The Fire Ablaze

Deception in a relationship.
What is love if not the strangest of thoughts,
Feelings compiled into some special kind of meaning,
A moment we define down to fate,
Perhaps, misinterpret as being soulmates,
Begins with that first date, which becomes a conversation you share with all your best mates,
The kiss that makes you swell, alarm bells could ring, and you could be in hell,
Nothing breaks that time, when your lips meet for the first taste,
Heart begins to race, your mind accelerates faster than the speed of a Ferrari at a race.

Nights become fun, in the summer of love,
You start to spend time all alone with your one, counting all the stars,
Because you're not afraid of all that’s passing by,
Falling deep, losing sleep, meeting to eat, minds connecting,
Past, present, future colliding creating a spark, entwined just for two hearts,
Although you're already begin losing that part,
When the bills set in, money starts to weigh in, opportunities start to pass by,
As you stop to watch the clock,
Counting the minutes, only wishing you could go back to that minute,
Where the earth was still, you could hold that person still,
Crave that touch, feel such a powerful rush of love,
That good stuff that only comes around your way once,
Seems all too much cause one day,

Someday you will see that reality, illusion, the mask you fell for,
The person you would walk through hell for,
You become empty as a shell,
Lose all your sparkle that radiated oh so deep inside,
All these feeling, making you not want to decide,
What would be the best ride to make it through,
Feeling this blue, trying to get back to you,
When you become uninteresting, not enough to hold a man's attention,
A lover's game, how could you even entertain something within a past flame,

Stood by you through all fucking weather, whatever season through every reason,
Stood by you, through all those ups and downs,
Feeling like a clown, wearing a frown sometimes,
Becoming lost as you entertain that past flame,
Doubting myself, counting the days when you fix your ways,
This person operates on dirt, fueled by hunger, lust, and desire,
Wanting to destroy that fire that once burned bright, shown so much might,
Not diminishing over someone else’s wishes.

Meanwhile your ex still thinks of your kisses, wishes she could be your missus.
Thinks it times I should say sorry for how she fucked off with your best mate,
She didn’t think of you then, but she's back around now,
Sniffing like a bitch of a leash, her pussy must be in heat,
All these acts of deception, maybe it gives you an erection,
Makes you feel powerful and hard, while you break me in shards,
So what's the moral, how I always remained fucking loyal,
While you run around playing with fire,
I’m caught in the blaze, trapped lost in this overgrown maze,
My eyes can’t adjust to the haze, the heat,
The energy burned by what's at stake,
The question is, can our trust still remain.
Published: 1/16/2019
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