The Creepy Shutterbug (3)

Boy meets girl. He becomes obsessive. She doesn't know he exists. What happens when she discovers that his bedroom walls are covered with her pictures?

I've lost track of time as I kept staring at the polaroid picture of them kissing.

Until this point, I did not consider myself to be a vindictive person. I had always thought I knew the boundaries. There was always a limit, especially when it came to her. But, after witnessing that, I was only left with one irrational thought that clouded my senses.



The day sucked.

First, it was pouring with rain and, due to my super sensitive senses, I was sneezing like crazy.

Second, I was forced to do the boring science work when I just wanted to pass out on my bed.

And let's not forget the most annoying part.

"How's my favorite potato?" The blob said, as soon as I opened the door. He barged into my house without even bothering to wipe his dirty shoes on the doormat.

"How the heck did you get my address, you freak?" I demanded, balling up my fists. I was so tempted to punch the annoying smirk off his face.

"I gave it to him," a voice said behind me. I looked behind me and saw Jaz coming down the stairs. She was wearing a raincoat with a rucksack on her back, looking like she was ready to head out.

"Why did you do that?" I hissed at her. Did she love to torment me or something?

"I don't want you to fail this class," she replied coolly. Then she looked at the blob and gave him a big smile, which he so didn't deserve. "Hey Jamie," she said in a sickly sweet way.

"Hey, princess," the asshat replied with a wink. I wanted to puke. Who the heck did he think he was flirting with my twin?

Jaz offered to make us some hot chocolate before heading out. While she was in the kitchen sorting everything out, Jamie threw himself on my couch and reached for my remote and switched the channel that I was watching while throwing his dirty feet up on my coffee table.

"You can leave now," I told him with a deadly serious face.

He laughed like a typical prat and he had the nerve to actually say, "I can, but I won't! Potato."

I wasn't going to let him walk all over me like dirt. So, casually, I reached for the cushion next to him and I whacked his face with it as hard as I could. He was dumbstruck for a moment, before he burst out laughing. Then he shoved me and started running around the house like a madman, staining the floorboards with his dirty footprints with every step he took.

I ran after him because - yes! - I was going to strangle him.

"What's going on!?" Jaz yelled, as she came running out of the kitchen.

Just then, I pounced on the blob and tackled him to the floor. His arms went flying everywhere and he whacked a pink vase carelessly, sending it crashing against the floor. Jaz screamed unnecessarily dramatically.

"It's barely been ten minutes and you guys have already murdered my precious baby!" She shrieked, as she ran over to the shattered pieces of vase lying all over the floor. She seemed like she was going to bawl her eyes out any second. I rolled my eyes. It was only a vase, sheesh.

There was a moment of silence with only the noise of Jaz whimpering. Soon after the blob picked himself up and tutted aloud.

"Naughty potato! You're so bad," the asshat said, shaking his head at me, as he grinned like a fool. I glared at him furiously, wishing that I had lasers in my eyes that could disintegrate this ape into dust.

Then, this fool - this actual imbecile - had the audacity to flick my nose! So, typically I pushed him, which caused him to stumble against the coffee table. A green vase went flying and crashed to meet its fatal end.

Once again, there was another dramatic piercing scream from my twin.

"Oh, why God, why!?" Jaz cried out in horror, acting like we were killing her children or something.

Yup, this day definitely sucked. We didn't even begin working yet and I already wanted to bang my head against the wall.



My precious babies were murdered. I remembered purchasing them on the day that Mum was diagnosed with cancer. As the days passed, I would fill up the vases with her favorite flowers. When I did this, I would admire the colorful blueprints of nature's beauty and I was immediately filled with hope.

Then, slowly, the flowers were losing their color and Mum turned pale. The flowers lost their petals as Mum lost her hair. The flowers were barely standing up straight and Mum couldn't leave her bed. No matter how much I watered them, I couldn't revive the flowers. They died, along with her.

Overtime, I grew an emotional attachment to those vases. They were symbolic for me. So when Chaz and Jamie broke them, I felt broken too. I chucked away the shattered pieces of the vase as I tried to ignore the shattered pieces of my heart.

At this point, I wanted to cancel everything. I intended to meet up at Brandon's place, but I didn't trust Chaz and Jamie to be left alone together. I was scared that they would break the TV and everything else, and the whole house would fall apart, while they drowned in each other's blood. Was it an extreme thought? Yes, but could it happen? Possibly.

"You can go, you know," Chaz told me in a bitter voice. She was glaring at me in determination. I was genuinely worried for Jamie and his safety because I knew my sister could be very, very ruthless. Multiple times she had got into serious trouble in the past.

"I think I'm going to stay," I murmured.

"No, go!" Chaz screamed at me. She grabbed my arm and dragged me to the door and pushed me out into the heavy pouring rain. I turned around, ready to protest, but she slammed the door viciously across my face.

I blinked once. A raindrop fell down my cheek. Then I realized everything was blurry and I was crying. Thankfully, my tears were washed away by the rain.



