The Fool's Errand

A poem about thoughts, life unraveling, and perspective.
Joyfully the bird sang,
Lost in its own melody,
Don't you want to visit that old town?
Every little tune that comes from my heart,
Reminds me of the path that I have walked tirelessly,
Endless walk, a journey to unknown.

There is something in living,
The mystery that beckons me with every breath I take,
Enticing edges, and foolish burden,
Can you hear it?
Calling my name?
Just whisper that brush past my skin?

Lost in this melody I found myself,
With a smile I opened my arms to the whirlwind,
Can you see the euphoria whirling in my mind?
Addicted to living every breath at a time,
Loving even the hiccups every now and then.

The bird that spreads its wings in the air,
Sings happier than the bird in the cage,
Or maybe it's the caged bird that never forgot,
The happy song of freedom!
Can you tell?
Can you see?
The fool's errand!
Published: 4/24/2013
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