The Four Seasons - Chapter 4

"You're not a dream, are you." I say, more than ask. Before I can do anything, he takes his arm off me and goes to the window. I feel empty and cold without his arms around me. "Goodnight Roza," he whispers. His words surround me like a warm blanket and I feel drowsy. He smiles and jumps into the dark night. Pic is of Tony.
Jace's POV

I look at her through the open window. She looks beautiful even when she is sleeping. Suddenly, she starts thrashing around, and because I think she has awoken, I hide. I take a peek and see that her eyes are closed, but her face is full of panic. I feel the urge to calm her, and I know I shouldn't, but I do. I slowly put the sheets over her, but she throws them away. Okay then, I gently lie down beside her and slowly put an arm around her. She stirs and turns around, still asleep, and snuggles up to me. I let a shaky breath go and put my hand on the small of her back. I look at her face and it's peaceful again. With my other hand, I play with her hair. I can feel the warmth of her body, which shouldn't even be possible. Suddenly, her eyes open. I don't move a muscle.


Rose's POV

"Jace?" I ask.
"Yes, Roza," he replies.
"Why are you in my dream?" I ask sleepily.
"I don't know. This is your dream. Maybe you want to ask me something," he replies.
"Oh. Why did you kiss that girl?" I ask and then cover my mouth. I didn't mean to say what was on my mind. I notice that his arm is around me. I suddenly blush, embarrassed by both things.
"You can figure it out," he says and chuckles. I suddenly remember, I don't have this much imagination.

"You're not a dream, are you." I say, more than ask. Before I can do anything, he takes his arm off me and goes to the window. I feel empty and cold without his arms around me.
"Goodnight Roza," he whispers. His words surround me like a warm blanket and I feel drowsy. He smiles and jumps into the dark night.

Walking to school, I wonder why Jace was in my room. What surprises me is that I'm not mad, but curious. I can't let him see that, though. I must act mad. I hear someone running behind me, so I move out of the way.

"Hey Rose," Tony says out of breath.
"Oh! It's you! Tony, why did you run?" I ask baffled.
"I wanted to catch up to you," he says and smiles at me.
"You could have just yelled my name out, I could have waited for you," I say and laugh.

"A girl should never wait," he says and bows a bit. I chuckle and smile.
"You are such a charmer," I say.
"Well, just look at this face. How can anyone not love it?" He asks and gives me a lopsided grin. I just laugh and start walking towards school.
"So, can I ask you something?" He asks.
"Well, you just asked something, but okay," I reply.
"You live alone, don't you?"
"Yup. I have the whole house to myself. Why did you ask?"
"I didn't see anyone there when I passed by."
"You know where I live?" I ask, a bit creeped out.
"I just saw you come out of your house. I'm not a stalker or anything," he says, a bit alarmed. I let out a shaky sigh.

"Good. For a second you scared me," I say relieved. We enter the school office and I instantly smell the coffee.
"Good morning, Anne," I say when I see her with a stack of papers.
"Good morning to you too, dear. Could you help me sort out this… who is this?" She asks when she sees Tony.
"Anne, this is Tony," I say.
"A pleasure to meet you ma'am," he says. She just smiles and her face seem to glow.
"I got to go do some extra credit work in the lab, so I'll see you later," he says and waves goodbye.

"Anne, don't even say it," I say before she has the chance to speak.
"All I was going to say that, there are a lot of boys out there who are good for you. Like Tony, and the boy who you showed around a couple of days ago. The one with the blonde hair, James, is it?" She says and pretends to not know.

"Jace, you mean Jace," I say and sigh. I just smile, and start to think of that kiss and this morning. Why does this happen every time?
"Ahh," Anne says.
"What?" I ask, confused.
"You need to help me with this mess!" She exclaims and laughs. I smile along and help this crazy woman.


At Lunchtime…

Finally, it's lunchtime. Throughout my classes, I've been trying to ignore Jace, but he has been staring at me in every class. I know, he is following me right now, so I lead him into the gym. I sit on the bleachers and wait for him to come through those doors. After a couple of minutes of waiting, I go looking for him. I see him sleeping on the floor and slam the door shut. His eyes open immediately and he stands up. Questioning time...

"What were you doing in my house last night?" I ask and push him towards the wall.
"I was just checking on you. Then I saw that you were upset in your sleep, so I went to calm you-"
"By putting your arms around me? Yeah, right," I say angrily.
"I just sat by you and played with your hair. You were the one who placed your head on my shoulder. I just put my arm around you because it felt right," he says and touches my face gently. I flinch away, not just because his touch is icy, but because of the heat it left behind. I look into his eyes and they cloud over. What doesn't he want me to know?

"Roza, you are the only one who can make me warm," he says as if it means a lot. It does because winters' shouldn't be warm.
"Look, I know you want me to trust you, so you can enjoy the moment your parents kill me. So stop. You never told me that it was your parents who took my family from me. That's why I can't forgive you. Ever," I say with tears in my eyes.
"Who do you think left that letter in the mail that day? I wrote it. I meant to tell you everything in the maze, but I couldn't," he says and looks at his shoes.
"You're lying!" I yell and push him away. I have to leave this place now.

Walking in the rose gardens always calms me. I feel like I'm at home again. I get lost in the memories of being a normal kid with two parents, a best friend, and a boy who I thought liked me. I was so stupid back then, but not now. I will never fall for him ever again.


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Published: 8/14/2013
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