The Day of Death

Is anyone starting to think I'm emo? You'd think so if you had read all of my poems....
Silent sorrow,
Glory has passed,
Fear and hate
Have been left in its path.
Destructive silence,
No one dares to speak,
Chilling fright
Is mixed with defeat.
The tension grows,
Becoming ever stronger,
'Till someone can't take it
Any longer.
The dreaded day
Has come at last,
A day of death,
Arrived too fast.
A gust of wind
With the stench of decay,
Is longing to find
Some children at play.
Not a sound
Is muttered here,
The buildings crumble,
The people fear.
The day of death,
We all knew it would come,
The anxiety of waiting
To see what we'd become.
The day of death
Is coming near,
The end of the world,
The beginning of fear.
Published: 4/13/2009
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