The Festival of Color

The Festival of Color is synonymous with spring, sunshine and nature's bounty. It is a time for redressal and query, sharing and caring and love-filled intent. Come, celebrate life...
Powder, water, purple, blue and green,
Meaningful spray and greetings galore;
All hues and shades in reflection seen,
Harkening the bounty of abundant yore.

Like man and his many inherited traits,
The Festival of Color is varied in intent;
It abounds with blessings of holy fates,
And renewal of faith in harmony potent.

In the colorful bands of yellow and red,
In all the shades of pink, orange, white,
There is ample reason to inhibition shed,
Celebrate love, and share glorious might.

As you and I come together and share,
Hand in hand, in brotherly, binding love;
We strengthen our lives, adversity dare,
In hopeful ray and blessings from above.

No more are we to bow down and stay,
Beneath the wintry frost and cold hauler,
We are to glow in dominant, bright fray,
Dunking soul in love, playing with color.
By Gaynor Borade
Published: 5/13/2009
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