The Four Doctors - Chapter 4

I opened a Facebook account. What happened to my friend Raja?
Fadwa's POV

All girls I live with, I mean Rajae and Jannat, they were always telling me about their experiences with boys.

I was so curious, I couldn't believe what they were saying until I created a Facebook account.

I called myself, "JINAN ABIDAR". I used the name of Jinan, it was a new name, something modern and amazing. Boys got attracted to kind of names, they even make an idea about the girl from her name. I am expert.

I added only medical students. How could I found them? Well I have my sources. I spoke to all medical students from 3rd year till 8th year. They were all the same in a disgusting way.

"Hello," I wrote.
"Hello c ki?" They answer.
"c Jinan je s8 etudiant d fac."
"achmen 3am?"
"1er wach bsah nta medecine"
"s3datk wakha t3teni nemra t3k mat3rf nhtajek"
"Ok :) 06xxxxxx"

The translation of the above chat in English -

"Hello who is it?"
"This is Jinan, a college student."
"What year?"
"1st year. Is it true that you are a medical student?"
"Oh lucky you. Would you give me your number? Who knows I may need you."
"Ok :) 06xxxxxxxx."

I was shocked, unlucky medical students proved to me that they are jerks.
Published: 3/5/2014
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