The Contract - Chapter 6

Very emotional chapter... Andre and Olivia clearly have feelings for each other but fear, doubt and pride would be obstacles they must face. Please leave a comment. That's Olivia's wedding gown!
Olivia's POV

I think my legs are wobbly and I'm more than uncomfortable, why am I reacting this way? What did I think? I'm his fiancée and that kiss wasn't more than a business deal! My hands are on my lips replaying how I had foolishly opened up to him, the kiss was good, he ruined it all by going to the extent of touching my breast, his hands had caused a swelling on the breast and my nipple had been hardened. Thank God for padded bras, okay I have to admit I like him but the bastard sees me as his usual one night stand! It's official I'm attracted to Andre McKenzie.

"Forgive me Nick," I say to myself.

I'm back at the dining room with his family and friends. His parents are lovely, they look very humble but their kids are quite the opposites, but, from Andre's father's few comments I can tell he used to be a flirty man so I know where the boys got that gene from. Jason hmm is it me or is he actually stealing glances at me? I wouldn't be surprised I know he doesn't buy my engagement to his brother when only last week I told him I don't know him, well I have to try harder to convince him. Yes. I know I just said that I'll try harder the issue is that my little conversation with the McKenzie parents makes me understand how desperately Andre needs to settle down, so I'll help him. Andre is walking down the stairs and is back to the dinning, he doesn't look at me and I see anger in his eyes, I really don't care. Dinner is over and everyone has left except the nosy Jason who is staying the night. Andre still hasn't said a word to me, he has held my hands and kissed my forehead but hasn't altered a word.

"Dad I'll be sleeping in uncle Jay's room today," Melanie said tickling her uncle.
"No," Andre answers. "You need to rest, the last time you both slept together you were up all night."
"Bro I promise she'll be in bed by 12. I've missed my baby," Jason says.
"12! No way!"

Melanie giggled. "Jason you can stay with her but by 10:30 she must be tucked in bed. I'll check on you both," I intervene mainly because I want to see how well Andre would follow with his plan.

Andre still doesn't say a word, he kisses Melanie goodnight and goes straight to "our" bedroom.
Jason carries Melanie over his shoulder and her giggle is loud than ever, she sure loves her uncle.
"Goodnight Olivia," they both say.

Today didn't turn out so bad, I've had my bath in my room and now I'm off to bed with Andre. I open the door slowly expecting him to turn to know who had entered but no, he's still in bed, no reaction whatsoever and I know fully well that he's not asleep. Should I feel bad for the comment I made? Could that be why he's annoyingly silent or did he hate the kiss? Does he regret kissing me. All this questions keep ringing in my head as I am on bed with my supposed fiancée and we backed each other. I can't help it! Where is this sleep when I need it the most? Andre has risen from the bed, I guess he can't sleep either.


Andre's POV

Why can't I sleep, here I am in the kitchen making coffee when I should be in bed with her, what is it in her that ignites both passion and anger in me? Do I call this deal off? What would my parents think and there's Melanie who loves Olivia dearly I surely can't let her down. I thought I ignited passion in Olivia also why did she back out from that moment we had, to top up the anger she says I should have pretended it was one of my models. Is she blind to see that I don't crave for those as much as I do her? The kiss was short but I've never kissed so passionately. Damn you Olivia. I need to be the Andre McKenzie I used to be and man up to sleep. I'll try my best to make it up to her tomorrow I have no choice.

Andre wakes up late as usual but this time Melanie and Olivia had already prepared for school, Olivia made breakfast. He walks to the dinning as he meets a messy Jason having a bite of everything Olivia had prepared.

"Bro she's a keeper, she cooks almost like mum."
"Dad Olivia and I are about to go."
"But honey I always take you to school."
"Yes dad but Olivia woke up early."
"Have a nice day you two."

Andre kisses both Olivia and Melanie on the forehead. He sat for breakfast and began eating.
"Don't you have work to do?" He asks Jason.
"I do, you?"
"The new fashion line event comes up in five days I have a lot to do, the models aren't set yet."
"Talking about models, Olivia has got quite the body," Jason teases.
Anger fills Andre.
"Quit talking about my wife's body," he said throwing a strip of fries on Jason's face.
Olivia arrived at school and Serayah is shocked to see her coming out of the same car with Melanie, she gives her new best friend a quick air kiss.
"Olivia you came with Mel," she says.
"Yes, you won't believe how my weekend was," Olivia said with a huge sigh.
"Tell me."
"The short story is that you're gonna be the bridesmaid in my wedding to Andre McKenzie," she says.

"What!! No way! How, why? When?"
"Breathe girlfriend I'll tell you all about it during recess."
"I can't wait." Serayah says.
During recess, Serayah couldn't kill her curiously she rushed to see Olivia.
"Rayah!" Olivia exclaim.
Serayah dragged her into one of the classes and balanced well to listen.
"Spill," she says.
"We're having a sham marriage but girl I'm falling. I need the money, he needs the inheritance."
The girls spent quite some time talking.
"No way! You mean you kissed him," Serayah giggled.
"Yes Rayah."
"I'm glad you're getting your life together but be careful," Serayah cautioned.
They continued with their jobs.

