The Fangs - Prologue

This is a little something that I started and don't know whether I want to finish. It's a story about vampires and the likes blending into society...
Thousands of years ago, there was a race of man that had evolved far beyond that of our kind. A race that had discovered the ability to obtain eternal life. However, the blessed race of man was also cursed. They were confined to the darkness of the night and were subject to cannibalism. They were to feed upon the flesh and blood of their fellow man. They were soon found out and cast away. People had taken to defending themselves at night instead of sleeping. The lack of food drove the creatures into mad frenzies. Hundreds upon hundreds of unknowing or unprepared humans were slaughtered.

Man then decided it would be best to wipe out these monsters. From the corners of the world emerged the strongest of heroes. These few, then banded together to form the group, simply known as, The Hunters. The huntsmen of the night cut down all who fed on human flesh and blood. So began the century long massacres of the creatures, who came to possess the name Vampires. The war between the world of the dawn and the world of dusk was a bloody battle. The humans and vampires suffered deaths on both sides. The blood of the two mixed in the streets.

Soon there was so much spilt blood that the vampires, being desperate, drank from the puddles in the streets. The mixture made them strong, for a time at least. Strong enough to venture out in the day and escape the massacre with the few that were left. They found a place where the sun was a rarity. Rain and clouds blocked out the sun. They rendezvoused in Transylvania. There they would hide until the time of the huntsmen was over. Until the humans had forgotten the deeds and the wrongs the vampires had done them.

During their hiding, the vampires of Transylvania had missed much. A cult had been formed. This cult had one purpose, to extinguish all signs of vampiric life. They had been torturing vampires for years. This cult began the customs of a vampire’s funeral. All that would be left were body parts. The families would burn them. The cult then began to burn vampires. Stories of the vampires who had been ruthlessly tortured spread across the globe. Word of their screams was passed from ear to ear.

One day, a girl rose; seemingly from the ashes of all those who had died before her, she stood up for the vampires despite not being one herself. With her rose many of the working class men and women. They were, most of them, vampires. They overpowered the cult and sent them into hiding for hundreds of years. Those who had risen for the innocent had soon begun to regret their decision. The killings began again. The girl, Alana, was taken by a family of vampires who changed her. She decided to form a group, from those who had risen with her, of vampires. The group was called The Fangs, a vampire support group of sorts. She had a house built, a safe haven for vampires young and old alike.

This is the end of all records until this date, sir. Our government has left them alone . Keeping their heads down. I will try to dig up more but until then sir, maybe you should read up on this Alana. Maybe we could locate her whereabouts. [The computer program, Morpheus, spoke with the huntsman as he rode along on a mission.]


Section 1

It’s 2014 and time has helped everything and everyone. The fangs have flourished, the haven is no longer one building. We have hundreds all over the world. My current haven is in Glassboro NJ and there are 40 of us in this branch. Some are new, but most of us are from the original group.

"The council is meeting, this coming Sunday." Vladimire, my right hand, was being sure to keep me on top of my schedule. He’s been with me from the start and was the one to change me. He’s broad shouldered with thick, black, buzz-cut hair.

"Thanks, Vlad. I would have forgotten otherwise." Truthfully I wouldn’t have, but he thinks it’s best for me to have him remind me. He smiled and sauntered off. Today has been quiet, but there are usually fights between a few of us that bring the Hunters around. The huntsmen are now more like the supernatural police. They usually send Elijah Thompson. He won’t kill unless the monster is out of control. He was here the other day because he got wind of the meeting coming up. He’s been searching for our meeting place for years. He’s found it once, forcing us to move. He’s just and kind. A bit curious though.

"Aye, Boss we got some guys waiting for a fix outside." Wolfgang trudged in with his rucksack flung over his shoulder. Wolfgang is a werewolf. He was left on our door as a pup and has been here since then. Balthizar, the boss, nodded. Balthizar is one of our newer vamps. He’s in the drug business. He only caters to the hidden creatures, though. He went out with his messenger bag and came back with a wad of cash.

"Balthizar, Stash it. Remember last time?" I hollered across the room. He sneered and headed toward his room. The sun was setting, our time was dawning. [vampire puns XD].

In the corner, sat the oldest of our group. She was one of the escapees. She had been in Transylvania for hundreds of years and she was beckoning me. I slowly approached her.

"Yes, Cataline? You need something?" I asked. If she had wanted anything I would give it to her. She was like everyone's grandmother.

"Come, child, closer. I’ve had a vision." Cataline leaned over the table, her shaw cascaded to the floor. Her face was exposed, down the right side of her face was a gash, which as a result, made her blind in her right eye.

"We are all in danger. The Cult, I saw its leader being released from the dungeons of Dracula’s castle." Her accent was thick. Her breath smelled of fresh blood.

"They’ve let him out? Why? Have they forgotten what he’s done to our kind?" I said in a lowered growl.

"Be silent. We do not need to cause an uproar. They will discuss their reasoning at this coming council gathering." She hissed across the table. Many of the others had left the room. Balthizar was coming back, Wolfgang at his heels. I just stared at the woman across from me. Her scar burned in my mind. The cult gave her that gash. How was she not overly concerned.

Woflgang flopped his rucksack down in the seat next to me. The full moon was soon, you could see it in his face. He was getting hairy, and his eyes were sinking. He was becoming the beast within. The hunters will be on their guard.

"What’s happening?" He clearly didn’t sense the anxiety emitting from my aura.
Published: 9/11/2014
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