The Fall Of An Ego (Just Deserts)

Being a God may be overrated.
I looked inside the mirror,
Reflections that were in there,
Stared back at me through eyes that were,
So dark and so afraid.

They looked so cold and haunted,
Their darkness, madly taunted,
A fear that was unwanted,
In my tormented head.

I stared beyond their shadow,
Like looking through a window,
Into a bleak tomorrow,
I wished would never come.

But time stands still for no man,
It is a well-known slogan,
A call to arms against me,
And the crimes that I have done.

As my past flirts around me,
I can't erase the memories,
Of all that's passed before me,
In my time upon this Earth.

The glory and the passion,
The pain and the emotion,
The never-ceasing notion,
I shall get what I am worth.

I'd stood upon my ego,
My fear back then was zero,
A self-confessed hero,
Of a world that needed me.

I crawled free from the quagmire,
And built myself an empire,
As powerful as wildfire,
Uncontrolled and free.

My status became awesome,
I was worshiped in my Kingdom,
Groveled to by moneymen,
A much sought after lease.

I was a God to all and sundry,
In praise to all their envy,
Till an angel stood before me,
And brought me to my knees.

She flirted with my reason,
Teased me to submission,
Ceded to her allusion,
I sold out on my soul.

I lay inside her boudoir,
She caressed every contour,
She teased my mind with ardor,
Her hypnosis was bold.

Inside her spell, I lingered,
Her symphony was figured,
Her chant to love had triggered,
The onset of my descent.

She stole my heart by invoice,
Captured me with grace and poise,
Enchanted by the sweet voice,
That sang of my lament.

Yet, I bore no ill emotion,
As my head spun to the notion,
That bliss lay in devotion,
Desired of the heart.

My love, I gave so freely,
And wished that she should deal me,
The presence of her company,
Nevermore to part.

Alas, her lust was stronger,
Than the love that I had shown her.
She never shared the flavor,
Of the sweetest kiss.

She was no more than a temptress,
Who'd laughed upon my tenderness,
The leech, witch, and seductress,
Who sent me to my abyss.

Admission comes, I confess,
As anger turned to madness,
Overcome by red mist,
I slayed her where she stood.

I tore her heart asunder,
Beneath a sky that thundered,
It's ridicule to anger,
I left her in the woods.

Now, as I sit here reflecting,
On a life not worth the living,
And I beg to be forgiven,
By a God I've never met.

I am wrapped up in my sorrow,
As I hear them build my gallows,
And the cold fear of tomorrow,
That will bring my just deserts!
Published: 7/16/2015
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