The Four Doctors - Chapter 1

The story is about four medical students living in the same apartment.
Dear Readers,

This is my new fiction. I know, I only started my two fictions, "Remember Me" and "I Still Love You", but I will add chapter in the three stories simultaneously and if sometimes I use French, it is because it is the second language here in MOROCCO. Before I start the story, let me present the system. We have a modulation system each year, you have to pass with at least one module. If you have two modules left in the end of the year, you have to repeat it. Exception of second year in which students don't have right to leave the module.

Medical studies is of seven years, in which first two years are purely theoretical, 3rd, 4th, and 5th years are half-theoretical and half-practical whereas last two years are practical, but a student does not become a doctor in his 8th, until he presents the doctorates.

This story is not only comic it is drama and tragic sometimes. Hope you will enjoy it.


Fadwa's POV

I was at Casablanca, thinking about tomorrow's result that will be announced around 9 pm. I will surely pass the exam of dentistry. When a friend of mine send me message, "Sorry Fadwa, you didn't get in to ENSAM."

The ENSAM was one of the best schools after Baccalaureate. I was having dinner with my dad was with me to Casablanca that time, I couldn't control myself. My dad asked what wrong with me, so I told what my friend had texted me.

After that I called my mother who stayed with my sister's home in Agadir. I told her the news and asked her to check the result for me.

Ten minutes later, she called me back, "Fadwa... You won't believe it?"
"What... What is wrong"
"La medicine... You got accepted in it."
"Oh, no way!! "
"I am sure, your national code is"
"Yes, oh no, I can't believe it."
"And guess who accepted two."
"Nour, Halima, Karima any one of those."
"No one of those. It is your friend."
"I can't believe it... Mama can you call me back later, I have to call her."

I told my father who seemed understanding from the phone call. Then quickly called Sali, "Hello Farah how are you?"
"I could not feel better... I got accepted to medical faculty."
"Oh really? I'm happy for you."
"And guess who got accepted too?"

I was bouncing all around while telling her the news.


Sali's POV

I was in Rabat back. When Fadwa called me, I was in a restaurant having dinner with my family. While hearing the news, a ball hit me in the back, but since I was so excited and happy, I didn't feel anything.


Coming up with the next chapter. How about all the four girls at the same apartment? Comment or I won't continue writing.
Published: 2/24/2014
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