The Contract - Chapter 14

Olivia is back from the hospital! What does that mean to Andre and Adriana's relationship! Our Caitlin looking ever beautiful.
The following day, Andre wakes up early and prepares breakfast for Melanie and Adriana. Melanie was the first to wake up, she walked out the room heading to the kitchen. She noticed that her mother was still asleep, so she wondered where the smell was from. She was shocked to see her father cooking, the dinning table was set with sumptuous meals.
"Dad? Who's cooking?" She asked, looking all confused.

Andre turned around to see his little girl, he lowered the heat on the omelet he was making, pull off the apron, moved closer to her and lifted her up to his chest.
"Me! Silly girl, did you sleep well?" He kissed her cheeks.
"The best sleep ever with my mum and my daddy at last!" She hugged her father.
He put her down.

"Go brush you teeth sweets, we'll wake your mother up," she was about to go but she turned back.
"Dad, I saw you and mum last night, but I won't tell mum Olivia," she winked at her father.
"Baby! Listen you mother Adriana will always be the love of my life, but you have to pinky promise not to tell Olivia my wife," he raised his little pinky.

"I promise Dada," she raised her pinky too.
They both laughed, Andre finished cooking and set the dinning properly with beautiful pink and purple flowers. This was the life they had planned. He and Melanie went into Adriana's room, Melanie was the first to jump on Adriana shouting.
"Get your ass up! Little Angel!" Andre laughed as Adriana stretched her hands. She grabbed Melanie and threw her on the bed, she tickled her.
"Where did you learn such statement from? It's not lady like hun."
Melanie laughed hard, she pointed to Andre.
"Guilty as charged, she did take your sleeping habit, that's how I wake her up," Andre laughed.
Adriana threw a pillow at Andre, he jumped onto the bed pinned her down and tickled her also.

"Andre no! stop! I'm gonna pee, Mel help me," she protested.
Andre pinned Melanie down also and tickled them both, this was the life he dreamt of. He stopped, carried Adriana on his arms and told Melanie to lead the way.
"Andre!! You ba......" She yelled but was interrupted by Melanie.
"Shh, no bad words momma, it's not ladylike," Melanie teased.
Andre occasionally stole kisses from Adriana to stop her from struggling, they got to the dinning and he dropped her.

Melanie was the first to start eating, they couldn't help but laugh.
"She sure took your eating habits," Adriana teased.
"Mum? Are you and my daddy getting married again?" She asked.
"Lord! Melanie I thought I've warned you never to talk with food in your mouth," Andre scolded her. Adriana laughed, she took in both Andre and Melanie's hands.
"Baby your father and I are just friends, he has a wife now but we're gonna raise you together," she said smiling at Andre.
"Well, I asked cause dad called you the love of his life," Melanie said winking at her mother.
"Melanie!!" Andre was embarrassed.
"No more talking ladies," he said.

Olivia was becoming impatient, Andre was an hour late from picking her from the hospital, she was finally discharged but would return frequently for ante natal appointment. Serayah was at school and Calvin had gone back to his city for a quick trip, he'd be back the following day, she had already called Caitlin to come over for lunch at her house. Andre finally arrived.

"I'm sorry, I'm late. Melanie delayed me."
She knew him well, she could tell he was lying.
"Andre, I just want to go home!" She snapped.
She got up from the bed and picked up her bags, Andre tried helping her but she hit his hand.

"I'm not an imbecile, I can help myself," she snapped again, she didn't understand why everything he did irritated her.
"Are you okay baby? I apologized for being late," he faced her, held her chin up with his finger. She shook her head out of his grip.

"Don't call me baby. Andre McKenzie what we have is a business arrangement, and you trying to kill me wasn't even part of it," she walked out on him, every cell in her weeped. The man she loved is a murderer and the idiot is the father of her baby. She vowed to make Andre suffer. She walked to his car, Andre was confused, Olivia has never been this cold to him. He felt guilty. It seemed like karma was showing its ugly face to him. He moved to the car and let Olivia enter herself. They moved in silence for thirty minutes, tears escaped her eyes, she wiped them immediately hoping Andre didn't notice, Andre pulled over, he was silent for a moment thinking of the right thing to say.

"Olivia what's going on? I'm sorry, I regret putting you through such pain, I never should have pushed you, I take full responsibility," he paused.
"You almost killed us," she said mistakenly.
"Us?" Andre asked confused.
"No I meant me, let's call this whole thing off, I can't Andre. We can't be together," she cried more looking him in the eyes.
"No, I'm yours can't you see? I love you," he confessed. Olivia swallowed in her words.
"Look at me, I'll fight for us, I'll never hurt you, I'm not letting go," he drew her into a quick kiss and wiped her tears.

"We're gonna be happy and have lots of children together," he said calmly, Olivia hated how she loved the thought of having kids with Andre. She smiled.
"I can't wait to spend times with Melanie."
Andre began driving.
They arrived at the house, it was lonely and surprisingly clean.
Andre brought in her luggage and took it into her room.
"Welcome home," he drew her into a deep kiss.
"Lord!! I missed those lips," he teased.

"Let go of me! I'm tired," she escaped his grasp, she went into Melanie's room.
"When will she be back," she asked.
"About Melanie, there are some things you should know," Andre said feeling unsure of how she'd take in the news.
"She's not coming home today, she's at her mother's. Adriana promised to bring her tomorrow after school," he said rubbing his face.
"Wow, Adriana was in charge of Melanie while I was in the hospital! What a beautiful reunion," she said sarcastically.

