The Four Doctors - Chapter 2

Find a home.
Fadwa's POV

We were looking for an apartment or a room to live in. Something normal for someone who has no family in the red city. My friend Sali called me one day after two weeks, "Hey Fadwa, you won't believe it, I found a room and its price is 1000 Dh."

"Well, it was ok with me. I was just happy. I was kind of afraid not to find anything."

A Month Later
The summer vacation ended. And today was the first day at medical faculty.


Sali's POV

Entering the faculty I was so choked. Well telling the truth. I found it strange, the idea of having schoolmates from different cities. But what was more strange was that stuff that happened to my friend Fadwa.


Fadwa's POV

I'm sure, I will never forget. I was back to Agadir and became famous. So I thought I will make friends over here at the faculty.

"Hello, my name is Fadwa," I said to a girl.
"Sorry, I'm kind of concentrating right now," she answered.

I was shocked and ran quickly to my friend Sali. Well, she was shocked too.

I was back home by noon. I called my mother, I could not stand the idea of what happened to me due to that girl.

Later in the evening at 10 pm, my friend Sali was so tired and she fell asleep. Then I heard a lot of voices. I actually freaked out on my first day to sleep here, in the red city. A lot of ideas came in my mind like is it a ghost? Is it a thief? I just turned pale. After ten minutes, the voice disappeared. I went out of my room and entered the kitchen. I opened the fridge and found all the food items scattered.

OMG what was going over here! When I heard footsteps, I started crying out of fear. I started shacking, then I took a long wood stick to protect myself... Suddenly a girl appeared. She was shocked at the thought that someone crazy has entered her house. She was about to pass out.

"Who... who is it?" She shouted.
"Who are you?" I replied.
"Wwwweeellll .. I live here, what the hell are you doing here in my house?"
"I too live here, what are you doing in my house?" Then I remembered, "wait a second, you're living here?!"

She showed me the door of the room next to mine, "This is my room."

I had a hysterical laugh, how couldn't I think of it? There are two other rooms, so there must be other people living here.

I apologized for scaring her and introduced myself, while she introduced herself back. Her name was Rajae and she was 3rd year student at the medical faculty.

She was a little short with brown skin, brown hair and hazel eyes. She seemed so nice and adorable. She was from Kenitra, but got her back from Safi.


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Published: 2/26/2014
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