The Encounter, Angel, and Punishment - Chapter 1

It's about a guy named Zefar who encounters his guardian angel.
Zefer thought it was going to be one of those typical days of causing havoc in the human realm, but sadly it wasn’t. Like any other day, Zefer went strolling about destroying human relationships and causing chaos and destruction everywhere he went (the cause of natural disasters). He thought it was a game, an amusing game. Though, there was something really different about this day, he sensed a powerful presence watching him and did not know whether to be scared or not, so he became cautious.

Zefer hovered down to the ground level to disguise himself as a human. He put on a hoodie and a pair of glasses and made sure none of his powers were noticeable or leaking out. Then he went on his way by making sure he did not stand out. Even after disguising himself, he could feel the presence watching him and getting stronger. He decided to run into the woods away from civilization, so he could take on this being that was stalking him.

"Show yourself you coward," Zefer yelled. The being finally showed itself. He had the wings of a glorious angel, had beautiful tanned skin, pointy ears and looked very high-class. He wore an elegant golden robe made from the finest cloth that went down to his knee-caps. He did not have a pleased expression on his face either.

"So you’re the bastard that has been running amuck, causing those unfortunate events lately," the being said with an angry look on his face. He flies down to get a closer look at Zefer and pulls back the hoodie to get a closer look at his face.

"The scent of evil is strong on you, kid. You are not just a human are you?" He said sternly. Zefer glared back at the being.

"Of course, I am not one of those lowly creatures. I am one of a kind! I am the best at what I do and I am going to make those worthless humans suffer and brainwash them for the fools they are," he said confidently and began to laugh evilly. The being raised his hand and then slapped the demon boy across the face sending him flying through the trees. Then he teleported to the boy and grabbed him by his long hair and said to him.

"Here on out I am going to be your worst nightmare. I was sent here to correct you," he said in a serious tone of voice. Zefer laughed again.

"Sent here to correct me? What are you my mother? What a joke and I thought I was the ruler of this world." The being just shook his head.

"Do you even know what or who I am?" The being said. Zefer looked really pissed now.

"I do not care who the hell you are neither do I give a fuck to what you are. Just let me go and I will be on my way." The being let go of the boy's hair and then slapped him across the face again. This time more gently making sure he did not go flying away again.

"Boy aren’t we going to have a great time together. I suppose the first thing I am going to have to teach you is manners. By the way, I am an angel sent to guide you to the right path or to destroy you. Zefer was still rubbing his cheek in pain. The hell as if I need any guardian angel," he yelled and then he flew away thinking that he could escape from the angel.

The angel sighed, "I guess we are going to have to do this the hard way." He lifted his hand and gathered up electricity and then targeted the boy. Then he pointed his index finger at the boy flying away and released the electricity knocking the boy out of the sky then paralyzed him.

"Tsk Tsk," the angel said swaying his finger from side to side.

"It seems that I will have to make you even more vulnerable." The angel snapped his fingers and the boy’s clothes disappeared completely. Then the angel gave the boy another electrical shock through his body.

"Do not even try escaping or I will make your life worse than hell," he said so bitterly. Zefer still showed no fear even after what the angel had done to him.

"Do you think some electrical shocking and taking my clothes off could stop me? That is one of my abilities too. Go ahead and torment me but do you really think that would make me submit to a bastard like you," he said laughing and panting. The angel began laughing then he stooped down closer to the vulnerable demon boy, "Aren’t you a clueless piece of hot mess. Did you even learn anything in the realm you came from, boy? What I have shown you was only just a drop of my power. Well, anyway I am going to punish you for the recent crimes you have committed," he said.

The angel clapped his hands together and chanted a few words in an ancient language. Zefer watched the angel as he was chanting the spell. He began to feel a little afraid because he knew something bad was going to happen. The angel finished his chant and then slowly a halo of strong pure light appeared and surrounded the demon boy. The halo became tighter and tighter around the boy’s body and when it touched him, it felt like a million swords were being stabbed into the poor boy's flesh.

Zefer began screaming in horror. He had never felt this much pain ever since he was kicked out of hell.

"Damn you! Damn you! I swear I will kill you for this like I did with those bloody humans!" Zefer shouted while in agonizing pain. He noticed that there was water falling from his eyes as he was being pierced to death by the pure holy light. The angel lifts his hand up once more and then strikes the demon boy with lightning that nearly killed the boy.

"You want to kill me? Is that even possible in the current state you are, boy?" The angel said with a powerful voice.

"Am I going to die here?" Zefer thought as he was trying to endure the punishment he was receiving. The angel finally undid the Halo spell and released the boy from being paralyzed. Zefer thought of coming up with a lie to get his way out of this mess.

"Please let me go. Have mercy on me. I was only joking when I said I was going to kill you. I have siblings waiting at home for me. They need me. I am their guardian. If you let me go, I can show you someone who is even more corrupt and sinister than me." Zefer said begging for his freedom and for his life.

"Do you think I would fall for a lie like that? You only making it worse for yourself." The angel said. Then he punishes the boy once more but in a different way. He summoned two light orbs and rested them both on the boy's butt cheeks. They started to burn his flesh till the bones were showing. Then the angel removed the orbs and the boy’s body began to self heal.

"You little demon, do not try to fool me. You will be mine to correct and I will teach you to do good," said the angel in a demanding voice. The angel then turned the boy upward with his back to the ground and placed his foot on the boy’s stomach.

"That is what is going to happen to you if you lie or try to fool me again. I will cook you like a fish," he said. Zefer just lied there screaming in pain and suffered as the angel continued to punish him. The angel then plucked on one of his feathers from his wings and used it to carve his angelic name into the demon boy's back. Each letter he added-added more pain and more burning to the boy’s body.

"Now you are forever in my care and shall obey me. You are mine," he said as he wrote the last letter of his name on the boy's back. Zefer was now crying and screaming.

"Please no more! No more burning! I know I like to play with fire the most but this is just crazy!" He groaned. The boy continued to struggle to break free from the angel but was too weak and drained of power to do anything, so he gave up. This also triggered traumatic memories of being tormented by his brothers in hell with their experiments. The boy slowly lost his consciousness.

"That is all for today. Your endurance is better than I expected. Usually the demons I encounter die instantly," he said chuckling. The angel then transformed into his human self and carried the boy to the home he was staying at.

To be continued...
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Published: 1/18/2016
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