The Contract - Chapter 4

Andre finds it hard to introduce Adriana to his daughter, find out why in this revealing chapter... 3 comments to continue.
Both Andre and Olivia couldn't sleep properly, the memory of what had happened at noon was replaying in their memory. Olivia was a hundred percent sure she never wanted to see Andre again but to Andre reverse was the case, he was ready to see her everyday of his life. In fact he wanted to know everything about her and she has just successfully gained a V.I.P pass, to be one of his potential wife for a period of a year and also a potential victim for his bed. The next morning he took Melanie to school and was sure to take her to her class.
"Good morning Miss Olivia," a happy Melanie said.

"Welcome baby girl, I see you brought your father."
"Yes and I am here to apologize for my actions yesterday. I'm sorry I went out of control, I thought my little girl was in danger but I was wrong and I'm sorry. Also so Melanie can know I have nothing against you I would like you to come around tomorrow evening for dinner, I could pick you and Melanie after school," Andre offers.

"No thank you, you're forgiven," she took Melanie from Andre's arms.
"Please miss, come around please," Melanie pleaded.
"Fine, give me the address."
"Thank you."

Andre gave her their home address, he gave his daughter a quick kiss on her forehead and exited the class. Immediately he stepped out the memory of him grabbing her waist the day before flashed into his head, he then went to the Head teacher's department of the school.

"Good day madam, I need some details about my daughter's teacher."
"Miss Olivia Hertz, she's a new teacher and I'll like to know if my daughter is in safe hands."
"Oh yes, Olivia is a nice teacher, do you have a complaint?"

"No, but she's new to this environment and now she teaches here. I just need to be assured that no harm will be fall my ward."
"Sir, we know its strange that a new teacher joined us but Miss Olivia is well-experienced and she's had a touching story so we decided to help."
"May I know this touching story?"
"Sure, she lost her parents and she has an inherited debt to cover, she applied months back but I assure you she's qualified."
"Alright, thank you."

"You're welcome bye sir." Andre was more than ever interested in Olivia, she's in debt, she has no parents, she's new, she loves Melanie and has a very good sex appeal. His perfect ingredients for a wife. He left for his office with an over the top smile on his face, immediately he entered his office he met Adriana.

"How did you get in here, where is Tyler?"
"Tyler's out getting the models for your upcoming fashion line, that aside we need to talk," she stood from the couch and sat right in front of him and crossed her legs sideways.
"I have nothing to say to you, walk out the door the same way you did four years back!"
"Andre listen to me I never meant to leave, I never knew I'd fall for you that quickly! But I'm back to make amends."
"Adri... you made me want you, you made my world go round in just a year, and snatched my happiness like that."
"Dre, I'm sorry... now that I know that I have a daughter I'm ready to fight for her." Adriana said holding Andre's hands.

"A daughter? The same child you abandoned in the hospital few hours after her birth! What did you think? That I'll give her out for adoption like you wrote in your letter."
Adriana was confused.
"I didn't know what to do I was just twenty! I swear..." Andre cut her short.
"You left me heartbroken with a day old child, now you're back and you want me to tell the little girl, hey Melanie your mother is back from the dead??"

"You told her I'm dead?" Adriana said rising up to her feet.
"I had no option she kept asking me of you, I'm sorry."
"Andre I left to protect my daughter and you... I've lost four years in my child's life, please let me know her, she's ours."
"You left us when we needed you the most, do you have any idea how hard it was for me to get up late at night to change diapers and feed her? How do I explain you to her?" Andre asked moving round the office.
"Tell her anything I just need to know her, I won't tell her I'm her mother I promise."
"Fine you'll meet her tonight."

"Thank you," she jumped from the chair and hugged Andre.
The two were silent for a moment, she tilted her head and covered her lips on Andre, they kiss passionately as if trying to explore the depth of their mouths. Andre redrew.
"How will you deal with Tyler now?"
"I have no idea for now."
Andre looked at Adriana closely, he was mad and excited at the very same time.

School was over already, Olivia was both nervous and eager at the same time. She had been feeling that way ever since Andre had invited her to his home, maybe he wasn't as bad as he acted the day before, his behavior was logical, he feared for his daughter's life.
"What's up with that smile?" Serayah asked.
"Nothing really."
"I saw Melanie's father leave the school Head teacher's building today, are you sure he hasn't laid a complaint against you," Serayah asked with a worried look written on her face.
"Why would he do that?"
"Hmm, hello you slapped him, Andre McKenzie."
"He deserved it, well he apologized and has invited me over tomorrow."
"That's cool, be careful don't fall too hard."
"I won't let's get going."
Olivia was sure she couldn't fall for Andre, asides from his good looks and love for his daughter, nothing else attracted her to him.

