The Contract - Chapter 2

Melanie meets Olivia for the first time and they share a special connection.
Olivia was done packing her belongings into a cab. Calvin, who was Sophia's fiance and Caitlin Nicholas' junior sister had come to wish her farewell.
"I really don't think you should go," Calvin said holding Olivia back.
"Calvin, we already talked about this, I can't stay. This place reminds me of them and you know I have some debts to pay up," Olivia said trying to be brave.
"I'll help you, this city is where you were born, where you met him, where you conceived Aiden..."

"And also where they were killed!" Olivia said almost breaking down all over.
"My wife to be and my unborn child were killed also!" He yelled back.
"Calm down you both, we all lost our loved ones especially you Olivia, Calvin she lost four souls in one day, she needs a change of environment." Caitlin said.
"Fine, you can go but let me formally inform you that I'm investigating the murder I have nothing now but I swear I'll find the killers," he said walking away.

Caitlin was all tears now, she couldn't hold it in any longer and had been trying to hold it in because she didn't want Olivia to feel bad.
"No Cait," Olivia said hugging her..."we'll be fine, I promise you. I'll always call and visit you. I miss him too," she said breaking down in tears also.
She held Caitlin's cheek and leaned her forehead against Caitlin. "We'll survive this... bye Caitlin."
"Bye sis."

Olivia entered the taxi waving goodbye to Caitlin, to her hometown and to her life. She knew she wasn't mentally ready for her new life but she had to try, Sophia and Nick would want her to be happy again. She soon broke into tears and took her painkillers and fell asleep, the journey was just two-hour drive.

"Ma'am wake up," the taxi driver said tapping her gently. She rose from her sleep feeling weak, the taxi had parked in front of her new apartment, it was a mini apartment.
"Ma'am if you don't mind I'll help you take in your boxes, I know you're tired," the kind driver said.
"Thank you."

She opened her apartment, it wasn't as small as she thought and it was looking dirty. She had a lot of cleaning to do, her kitchen was attached to the living room with just a counter separating them. She walked into the bedroom and it was big, almost the same size as her former room. The taxi man helped her unpack and tidy up the place, she was really grateful, the man was God sent.

"Here's your money thank you," she said.
"Ma'am it's twice the amount you were to pay."

"Yes, I know. It's just my way of saying thank you."
"No, I can't take this, I didn't help you for extra cash, I saw you cry halfway through the journey and heard you talk about your loss while you were asleep. So I decided to help."
"Do not reject my offer, please."
"Thank you ma, bye," the driver said exiting the house.

Olivia walked round to see if she could fix anything else, there wasn't any. It was still a few minute to 5'o clock, she couldn't go to bed just yet and she wasn't ready to cry all over, she didn't have the strength and decides to go out for a stroll.

She walked down not knowing exactly where she was headed, she crossed both her arms below her breasts and went deep into thoughts. Within the twinkling of an eye, muddy water had been splashed on her by a black-colored Lamborghini.

"Oh my God," she yelled.
The car droved back and the passenger at the back winded down.
"Forgive me," the young man said. He gave Olivia what seemed to be like a one second survey.
"Hop in, I'll drive you home," he offered.
"No thank you, I'm fine but you need to tell your driver to reduce the speed," Olivia said trying not to be intimidated by his upper physique. She turned away and continued walking but the car seemed to be following her.
"Let me drop you home, you're acting like you don't know me," he said.
"Excuse me? I do not know you. I'm new here," Olivia said examining the young man closely.

"Oh now I get it. I'm Jason McKenzie the heir to..."
"Ooook thank you Mr. Jason, you may go please," she was getting a bit irritated. She sensed his bratty attitude and she wasn't ready for a new friend especially not a guy. Jason winded up and the car sped away.
"Brat!" She said looking at the muddy spot on her denim. She headed for her house.

Andre felt lucky to have survived the weekend with his crazy family, Jason had gone about an hour ago but as usual Melanie had to come up with a reason to stay a bit longer with her grandparents, she complained of a stomach upset this time.
"How are you feeling now?" Andre asked Melanie whom he had carried over his shoulder.
"Not so good daddy," she answered.
"Mel, we will be back here soon. We need to go home now, daddy's got work tomorrow and you will go to school."
"But daddy..."
"No buts sweetheart." They entered into their Range Rover and headed home.
Melanie held her tommy all through the ride home.
"Are you okay baby?" Andre asked.
"Ma tummy daddy, it hurts."

"Don't you worry it's because you ate too much. I'll give you some drugs to ease the pain alright?" He cuddled his daughter into his arms. She nodded in agreement, words couldn't explain how much he loved her and to think that he actually did everything possible to get her aborted, it would have been a great loss. Melanie was his hope and his life, she was the only woman he loved truly other than his mother.

