss," Jason replied shyly, he felt embarrassed, but he didn't regret his action, no, he would give anything to do it over again.

"You were drunk, it's okay, we should never talk about it again, it has to be between us," she said looking at him again.
"You care about Andre still? You still love him, don't you?" He asked, he was pissed, Adriana pretended not to have heard him, she cared for Jason and she didn't want to jeopardize their friendship.

"Answer me," Jason insisted harshly.
She parked right in front of Jason's house.

"Jason, honestly I don't know, I don't know how I feel, now that Andre has begun to trust me with Melanie I don't want to lose that, I don't want him to think I'm with you, I don't want Melanie to think so also," Jason looked at her with disappointment.

"I made him trust you, I made Melanie accept you, now I'm unwanted, everyone prefers Andre, he has always been the better brother," he leaves Adriana's car angrily.
"Jace, no," she tried calling him back, he walked into his condominium without looking back.

Adriana didn't know what to do, she said the truth, she wasn't sure of her feelings for Andre anymore because Jason had stood by her, given her hope and fought for her, she had grown feelings for him. The kiss they shared made her realize it but she couldn't let the feeling show, the world will see her as a gold digger, her daughter would be devastated and Andre would never allow her see Melanie. She turned on the engine and drove to Andre's house.

When she got there, the beautiful edifice was quiet and the light turned off, the guard men let her in. She walked into the house and headed to Melanie's room, she was asleep, holding tight a drawing. Adriana remembered the drawing it was the same one Melanie showed her the first time they met, she woke Melanie up.

"Baby, wake up," the child stretched and scrubbed her eyes.
"Yes honey, its I."
"What are you doing here?"
"Your dad and Olivia went somewhere and he asked me to pick you up, you're gonna spend the night with me," she said kissing Melanie's forehead.
She carried Melanie and placed her head on her shoulder.
"Mum, is dad and my other mum fine?" Melanie asked.
"Yes honey."
Melanie quickly went back to sleep, Adriana laid her on the passenger's seat and drove home. She couldn't help but look at her child every time she moved or made a sound.

It was 7am already, and Olivia still hadn't woken up, Serayah was with her all through the night. She didn't even have time to ask Andre what had happened, she prayed for her friend.

"Sera, I have to go check on Melanie it's almost time for her morning medication, I'll be back soon, if the doctor needs me before then please call me, I'll cook something for Olivia," Andre said.

"Okay don't be long," Serayah said.
He drove to his house first. He showered for a long while reminiscing what he had caused. He packed few of Olivia's clothes and undergarments and a few of Melanie's clothes and drugs too. He was depressed and he needed someone to comfort him, he needed someone to understand how he was feeling.

He was tired of thinking, he drove to Adriana's house. When he entered, Melanie and Adriana were on the dining, drawing each other and laughing, Melanie had gotten her passion for drawing from her artistic mother.

"Daddy," Melanie was the first to notice his presence.
"How are you pumpkin?" He carried her and tickled her a little.
She laughed hard.

"I'm fine daddy, mum is teaching me to draw, its fun, come and see," she dragged her father.
Adriana could clearly see the unhappiness on Andre's smile disguised face.

"How are you?" She asked as Melanie gather up the drawings.
"I'm fine, thank you for taking care of Melanie," he said avoiding eye contact.
"It's my duty."
Melanie showed Andre her drawings.

"Princess, you'll be staying here a few more days, Olivia is at the hospital," he said.
"Why daddy? She was fine before I slept last night."
"Yea she had a minor fall, she's fine but the doctor wants her to stay for a day or two, is that okay with you Adriana?" Andre asked.
"Sure," Adriana smiled.
Melanie jumped around the house in excitement, she hugged both her parents.
"Why don't you go shower a little, I'll join you soon honey." Adriana said.
"Okay mummy."
She left them.

Adriana looked at Andre closely, she knew everything wasn't fine, she held Andre's hand and led him to the couch.
"Andre what's wrong? Talk to me, I can see your unhappiness," Adriana said.
Andre looked at her also, he felt the comfort he longed for, Adriana knew him well, he hugged her tightly.

