The First Day Of The Beginning Of The Rest Of My Life

Today was my first day as the leader, today was my first day as an eight grader. It really wasn't any different from the normal first day of school everyone goes through. Except I had difficulty trying to open my locker. I think, they think because we are the oldest now, they have to make everything more bogus. Gosh if I knew they were gonna be this hard to open, I would have stayed a seventh grader. See how bad it is? .This insane locker was so hard to open it resulted in me asking my friend for help. Not that it really mattered to me. Then as an added bummer bonus as I walked into first period, I was greeted with a chorus of groans from all the boys.

Guess I don't have that many admirers, at least not in the male gender. Not that many in the female gender too. Come to think of it I'm not very liked. Even though I try to be nice, TRY, being the key word. So me being so mature decided to stick my tongue out at them.Be the bigger person. Yea, Yea, Yea. I think the only fun part about today was hearing the teachers "try" to pronounce my first name. So that's pretty much how my school day went . And as if I'm not already embarrassed enough, every class I have, has at least one guy I like and knowing that information still managed to make a fool out of myself. Then it all went downhill. As if it could get any worse some of you are probably asking yourself, I assure you it can. As I entered my favorite class, -choir- there he was with all his fine self, sitting in front of my eye.

I did everything you're supposed to do to get their attention. I laughed a little to loud, and talked just a little too long, but nothing worked. So i thought to myself. Hey self, if they don't like me now, chasing them won't increase my chances,it would only scare them off even more. So I decided to make a pledge to myself, here it goes. I to promise to focus only on myself, my family, and my friends, God, and my studies. but let me tell you I won't like it, and it definitely won't be a pleasant year. But you know it's their loss, their losing an awesome chick. And let me tell you, there are so many temptations in my school. AAgghh. I changed moods faster than my sister changes her mind. Au revoir, Arriverdeci, and like Julia always says....... Bon Appetit!!
Published: 9/3/2010
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