The Four Doctors - Chapter 4, Part 2

What happened to Raja.
Raja's POV

I went to the hospital this morning as usual I had "SERVICE".

Well, I still could not get used to the system, 4 hours of service, I mean study and work in the hospital from 8 am till noon. And 4 hours of magistrate from 2 pm till 6 pm.

Well, when it is 10 pm, I get already sleepy, so there is no way that I will study. The lessons were hundreds of pages with thousands of new knowledgeable concepts. I couldn't complain since I already knew about that from seniors. And I already blamed billions times.

That was a thing and what happened to me was another thing, I never thought it will happen to me.
I had service of "Dermatology", skin diseases.

I hated the service, it made me feel disgust. Burned faces, swelling skin etc. that were hard to describe. But I used to console myself, "You must be a doctor, ok Raja."

Once my service mate heard me talking to myself and that made her scared of me. Until now she didn't speak to me.


Once in the class, the professor came and he asked me about the anatomy of face (anatomy is the study of every part of human body). We just studied it last year. But to my misfortune, I forgot it. 'Shame on me, I know,' I thought.

At first, I was shocked, but tried to reply. "Anatomy of face is device on a lot of parts .....," I managed to say. At that, I knew there was no chance that I could recall the answer. I started shaking, what should I do.

He already knew that I forgot that lesson, whatever part of anatomy. Well, he was a doctor. I was so scared that I had all the symptoms of a pathological fear. I was already shaking. My face turned yellow and my feet were moving uncontrollably.

He said, "You young lady seems like not revising the anatomy."

"I...I...I..." I said, couldn't something more I felt, my heart was on my feet.

Then he made this long boring lecture on what should be done, "You want to be a doctor... Shame on you... What a medical student... When I were your age, I always revised the anatomy... What a shame!"

I felt guilty, my situation got worse when I came back home. I met my housemate, the 5th year student. When I told her about the incident and how guilty I was feeling now, she got the hilarious laugh instead. I couldn't understand why. She laughed for about ten minutes non-stop, then told me, "What happened to you is normal, I happened a lot of times before with many students."

Just at that moment, I felt ashamed because I freaked out. Due to her reply I too started laughing.
Published: 3/13/2014
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