"Please hold me," he said embracing her.
Adriana was shocked, she was right, she held him tightly.
"I didn't mean to push her down the stairs I swear, it's just my anger...." He was trembling.

She cut him short," I know, I believe you. Your anger has always been your flaw, I understand," she rubbed his back gently.
Those were the right words he needed to hear, how could he have forgotten that Adriana is the only woman that truly understands him, that was why he had fallen in love with her, being in her arms once again, he reconnected to his emotions for her. He closed his eyes tightly and reminisce on the beautiful time they had together.

"Why did you leave us Ana, I loved you," he said placing his head on her legs as she pat his head gently.
"Shhh.... don't speak, it's not the time for that."
They stayed still for minutes in silence, Andre was feeling better, Adriana had tamed him.
Suddenly, the door flung open and Jason saw them, he was confused. Andre and Adriana let go of themselves.

"Sorry for interrupting, I came to see Melanie," he said.
"She's in her room," Adriana replied.
Andre went over the instruction for Melanie medication.

"I have to go back to the hospital, bye," he gave Adriana a peck on her forehead and he patted Jason's chest and left. Jason was still in shock, why was his brother in Adriana's arms, what happened before he arrived.

"Hey.. I didn't hear you knock," Adriana said, closing the door with its lock.
"I didn't know you and Andre had become that close," he said sarcastically.
"He dropped few of Melanie's clothes, she'll be staying for some days, he looked depressed so I offered a hug," she spoke the truth.

"Yea, I don't get it though, one minute you're kissing me passionately and the other minute you're in my brother's arms," he continued in his sarcastic behavior.
"You kissed me!"
"You liked it!" He yelled back.
"Andre came to me."
"How beautiful, so you're made for the McKenzie's."
She was about to slap him when Melanie ran out the room.
"Uncle," she jumped into Jason's arms.

Olivia is surrounded in her sickbed by Calvin, Serayah, and Caitlin.
"Honey, what happened?" Serayah asked, she held Olivia's hands, she retreated in pain.
"I fell down the stairs," she said trying to protect Andre.
"Poor thing, you're not clumsy, was the floor slippery?" Caitlin asked.
"Tell us liv," Calvin insisted.
"Andre accidentally pushed me down the stairs."
The three gasp in surprise.
"How could he?" Serayah yelled.

"You have to leave him Olivia, you could be living with a psychopath." Caitlin added.
"It was an accident," she defended him.
The doctor interrupted them, he did some routine checks on her.
"You're getting better, we just need you to remain here for some days. You're lucky you didn't lose the baby," the doctor said.

Confusion filled the air.
"What baby?" Olivia was the first to ask.
"Your baby. You didn't know you're two weeks pregnant?" He asked.

She was shocked, she shook her head and felt her tummy, how could she have been so careless, she soon remembered that she once had unprotected sex with Andre during their fake honeymoon.

"You need rest, your visitors need to leave in the next 20 minutes," the doctor left.
"You're pregnant for Andre! How could you! Caitlin was the first to express her disappointment.
"You fooled all of us with your revenge scheme, you've betrayed my brother. It's over, I never want to talk to you ever again traitor," Caitlin stormed out in tears.

"Cait wait," Olivia struggled to move, tears escaped her eyes.
"Calvin I swear..." She was cut short.
"Let go of me. I knew it. You're in love with him, you're carrying the baby of the murderer who killed your twin, son, and husband!" He yelled and left too.

"No, no, no it can't be him, no Calvin," she cried out loud.
"It's okay baby, I'm here for you. I won't judge you but you messed up," Serayah said.
"I didn't mean to, I didn't know I'd fall for him," she cried more.
"Snap out of it Olivia, Andre is not for you, he almost killed you and his child," Serayah warned.
"But I deserve to be happy," Olivia protested.
"Yes, have this baby without him knowing, leave this city and start all over."


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