"Daddy??" Mel said raising her head a bit.
"Yes sweets."
"When will I see my mum, I want her to take me to school, my friends all have mums but I don't. "

Andre wasn't surprised, the young girl had been curious to know her mother ever since she learned how to talk.
"Sweetie, I told you your mother is in a deep sleep," Andre said avoiding eye contact.
"Does that mean she'll never wake daddy?"
"Baby the truth is mummy is in heaven watching over her cute angel and that's you," he kisses her forehead.

"Daddy that's cool, I love her, sometimes I wish I could touch her and hug her like I do with you. Daddy, I'll draw a picture of her. Mum is a superhero, she's in heaven watching me and protecting me from dangerous dragons."
Andres' heart was broken.
"Daddy will you also go to heaven?" She asked.
Andre took a deep breath, his little girl's questions seemed to be affecting him little by little.

"No baby, I'll be here with you always."
"But you don't stay home with me. I'm always stucked with the babysitter."
"Sweets, daddy's tired of the questions I love you okay."
"Granny's right. Why can't I get another mummy here," she said again still not satisfied with Andre's answers, she had watched her friend's mother bring them to school and she felt lonely. She never experienced motherly love, sure she loved her father but she needed more, someone to talk to, play dolls with.
"Listen honey, I always get hurt when you talk about mummy or when grannie talks about getting you a new mummy," Andre said looking straight into his daughter's big brown eyes.

"I'm sorry, I'll never talk about it dad I pinky swear," she said hugging her father tightly.
She was sad, she hated seeing her dad sad, he was her hero. Andre was sad also, he had to do something fast not for his inheritance but for his daughter.

The next morning was hell for Andre, he overslept and the school bus had left Melanie behind. He had instructed his driver to drop Mel at school first before taking him to his office.

"Let's get going Mel."
"But dad, my food."
"The driver got us tea and bread with jam from a restaurant nearby, we will eat that in the car and we will stop by McDonald's to get you snacks and drinks which you will take to school. Hurry grab your bag." He said putting on his suit.
"Okay daddy."

Andre took Melanie by the hand and led her into the car. He handed her breakfast and brought out a brush and combed his daughter's hair into a bun. After thirty minutes of driving, Melanie was at school, he opened the door and gave her a kiss before letting her go. He stood still and watched his daughter walk into her classroom, he soon noticed an unfamiliar figure standing at the door beside Melanie's class, the lady was talking to another female. Her wavy long black hair was packed into a short bun, she had the tiniest of waist, he smiled and entered his car heading to his office.

Olivia was talking to another teacher in the school, when a young girl walked past.
"Melanie you're late again," Serayah said.
"I'm sorry."
"It's okay go on."
Melanie walked into her class.
"Thanks for showing me around Serayah," Olivia said.
"You're welcome, that's your class, the one the little girl just entered. If you need anything please tell me. I'm happy to have a young female colleague," Serayah said.

"Thank you. I'll talk to you later," Olivia walked into her class and introduced herself to the four and five year olds. She was very comfortable but she couldn't help think of Aiden. It was recess time already and all the kids had been taken to the playground. She supervised them carefully and noticed a lonely little child on the swing, she walked up to her to see what was wrong.

"Hey miss, why aren't you playing," she said standing behind the swing.
The girl remained mute. Olivia moved in front if her and looked into her eyes, she saw sadness and unfulfillment, that was the same look she had now.
"Sweetheart you can tell me alright. Everything will be fine I promise. I'm Miss Olivia, you honey?
"Melanie," the teary voice replied.
"Can I be your friend Mel."
Olivia went behind Melanie and loosed the messy ponytail.
"Dad did it," Melanie said.
"I guess mummy's too busy," Olivia said.

"No, she's in heaven," Melanie said with a huge grin. She probably didn't know the meaning of the statement.
Olivia combed and styled her hair after which she gave her chocolate and promised Melanie that she'll allow her play with her hair next time. Melanie smiled like never before. Olivia tickled and played with her, she was wearing the same smile she had when she conceived Aiden.

"Have a minute Olly," Serayah asked.
"Sure. Now run along baby girl else I'll bring Mr. Tickly."
Melanie hugged Olivia and ran to her other friends.
"What a sweet kid, she reminds me of someone I lost," she said.

"Mind sharing that?" Serayah asked.
The two ladies talked until recess was over. The students dismissed and were taken to their various home.
"Bye Miss Olivia." Melanie said entering the car her father had sent to pick her.
When she got home she gushed about Olivia to her father.
"Dad she's beautiful. She said I'm an angel. She's a new teacher, see my hair she made it for me," she said.

"I'm happy you had fun in school sweets," Andre said, "it was the best day ever well except my birthdays. Dad, Miss Olivia made me promise to brush before going to bed else a tooth monster will build a castle in my mouth. Come dad, join me you don't want the monster do you he'll shout grrrrrrr," she said excitedly dragging her father to the bathroom.


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