The Devils Decree

The inner workings of a mind..
As the clouds roll in to cover the sun
We hear the voices lifted in demented praise
"Today we call to the Master of Death, the Evil One
For now is his time, he reigns over these bleak days."
Shadows shift as darkness drifts over the land
The veils part as the demons awaken to do their parts

And then the Dark Master raises his hand
And people fall to their knees as he claims their hearts.
The souls are no longer theirs to keep
As he lays claim to the corrupt, commands their minds
And as the mist rises from that place down deep
His voice drifts into their thoughts "Now you are MINE!

This earth is mine, your natures allow me to do what I want
Your god has forsaken you, for all you do is sin
My ghouls may infect you, my ghosts may haunt
All may do as I please, on this day Hell shall begin
It shall begin to take over your sad, pitiful lives
For they belong to me, and me alone now

I shall sever you and your loved ones, my voice like a thousand piercing knives
But you believers may still ask how?
How in your greed did you not see?
How in your occult rituals not know
That you have given your souls to me?
But realize now that I will NEVER let you go..."
Published: 4/5/2011
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