School was over already, Andre unexpectedly picked up Melanie and Olivia.
"Daddy, you came!" Melanie said.
"Sweety I'm here to take you and Olivia to a place."
"Where to?" Olivia asked.
"It's a surprise, so please let's get going, I'll drop you at your house when we're done."
Olivia and Melanie entered into the car curious to know what Andre had planned. Andre parked his car inside his home.
"Dad why are we home?"
"The surprise is in my bedroom just go."

The three walked up the stairs straight to Andre's master bedroom. They found three manikins dressed in very gorgeous and obviously expensive wedding dresses.
"Olivia I'm sorry about last night. I know on paper I'm in charge of the wedding preparation but I want you to pick two dresses. This three are my favorites." Andre says to Olivia.

Olivia was shocked, the dresses in front of her had to be made from top designers. Her memory flashes to when she and Sophia had gone shopping for a wedding gown, they had a budget and had to go with a lesser design, she loved the dresses Andre had picked out.
"Isn't bad luck for the groom to see the gown before the wedding?"
"It might be and you honey I bought your little brides gown."
He brought out a perfectly packed gown and showed it to Melanie who was already admiring Olivia's dress.
"I'll go with this two." Olivia said pointing at a fitted gown and a mermaid gown.

"I've arranged for the man who will walk you down the aisle, we're getting married in a beautiful location decorated in a wall of white flowers," he said.
"You really love weddings. You're spending too much on a sham," Olivia says.
"I'm doing this for Melanie, fuck the expenses."
"My cash! You said a bad word," Melanie said.
"What do you mean?"
"Olivia said I get 10 bucks for every bad word you or uncle Jay say."
Andre giggled as Melanie ran to her room to get her bad word jar.
He paid.
"For the bridesmaid invite them to my fashion event they can pick up a design or decide on which of my designers get to make their dress. How many are they?"
"I have two friends here Autumn and Serayah but I will talk to Adriana so invite her over."
"Okay then."


Day of Fashion Show

Olivia looked over the crowd and felt nervous, the show was over all that was left was for the dinner and viewing of designs to be sold tonight was a big deal to Andre, she had watched him have sleepless night all for the preparation of the event, Andre needed to dazzle the crowd in order to get a hearing, she let Andre lead her into the packed room.

"I'm assuming you have a general plan for attack?" She asked. "Who are the two players you need to concentrate on?"
He motioned towards a skinny man who had a tape around his neck.
"Hyoshi Lee, a tip designer and blogger in Japan."
She plucked a salmon tart from the tray of a tuxedo clad waiter and grabbed a glass of champagne from another.
"Don't get drunk," he said.
She huffed out a breath.
"I never knew husbands were so controlling. Okay. Who's the final guy you need to impress?"
A flash of calculations crossed his face.
"Conte Michael. He owns the biggest fashion school in London."
He gave a light smile.

"I'll work on Hyoshi. Why don't you keep your eyes open for Michael Conte and engage him in some conversation, it will keep you occupied."
"You want me to talk to him?" She asks nervously.
"Sure be nice, if you find out anything interesting let me know."
"Technically you want me to spy on him," she teases.
Impatience flicked in his voice.
"You're being ridiculous. Just relax and enjoy the party."
"Easy for you to say, your boobs aren't hanging out of your dress."
Andre cleared his throat and shifted.
"If you weren't comfortable, you shouldn't have accepted to wear the dress," she stiffened.
"My husband to be is a stubborn head, you wouldn't understand," she teased as she let out half a smile.
"My wife-to-be is just as stubborn trust me I understand," he laughed.
A short silence settled between them coldness seeped through her.

"You're right next time I'll stick a gun to your head and ask for another dress," she walked. Away. Olivia sipped another glass of champagne and settled herself by the balcony. Andre McKenzie belonged in this world - one of money, supermodels and refined dialog. She heaved a deep sigh. She'd dressed with care for the party and held her breath as she walked down the stairs to await Andre's opinion, even she knew she looked damn good in the dress, the thought that she actually wanted to please him pissed her off. He'd given her a thorough once over instead of a compliment, he'd mumbled about her appearance and walked away. He didn't even spare a glance until they got to the party. Hurt, sliced deep but she punished herself for the emotions, she walked to a group of women who seem to be wives of designers and bloggers, she neatly entwined her way into the discussion, secured introduction and delved into the world of social chatter.

Andre watched her stalk across the room and cursed under his breath. Hell, he had done it again. He should have complimented her on the damn dress but nothing had prepared him for her entrance as she walked down the stairs, ready for the party. The electric blue dress dipped low in front, clung to the edge of her shoulders and fell down to the floor in magnificent. He bet she'd also catch the attention of every man in the place, now he regretted giving the dress to her. This was no cool sophisticate he could control, this was a full blown eve who dared a man to hell and made a poisonous apple seem as sweet as candy. Anger cut through him at her constant ability to make him feel like shit, he had to concentrate on business, he had to find Hyoshi hopefully Olivia would be able to get some gossip out of Conte as he was a renowned womanizer.