"You tried to kill me then reunite your family, you thought I was gonna die," she became pissed.
"Stop this, she's her mother, I can't change that, she has a right, Melanie needs her. Besides we've signed court papers to co-parent and from now Adriana can visit whenever, Melanie can go, also for holidays."

Olivia became mad.
"I don't want Adriana in my house!!" She yelled.
"You mean my house," Andre snapped.
"Mr. man don't test my patience, we're married if I blow your cover you'll lose everything including Melanie, and I'll sue you for fraud," she threatened.
Andre shook his head.
"You're crazy."

"Admit it Andre, you still have feelings for Adriana."
Andre heartbeat faster, "I'll be back when you're out of your psychotic mood," he yelled and slammed the door.

He was frustrated Olivia was totally different, he needed to breathe and think about his life, he was now torn between Adriana the love of his life and Olivia the angel who has helped him become a better person and has been by his side. Who was he gonna let go of. He needs Adriana to complete him, besides she's the mother of his only child and Olivia doesn't deserve to be betrayed either.

Olivia was heartbroken and devastated, she couldn't figure out which hurt more, the fact that she's in love with the murderer or the fact that the said murderer might just not be into her as she wants, either ways she won't leave Andre alone, she won't lose him to Adriana not without a fight, and she won't let him have happiness when he has destroyed her world. She went upstairs and unpacked her belongings, she has missed the warmth of her home, yes her "home" she smiled, rubbing her tummy.

"This is our home baby McKenzie," she said to herself, she was soon lost in daydream, Melanie would be the perfect big sister and Andre the best father. She soon came out of her trance when she saw a picture of three month old Aiden.

"My sweet child, you're gonna be a big brother, I'm sorry I let you down, I'm sorry your brother or sister's father is an evil man," tears flow down her eyes. She quickly freshened up and made lunch for Caitlin, she was nervous to talk to her but she knew that she deserved a decent explanation and apology.

It was 3:15 pm when Olivia answered the knock at the door.
"Hey Cait," she said nervously as she hugged her.
"Hey, wow what a beautiful place you have here," Caitlin said marveled about the beautiful and spacious interior of the house.

"Thank you," Olivia led her to the dining room where they'd have lunch.
After lunch she picked up courage to apologize to Caitlin.
"Caitlin, Serayah already told me bout how you reacted to the news of my baby, look I take responsibility, I got caught up in Andres web, but it's all over, I can make this right."

"You betrayed us, my brother, my nephew, your twin," Caitlin's word cut her deep.
"Do you believe I'd have gotten involved with Andre if I knew he was the murderer? No I'm broken right now but I'm telling you that I'm ready to ruin the life of my baby's father just to avenge for Aiden, Nick, and Sophia," she said with all seriousness.

"How will you do that?"
Just then Jason walked into the house.

"Hmm, sister-in-law I smell something heavenly," Jason said from the main hallway.
"Good day ladies, Olivia I heard you were discharged so I decided to stop by and see the family."
"Thank you, hmm meet Caitlin my friend, Caitlin Jason my brother-in-law.
"Nice meeting you beautiful," Jason said kissing Caitlin on the palm.

"Oh Jason! Stop!! I can see play boy mood activated Caitlin don't fall," Olivia teased.
"Wifey dearest! Do you mind serving me lunch I'm starved," he teased back.

Olivia left them alone.Jason was captivated by Caitlin's innocence, she was different from all the girls he knew.
"You think we can hang sometime to know each other better?" He said straight-forward, Caitlin blushed.

"No Mr, I know men like you, if you like me that much, get my number yourself and then we might hang," she teased.
"Challenge accepted," they both laughed.
"Oh no, Caitlin don't tell me he's gone all beast mode on you," Olivia teased.
"No no" Caitlin replied.
"I'm a gentleman," he dug into his food.
"Where's my niece and brother."
"At Adriana's I guess," Olivia frowned.
Jason choked on his wine.
"I see."

The three hang for a while before Caitlin took her leave.
"We'll talk further with Calvin at the house tomorrow?"
"Yes, bye honey," Olivia said.
She returned back to Jason.
"It's getting late," she said.
"You kicking me out of my brothers house?" He teased.
She slapped the back of his head.
"No! You know how the city is dangerous especially for you rich kids," she teased. She like Jason they always got along.

"The hospital did you good, you've added weight, I'd have said you're pregnant but you and my brother haven't been together for long, watch it my brother doesn't want too much skin," he teased again.
Olivia laughed hard.
"Crazy! You're crazy Jace, so what's up with everyone now?" She gracefully changed the topic.
"Well fine, normal, my parents are back in town, business is good, Adriana has Melanie now," he said.
"I feel betrayed though, I've gotten attached to Melanie and it hurts that Adriana can just take back the position as mother so easily especially when I was sick."

Jason sat closer to her and held her hands.
"No, my family will always adore you as Melanie's first mother. But we can't cheat nature, Adriana suffered a lot to save Melanie's life. We can't deprive Melanie of being with her real mother. If she knows you're not happy it will kill her especially now that she's sick, she's happy she has two mothers now," Jason assures her patting her hands gently
"Besides, I think you're just jealous cause she's SEXY!" Jason laughed.
"Shut up, perv!"

Autumn and Tyler meet up for dinner.
"Why did you call me autumn?" He said.
"Welcome, straight to business. The McKenzie's has hurt us both emotionally, I want us to do the same to them, by separating them," she smirked.
"Andre's my best friend I can't do that to him," Tyler protested.
"Yes but he did it to you right? He knew Adriana was using you, we won't hurt them physically just emotionally, you in?" She convinced him more.
"It is done," they shook hands.


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