The Four Doctors - Chapter 3

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Fadwa's POV

I thought it would be like usual study and pass exam.... You will get succeed so easily. Well, that wasn't the same here in medicine. It is true that a doctor's profession is the best job that anyone would love to practice, being able to help people in need. Furthermore, the fact about the image of the doctor in the world is of "the angel" family and society.

The truth is that I'm not alone who always get confused. I am one of the millions people who have suffered, who are suffering, and who will suffer after.

Today, I finally got used to the way faculty as well as home. I really found it hard, all the buildings are red from the outside and almost all house doors color are managed to be green.

I always exclaimed, "Oooff! le fotocopie had lmera aussi" which means "Oooff! Photocopy this time too."

After Raja, I met the 4th friend, her name was Jannat. Jannat means heaven, she was so beautiful with a yellow skin and brown eyes. She wore "hijab", but at home we might see her face. Her hair was medium high and brown in color with some white ones. She was the best example of a medical student. She was pale, unhappy, and anxious.

She was strange, I couldn't understand her. She looked masculine. Every time hated something around her, like she kept saying, "They are all jerks, they are all womanizers, and they are all dogs."

These words we used a lot in Morocco.

"The difference is that boys are not loyal, so we should not insult dogs while comparing them to boys," she was just saying.

"I couldn't believe her until I get the proof."

"Well, I created a fake Facebook account."
Published: 2/28/2014
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