It was time.

For two years, I had been waiting for this meet up.

I had it all planned out in my head right from the moment I set my eyes on her. I would welcome her, talk to her, allow her to get to know me. I would make her laugh. We would share our secrets. We would bond. I'd make her fall in love with me.

However, due to recent events, my plan changed at the last minute.

I decided I would have fun.



A part of me was disappointed when I finally reached my destination. I wouldn't mind staying outside longer. I loved feeling the rain patter against my hot, bothered skin. I found it very refreshing as it cooled me down. Without a doubt, it's my favorite kind of shower.

I reached the doorstep. For a moment, I took a deep breath, as I stared at the door. I don't know why but my heart was racing faster and my breathing was slightly more rapid. Maybe I was still shaken up after the exchange between Chaz and Jamie.

Before I could knock on the door, it casually swung open. It was almost as if he had been secretly watching and waiting for me, but I shook the thought away.

"Hey, come in," Brandon said. His outfit was bizarre, but in a good way (although Chaz would completely disagree with me). He wore a lime green top and bright yellow shorts along with neon orange trainers. He stepped aside and gestured for me to enter.

"I like your outfit," I praised him. "Green, orange and yellow are my favorite colors!"

"Same here," he replied with a small smile.

I stepped inside, wiped my shoes on the doormat and took off my raincoat which was dripping wet. I eyed his sleeveless top and shorts that were exposing his spindly arms and bare legs.

"Aren't you cold?" I asked.

He shook his head. "I'm warm-blooded. I rarely get cold," he explained.

I was pleasantly surprised. "Me too!" I trilled.

He shut the door and he firmly secured the bolts, concealing the outside world away from us. I was slightly confused when I saw the amount of bolts on his door, but I presumed that he was merely a cautious boy.

Shrugging it off, I took off my rucksack and walked over to the glass table in the middle of the room.

"Let's start," I said, as I pulled out a sheet of wax paper and laid it over the table. I whipped out a container and a box of clay along with a vinegar bottle and I also set them down.

"Don't we need baking soda for our volcano?" He asked, joining me. He sat down cross-legged on the floor.

"Not yet," I answered.

Then I noticed something on the other end of the room that caught my attention. At first, I thought my mind was playing tricks on me, but then I went over to examine the two objects that were propped up on the window sill.

They were both made from stained glass. One was translucent green, while the other was crystalline pink. These beautiful objects were sparkling, as if they had been scrubbed a thousand times.

I gasped in, once again, pleasant surprise.

"These two vases look exactly like the pair I have at home!" I exclaimed, feeling a mixture of happiness and disbelief. Then I shook my head and corrected myself, "well, I did have them... but I lost them like, literally, twenty minutes ago."

Brandon nodded. "I've bought these years ago at a garage sale down by Curley Lane."

My eyes widened. "I bought my vases from there too! Like... two years ago. April 14th, right?"

He nodded in confirmation.

Wow. This is crazy, I thought to myself. We have the same favorite colors, we're both human radiators and we purchased the same vases on the same day!

Just when I thought things couldn't possibly get any better, Brandon got up to switch the stereo on. Elvis Presley - Unchained Melody!

"My favorite song," he said.

I wanted to scream with happiness.



We got on with our work. We formed the base of our volcano using clay and I managed to create the first few slides of our PowerPoint presentation. Jasmine was particularly impressed with the fiery animated fonts and pictures that I downloaded to make our presentation more eye-catching and interesting.

"Mr. Macintyre will love this," she cooed. I swear I could see hearts in her eyes, causing me to wince in annoyance.

My annoyance was further perpetuated by the music in the background. No offense to Elvis, but I really didn't like his style much. Personally, I preferred modern rock and heavy metal.

Just then, a shiver coursed through my body. I made sure I kept my arms hidden, as I didn't want her to see my goosebumps and hair rising - the telltale signs that I was freezing.

Not to mention that I felt like a complete clown in these ridiculously bright clothes, wearing all the colors that I really didn't like. Black was my favorite, if that even counted as a color.

So, why was I doing this? Well, I wanted to tease her first. I wanted to give her the illusion that I was her male counterpart. Her soulmate. I wanted to reel her in like a fish caught on a hook.

"You're the devil in disguise," Jasmine sang in her lovely voice that echoed the melancholy of the mountains for me.

I decided that enough time had passed for the real fun to begin. So I jumped to my feet and I switched the stereo off, feeling relieved to shut Elvis up. This easily grabbed her attention.

"I'm going to the toilet," I told her. "Feel free to look around." Then I looked straight into her eyes and I added in my warning tone, "but, whatever you do, stay away from my bedroom, okay? My bedroom is the only door with a cross bone sign that reads 'do not enter'. My room is all the way upstairs, where it's straight past the hallway and it's the first room on the right. Just don't go there."

"Why?" She asked cutely with confusion written across her face. She looked so innocent. I had to remind myself that she wasn't.

I smirked. "Don't question it."

Then I left her.

And I waited.


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