The Contract - Chapter 13

Adriana or Olivia...
Andre arrives the hospital, he meets an angry Caitlin walking out the hospital. He walked into Olivia's ward where he met her crying.
"Honey, what's wrong?" He asks as she cleans her eyes quickly.
"I'm fine, just in a lot of pain," she lied.
Serayah excused them.
"I met your friend, the one with a small body stature, she was at the wedding, she seemed angry," he said, sitting on her sick bed.
"Hmm, Caitlin, yea she received some news I don't know," she lied again.
"Olivia, I'm sorry for the push."
"What got into you?" She asked.
"I have bad anger management, forgive me," he said feeling really bad.

Olivia looked at him for a while not knowing how to let out the words from her mouth.
"I want out... of.. Everything," she stammered.
Andre was shocked, he wasn't expecting it, he went out the door to survey if anyone was nearby, he entered back and shut the door quietly.
"I didn't mean to push you. Olivia I love you believe me," he said, rubbing his hands on her feet.

Olivia became speechless and held her tummy.
"Today I paid the amount you requested into your account."
Her eyes widened.
"Thank you," she said slowly.
"Andre, there are things you do not know about me, I can't con..." She continued.
"Shh. That's why we're in a relationship, we can always learn more about each other. Olivia you can't leave me now please," he begged.

She nodded her head gently in agreement. She still couldn't get over the fact that Andre murdered her family, now he's the father of her baby. She needed him now more than ever, her revenge had just began and she needs the father of her child close for the baby's sake. He spent the day cheering her up but he couldn't help but think of how Adriana had understood him perfectly without judging him, he missed her and he knew it, he also remembered feeling jealous when Jason had told him that he loved Adriana. He had mixed feelings towards her and he promised himself to try as much as possible to forget Adriana completely.

Serayah decided to go see how Calvin was faring after the news of Olivia's pregnancy was made known to them. She got into the house only to find Calvin angrily taking some shots of tequila, he put down the glass when he saw Serayah.

"Where's Caitlin?" She asked.
"She packed some clothes and said she'll be back in two days."
"Is she fine?" She asked.
"Yes, she just wants to be alone, she's going through a lot." He sighed.
"What about you?" She asked moving closer to him and putting away all the drink.
"I'm not done with that," he let out a huge burp.
"Yes, you're done."
"I'm hurt Serayah, I am. Olivia betrayed me."

"She calmed down, I'm sure it wasn't intentional," she stood up and tried to lead him to the main living room.
"Follow me," he said as he dragged her hands towards the bedroom, she followed feeling confused. They walked into his nicely furnished bedroom, he turned to her and smiled
"There's no need for pretense any longer. I miss Sophia and I wish I met my unborn baby but I have to move on," he looked into her eyes.
"What are you saying?" She asked.

"I do have feelings for you. Serayah I love you and I want you to be mine now and always."
She couldn't help but blush a lot, could he be saying the truth or was he under the influence of alcohol.
"But what will Olivia think, you're drunk."

"Olivia doesn't own me, she's pregnant for the murderer. I'm not drunk, I want you," he closed the gap between them and nibbled on her bottom lip slowly, she hesitated in kissing back but she soon opened up more to allow him savor the taste of her tongue, their kiss deepen and they undressed each other slowly. Their lovemaking was quick, passionate, and explosive. They enjoyed the warmth of being in each other's arms. Serayah was glowing she couldn't contain the joy she felt, she placed her head on his chest while they cuddled under the sheet.

"I'm sorry, the alcohol got me lazy, I promise it would be better next time," Calvin said shyly. She laughed hard as he played with the strands of her hair.
"It was amazing Calvin, best I've had in years," she giggled.
"I can't believe I waited so long to declare my intentions to you all because of Olivia," he grunted.
"Hey, it's okay. Everything happens for a reason, about Olivia you have to forgive her. She's not telling Andre he's the father. I believe you both can come up with a new revenge plan now that we know the killer, she's gonna leave him alone before he notices any bump," Serayah said.

"Yea maybe we can," he agreed.
"We can't tell Olivia that we're together yet please. Not just yet," she pleaded.
They talked for a while, she got up from him and began dressing.
"I have to go, Olivia wants me to spend the night with her."

Thanks for coming, I'll be back in the morning." Andre said as he left Serayah with Olivia.
"Calvin is ready to forgive you if you're ready to help him with his revenge against Andre, can you do it?" Olivia's eyes widened.
"Yeah... Yes, I can, I will," she stammered.


Andre shows up at Adriana's door to go home with Melanie. Mother and child are still up watching a Barbie movie when he walks in.
"Andre," Adriana was the first to notice. Melanie was so engrossed in the movie that she could not get up to greet her father. Adriana paused the movie.
"Mum!" She whined.
"How are you princess, I missed you so much."
She ran to her father's arm.

