The Darkness Welcomes The Dead

Deeply dark and melancholy, suicidal.
Picture yourself adrift in the darkness,
Spiraling faster, out of control,
Don't know where you're going but you'll know when you get there,
And finally hit that brick wall.
Bleeding profusely, you hurt on the inside,
But no one is feeling your pain,
They smile as they pass you and say, 'How's it going?'
And you wonder if they are insane?

Holding the pills that the doctor prescribed you,
As they melt in the palm of your hand,
A rainbow of colors from black through to gray,
And all that surrounds you seems bland,
Wandering aimless along the edge of a blade,
Seeking out solace in pain,
Longing for refuge in the cold of a grave,
As the tinnitus screams in your brain.

The small voice inside you niggles your reason,
Stirring your thoughts and biting your nerves,
The darkness is calling, go step off the edge,
After all, it's what you deserve.
But you're undecided, need a little more time,
Perhaps someone will turn up soon,
Someone who understands what you're going through,
Someone who can save you from ruin.

A cold breath of wind enters you lungs,
As you prepare yourself for the drop,
Stood on the precipice of a shadow of yourself,
From a past that you feel must be stopped,
You're finished with running, it's done you no good,
'Cause it's always been one step behind,
Hounding and haunting with terror and fear,
Driving you out of your mind.

You look at the pills and you drop them before you,
They've done you no good anyhow,
You watch them falling, spiraling downward,
Into the darkness below,
Your life flashes past you in black and white reel,
And you watch it, transfixed, till the end,
Your shadow embraces with cold empty arms,
And the darkness welcomes the dead!
Published: 7/15/2016
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