Olivia decided it was time to find her fiancée, she searched everywhere but couldn't find him, her eyes met some clothes and she stood to admire them.
"Ah! So to get you to notice me tonight I should turn into a dress?" A voice said from behind. She spun around. A man stood in the doorway, his eyes filled with mischievous humor.
"You're a wicked woman to tempt a man like that," he said.
"You are a wicked man to think a woman would do such," they giggled.
"I'm engaged," she says teasingly.
His face pulled into a low sad look.
"Pity, let me introduce myself formally, I'm Conte Michael."
"Olivia Hartz soon to be McKenzie."
"Ah so its true the heir to the McKenzie empire is getting married."

Michael kept his face natural, this man obviously kept business and pleasure in two separate worlds.
"I've heard a lot about your fiancée," Michael says.
His gorgeous eyes met hers with a tiny inward sigh, she resigned herself to battling her attraction for Andre. If Michael Conte couldn't stir a shred of sexual emotion in her, she was in deep trouble.
"I think you'll love him as much as I do."
"We shall see. As for us, we will be friends right?"
"Yes friends," she nods.
"I will accompany you back to the business hall for a cordial and you will tell me all about yourself."
She accepted his arm and allowed herself to be led out the backstage.

"You know Michael, I think I have the perfect woman for you, she's s close friend of mine."
"You underestimate yourself dear. I'm still grieving your loss," she laughed as they entered the business hall, then looked up in surprise when Andre stepped in front of them. He lowered her with an intimidating air, she opened her mouth to speak but he reached out and pulled her into his embrace. A moment passed before she was able to form the words.

"Hello darling. I was chatting with Michael Conte. I don't think you both have met formally."
The men sized each other up like they would just before a fight. Andre was the first to surrender probably for business reasons and not anything to do with testosterone. He offered his hand.
"Michael, how are you? I see you've met my fiancée."

Michael shook his hands, Olivia studied Andre's expression with sheer puzzlement, was she crazy or did he not want her to engage Conte with her conversation? Hadn't he hinted he wanted inside information if at all possible? Now he just looked plain irritated as if she had betrayed him. His fingers splayed around her waist and rested on the curve of the tummy.

"Congrats I hear you're engaged," Conte said.
His head lowered, her breath hitched as his lips grazed her lobe and his nose Nuzzled her ear. Michael watched the gesture with amusement.
"I like your designs, perhaps we can set up a meeting to go over some things?"
"Thank you. I'll call and arrange an appointment."
She caught the clear cut simplicity in his tone and she knew Michael noticed. Andre didn't play certain business games, namely being too arrogant to pick up the phone himself to call for an appointment.

Michael took her hand and placed a kiss on her palm.
"It was lovely meeting you Olivia, I have a dinner party for a few close friends two weeks from tonight, would you join me?"
"Sure," she replies.
"Thank you, nice meeting you both."
Conte left.
Within minutes of Michael leaving, Andre released her, his face lost the look of a lover and turned impersonal.

"Follow me."
She followed him out to a deserted hall to break the silence.
"Were you successful tonight?" She asked.
He made a weird noise.
"Not as successful as you I guess."
Anger surged through her blood, her voice strained with tension.
"Excuse me?" She clenched her fist.
"Never mind," Andre said.
"You're a hypocrite and a jerk. You asked me to seek Michael out and bring you back information. Do you think I'm stupid Andre? You used me, but now you're pissed off, I did everything you wanted. Consider your favor completed."

"I only suggest you may be able to pick up something to help me with my business. I asked you to soften him up not give him a hard on that'll last for days."
She was pissed and she was about to walk away.
"We're not going for his party" he said.
"So? Don't go, but I am," Olivia said angrily.
"I'm going. I liked him and I think his party will be fun."
He dragged her back,
"You are my wife! You will not be going to any party without me!"
"I'm a business partner, who follows rules, I'll see whoever I want as far as I don't have sex!" Olivia replies back.
"I care about my reputation."

"I don't care. It's been long time since I've enjoyed a man's company. A man who is charming, funny and .....warm."
Her last word exploded in the air between them, he pulled her closer.
"Do you need someone that bad Olivia?"
His mocking tone raked over her. He lowered his head so his mouth stopped inches from hers. With slow purpose his hands moved over her neck, her body softened.

"Maybe if I took you now you won't go running to Conte," he teased further.
His lips grew closer, he kissed her neck and she let out a soft groan. He wanted to kiss her because his manhood and power had been threatened, he wanted it back. Her breast swelled and ached, rising up to him. Olivia gathered up the shattered threads of her control and played her last card.
"No thank you!" She pulled his hands off her.
"I'll rather stick to business." She left.


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