"I'm fine daddy, mum made popcorn, it's not burnt like the ones you make," she make a sickening gesture.
Adriana laughed.
"Hey I don't cook that bad little miss say all," they all laughed.
"Your father is an amazing cook, he used to cook for me when you were in my tummy," Adriana added.
Melanie giggled.
"I thought you left him so you wouldn't fall sick from his food," Melanie teased.
Andre and Adriana laughed hard.
"Mel it's late already, I came to pick you so you can spend the night with daddy," he said.
"No daddy, I don't wanna leave, sleep over dad! It would be fun," she begged holding her father's legs.

"Melanie I don't know if Adriana would..." he didn't complete his statement before Adriana interrupted him.
"You can stay Andre, you can sleep with Melanie in her room."

They continued watching the movie until Adriana and Melanie fell asleep. Andre looked at them all smiles, his heart was at peace and he felt like he was finally home, he felt fulfilled, he hadn't had that much fun with Melanie for a long time because he didn't know what to do. He carried Melanie to her room gave her a peck on her head and left. He looked at Adriana and carried her carefully, he did that when she was heavily pregnant. Their love story was truly more like a fairy tale it only didn't have a happy ending. He placed her on the bed and gave her a peck on the cheek but that woke Adriana up.

"Dre?" She cleared her eyes.
"Yes Ana, it's me."
"You carried me?" She asked when she remembered that she was last in the living room.
"Yeah, I didn't want to wake you. I wanted to watch you sleep just like before, you look beautiful," he complimented her.
"Thank you."
"Can I cuddle you till you sleep? Just this one time please."
She was speechless, she nodded her head in agreement.

He moved into the bed and placed her head on his chest, he went through her hair gently, he closed his eyes and inhaled her scent, she smelt like a blooming flower. She soon began to relax and enjoy the moment, they laid still for minutes, both reminiscing of their past lives, how they had stayed up late to talk about their future Andre had told insisted that Adriana won't breastfeed cause he'd be jealous, he was most excited when he found out they were having a girl.

"Remember that night I had a breakdown and became violent?" He asked with a quick laugh.
"Yes, I had to slap you for you to become normal," she laughed.
"Damn gal, I felt the pain for a week," they both laughed hard.
"You were the only one who could deal with me, the real Andre Mason McKenzie Jr," he entangling her fingers with his.

"Why did you leave, weren't you in love with me, did I do anything wrong?" He asked.
She readjusted herself, Andre's eyes were fixed on her, he watched her every move.
"Ana, it's been 5 years don't I deserve an explanation?" He continued, he grabbed her hands.
"Andre what we had was magical, the best, though we had our individual flaws but we perfected each other. We had genuine love but I was surrounded by envious friends who wanted my downfall. The day I told you I had to see my parents and would be back in a week, I lied cause I knew you'd not let me if I had said the truth," she paused.

"Yeah, I remember insisting to follow you," Andre added.
"Yea, I attended a party with my friends and it was fun, they set me up with my ex Scott with the pretense of trying to make forgive me, we danced and I thought that was all, my friends had poisoned my drink and I didn't know. Scott raped me, the next day I told my friends what had happened and they told me not to tell you cause you wouldn't believe me, I didn't stay the week there. Three days later I got a message saying they'd expose me to you if I didn't pay a ransom to a particular building, I did and again Scott physically abused and raped me," tears fell from her eyes.

"I wanted to tell you but I found out I was pregnant. I initially thought the baby was Scotts. I told my friends again out of anger and they told him. That was when I knew I had been set up. He told me to leave you and abort the baby. When I got to the hospital I found out I was pregnant before the rape incident, I told Scott the baby wasn't his, but he didn't believe, he said he'd kill the baby immediately she's born. He didn't know who I was with, so when I gave birth to Melanie I had to leave, I was too ashamed to tell you. I didn't want to but I had to protect her, I thought of taking her along but I knew Scott would track me down and kill her, I knew you'd protect her with your life, I'm sorry."

More tears escaped her eyes as she tried cleaning them with her hands. She couldn't look at Andre, she was ashamed. Andre was dumbfounded, he finally understood her, the puzzle had been solved, he felt pity and anger at the same time.
"You were raped twice?" He said as he held her to himself.
"When I was with you yes. Since then Scott tracks me and physically assaults me to give him his child," she said.

"Are you sure Melanie's mine." Andre asked as his heart skipped a beat.
She looked at Andre and joined his two hands to hers.
"Yes I promise you. She's yours I swear, I had a DNA test done before she was born."
She cried more. He hugged her tightly.

"I'm sorry," he said.
He cleaned her eyes and kissed her. The kiss was slow as though both were confused but a lot of passion was ignited, he kissed her softly.
"I'm sorry, I had no idea what you were going through." He said hugging her tightly.

Melanie barged into the room.
"Hey not fair... You promised to sleep with me daddy," she said grumbling and crossing her hands on her chest.
"Come here baby," Adriana said.
She giggled and settled in between her parents, she was genuinely happy. The trio talked a little before sleeping.


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