The Creepy Shutterbug (2)

Boy meets girl. He becomes obsessive. She doesn't know he exists. What happens when she discovers that his bedroom walls are covered with her pictures?

Brandon who?

I looked around in confusion, wondering where this guy was hiding. The classroom was buzzing with many familiar faces, as people were getting up and moving around to join their assigned partner. I desperately scanned each face and every nook and corner of the room, hoping to see a wave of acknowledgement from this person, but nothing.

Maybe I could try working out who looked like he could own that name? But, seeing all these guys around me, I figured they all looked like they could be called Brandon.

This was hopeless. I glanced over at Mr. Macintyre, hoping that he would notice me struggling, but he was too busy pairing students together. I was beginning to grow frustrated, but I couldn't bring myself to feel annoyed at my teacher.

If there's one thing you should know about me, I absolutely loved my teacher, no matter what. I loved the way Mr. Macintyre smiled. The way he always made a funny little joke with me. The way he taught Science so passionately. How he was so carefree yet so serious when he needed to be. I liked the way he looked - black hair, thin frame and the brightest blue eyes I've ever seen. I liked how his face turned red when he laughed so hard and how his eyes sparkled with tears when he yawned.

Once, I admitted to my sister that I thought he was cute. She, of course, gagged in response.

"Um, sir, excuse me!" I said, raising my hand to grab my favorite teacher's attention. He was still in the middle of pairing people together, so I quickly apologized and asked him to direct me to my partner.

"He's right next to you, silly," Mr. Macintyre said, bursting out with laughter. In fact, his guffaws echoed in the classroom that it made a lot of students' heads turn to look at him. Normally I liked it when he laughed, but I didn't enjoy being the subject of his laughter. I felt my cheeks burning hot with embarrassment, which I covered with my long hair, as I made my way over to the next table.

I hoped my teacher didn't think I was an idiot.

"Hey," a voice next to me said. I turned to my left and I saw a pale-skinned, lanky boy, who was looking straight at me. I smiled sheepishly at him, still feeling slightly embarrassed about the whole thing. But I shook my head to get over it. Luckily, I get over things quickly.

"Hi! I'm Jasmine. Nice to meet you," I chirped, hoping that I came across as formal and friendly and not 'pretentious or boring' (thank you very much, Chaz). Fortunately, the boy smiled in response. It seemed like things were going fine between us.

Just then, Mr. Macintyre declared in that powerful voice of his, "You may have to meet up outside the class to get this coursework completed! You've got a week."

My teacher had such a nice, deep and soothing voice that my mind failed to process his words properly. This usually happened a lot in his lessons. I was too focused on the sounds he was making that I rarely retained the information he shared.

Eventually, the reality of the situation slapped my mind. A week!

Immediately, I slammed my hand against the desk to grab my partner's attention. He seemed startled by my sudden movement. Then, I asked that fateful question.

"Shall we meet up at your place or mine?"



I can't believe I was paired up with that blob, Jamie. He did nothing but fart, snort with laughter, throw paper airplanes everywhere and fight with his ape-like friends. Yup, I knew we were going to fail this dumb project.

"My place or yours?" The blob dared to ask me, while grinning like a cheeky monkey.

"Do one!" I snapped, before I grabbed my bag and walked away. I left him laughing like an idiot with his baffoon friends.

I met up with Jaz outside the school. She was sitting in a bench, singing out loud, while passers-by threw funny looks at her. Honestly, doesn't this girl ever get embarrassed? By the time I reached her, she made things more embarrassing by pulling me into a tight hug.

Usually I would shove her off and head to the bus stop, but I knew the buses would be packed during this time - especially since it is super cold. I was rarely in the mood to walk home, but I wanted fresh air after being suffocated in that classroom with the blob.

Jaz seemed happy enough that I'd be joining her walk.

"I wish I could skip this week," I told her along the way. This day was a drag. I couldn't wait to get home and do nothing.

"I can't wait! We're going to build a volcano! It was all my idea," Jaz squealed happily. "And Brandon agreed to make the PowerPoint while I type up the coursework. It's going to be perfect." She was smiling ear to ear now. Then she added in that weird, dreamy voice, "Mr. Macintyre will be so impressed!"

It's become a habit of mine to gag whenever she mentioned the old, boring teacher.

"What about you and Jamie?" Jaz asked, ignoring the fact that I was taking the piss.

"I don't want to talk about it," I muttered moodily. I put my earphones on and listened to music. Jaz saw that I was busy blocking away the world, but she still tried to talk to me anyway. Typical.

There was a little coffee shop place which we entered. Jaz ordered black coffee - the drink that I hated with all my guts. However, the place did serve the best sticky buns and I gladly ordered a lot of those. Sadly, the line was always long.

"You better be careful, you might get diabetes with all that sugar you're consuming," Jaz warned as I happily retrieved my plate of delicious sticky buns. I ignored her and bit into the jammy one, feeling the ooze trickle down my throat, enjoying the sensation of it.

Damn, I really loved food.

Just then, I thought I saw a lightning flash, but I thought nothing of it. We finally left the coffee place and continued our long, exhausting walk home. I kind of regretted not taking the bus.

By the time we reached our house, Jaz's phone buzzed. A new message.

"It's from an anonymous number," she said, as she opened the message. Her face turned unusually pale and she was immediately silenced.

I peeked over at her phone and my eyes widened.

What. The. Actual. Heck.

It was a picture of us at the coffee shop place earlier on - with me biting into the sticky bun and Jaz looking at me in distaste. I looked like a fool with jam running down my chin whereas Jaz somehow looked so much better than me, despite the fact that she was pulling a weird face.

The caption read: Thinking of you.

Immediately I thought about the lightning flash. A realization hit me then. It wasn't a lightning flash - no. It was a camera flash!

"It must be a prank," Jaz murmured. She sighed. "It has to be Kelly or something. You know what she's like."

Kelly was the Voodoo Queen of our school. She claimed she was married to the Devil. She enjoyed scaring people for whatever reason.

"I don't like her. She's a weirdo," I stated the obvious.

We didn't think anything more of that picture incident. Well, that was until more pictures were sent to Jaz. That's when we knew that it wasn't Kelly.



Was I crossing a line? It's hard to tell. I stopped using my head ages ago.

Generally I don't act so recklessly, but I was just so excited after talking to her that I couldn't help myself. I've been watching her smile for a long time at a reasonable distance. I couldn't get enough of her smile and I always wondered what it would be like to finally have her beautiful smile directed at me. Well, it happened. And now she was driving me even more crazy.

So, naturally, I followed her and took pictures of her while she hung out with her sister at the coffee shop, when she went to her dance recital and when she visited the park to feed the birds. She was so photogenic that I had to send her these pictures. In the back of my mind, I hoped that she was thinking of me.

It was beginning to get late. It was my cue to stop following her, but today was different. I was still under a spell due to her hypnotic smile. So I followed her all the way to the isolated hills. It was a strange place for her to visit, especially during this time of the night. Nonetheless, I was intrigued.

The moon and stars were out, shining bright, illuminating her beautiful face. I really enjoyed taking those pictures. However, I was starting to feel sleepy and I wanted to go home, but I didn't want to leave her alone at night. At that moment, I noticed the silhouette of a man approaching her. Immediately I felt an instinct to protect her.

Then I witnessed something that broke my heart. Jasmine ran straight into his arms and they kissed for what felt like a lifetime. When they pulled apart, I saw his face more clearly. It was Big Mac, the Science teacher.

Thankfully, it wasn't too dark to take a clear picture of both their faces.


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Published: 5/10/2016
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