Andre was nervous, Adriana was in the car with him and he was taking her to see their daughter. He prayed deep down that both mother and daughter get along. He knew Adriana well, if he denies her the right to meet Melanie she could sue him to court and his lifestyle would be used against him, he had been caught by the law on several occasions and that would be to Adriana's favor, she could even go as far as giving him a restricting order or even lose custody of his child. She should have been the love of his life if she had not run away from the hospital where Melanie was born. Now she appears four years later seeking her daughter, he was only allowing her to see Melanie because she had refused to abort the child, even after all he did to her, also Melanie deserves to meet the woman who conceived her. They got into the house.

"Daddy welcome. Hello." Melanie said waving to Adriana.
Adriana became speechless, her motherly instinct kicked in, she felt all bad within herself, her daughter had grown into a beautiful child with obviously good manners despite being raised by Andre.

"Dad come I have a drawing to show you."
Melanie pushed her father from behind, they followed her into her huge purple-colored room, she handed over a drawing of a woman to both Adriana and Andre.
"Who is this sweetheart?" Adriana asked.
"Well, its supposed to be my mother."
Adriana choked and excused herself.
"Did I do anything wrong?" Melanie asked.
"No, wait here I'll be back," Andre answered.

He walked out the room and found Adriana sitting on the staircase.
"What was that for Adriana?
"She'll hate me, Andre I'll lose her I can't deal with it. I swear I left for her own good."
"Should I take you home?"
"No stay here with her I can take care of myself. Thank you for allowing me see her."
She kissed Andre swiftly and left the house.

Time flew fast and it was the evening for Olivia to go over to the McKenzie home, Serayah had forced her to put on the perfect dress that accentuate her curves. She just didn't understand why Serayah gave this dinner so much attention. She looked at the mirror carefully to make sure everything was fine. She graced her red long-sleeved knee length backless gown with an ankle bracelet and black heels, she let her hair down and tried her best not to look too serious. She got into a taxi and headed to Andre's home. She promised to apologize for giving him a slap on the face, although she knew he deserved it for disrespecting her, she knocked at the door and was received in by Melanie. Melanie held her hands and showed her round the huge house, it was nothing compared to her old home.

"Welcome and thanks for coming," Andre said from behind. He shakes her hands and redraws quickly as if he had been electrocuted. Olivia was looking gorgeous, and what was it in that ankle bracelet that attracts him so much. She had skin like the models he was used to and he liked it.

After a short dinner Melanie fell asleep in Olivia's arms.
Andre took Melanie to her room and he with Olivia moved to the living room.
"Thanks for dinner," Olivia said.
"Why are you dressed like that? Do you plan on seducing me? Cause it worked!" Andre said moving closer.
Olivia swallowed hard, his raw words got to her.
"Do you want to be slapped?" She asked summoning up courage.
"If it would turn me on like it did before then no because I don't want to be blamed for rape."
Silence filed the place. They laughed.

"I'm sorry about that, and also I'm sorry for taking Melanie."
"It's fine now, you look good in the dress but you would look better if its off, ever considered modeling?"
Olivia smiled.
"Hell no, I can't go on a diet and definitely won't feel confident in a lacy lingerie. I've got skin."
"Yes in the right places, fashion tip busty women shouldn't wear a round necked dress."
"And you know that how?"
"It's my job, I work with women."
"I'll take my leave now, thank you for tonight," Olivia wasn't feeling comfortable with their conversation.
"I'd like to do this again, meet me at the Leicester hotel bar tomorrow," Andre said.
"I have a proposal that you just might want."
"What's it about, does it have anything to do with the bulge between your pants," Olivia laughed.
"In a way but not yet it's business."
She laughed. She has shaken Andre from his comfort zone and he liked it, she was also enjoying every bit of what she was doing to him.



"Welcome Olivia you're looking lovely as ever, have a seat," Andre said.
"Thank you, I'm starving at least order something to drink," Olivia teased.
"Forgive my manners. I'm not so much of a gentleman."
"You don't need to tell me, I know already, how's Melanie."
"She's good."
Andre ordered for some drinks and watched Olivia sip on the glass cup, how he wished his lips was that cup.
"He had been thinking all night about meeting Olivia, her carefree attitude attracted him a lot.
"Down to business, I've been doing some research about you and I think you'd be interested in my proposal."

"Now you're spying on me?"
"Yes... I know you're in debt and it's quite huge. I want to help you with it."
"Now you're scaring me," she readjusted herself and became serious.
"My parents have been threatening me to get married or lose my inheritance, as you know I'm not the best father there is, Melanie is growing fast and she tired of the nannies and honestly I've not found anyone worth spending my life and time with to be exact I do not ever wish to get married. Now here's where you come in I want us to get married."

Olivia laughed out loud, she'd never do such. She rose from her seat.
"I see you're here to make fun. Bye."
"Olivia I'm not asking for a real marriage, take this," he handed her a hard cover document.
"Go over it, give me a call by tomorrow its urgent," he took the full cup and left the bar.


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