The Four Seasons - Chapter 5

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Traitor's POV

I follow her after she left school. I need to know if she is the one who I thought she is; the spring goddess. I see her look around, and I know she is about to do something.

She touches the soil and a rose bush begins to grow. I know it! Since she has no control over the color of the rose, she eagerly awaits until a light blue rose blooms.

"Dammit... why does that keep happening?" She asks frustrated. She just shakes her head and walks away. Good this is good. I needed a plan to catch her, so that I can have my son be a god!


Rose's POV

I get home and go straight to bed. I look outside the window, and I know winter is approaching. I put my pajamas on and lie down, later I drift off to sleep.

I'm walking through a forest I know, I remember. The path soon leads me to a beautiful spring. My mouth hangs open as I remember that this is where I had my first kiss.

"Roza, I knew you would come. Eventually," Jace calls out. He emerges from a curtain of vines and in his hand has a rose. Walking towards him I notice, I have a beautiful white dress on, and that I have a tiara of white daisies on my hair. I notice that Jace has a white shirt on and regular black jeans. He looks stunning.

"Too awestruck to speak, Roza?" Jace asks me teasingly. I look down and blush violently. I must look like a tomato.
"Look at me, Roza," he says, and cups my face with his hands. I look up and see that his eyes reflect me a thousand times.
"You are everything to me; never forget that," he says and leans down to kiss me....

I wake up, shocked. The blankets are all over the floor, and my pillow is... wait. I look up, and see Jace smirking. My head is on his shoulder, and his hand is on my waist.

"Jace!" I say, and try to get away from his grip, but he puts both arms around me. He brings me closer to his chest and I stiffen.
"You should seriously stop coming in here, Jace," I say, my voice muffled by his chest.
"Why? You like me here," he says. I look up at him and see that his eyes are just like in my dream. I look at his chest and blush uncontrollably. I hear him laugh, and he kisses my forehead.

"I've had enough Jace! Let me go!" I yell at him.
"Or what?" He says playfully. I call to the south winds and throw him off me with it. He lands on his feet and raises an eyebrow. He calls an easterly and pushes me off the bed to the floor. I steady myself and brush myself off.
"Let's take this outside because I don't want to ruin my house," I say and jump into the night.

I run through the forest, and find the perfect spot. There are plants and water everywhere, to my advantage. I wait for him to catch up, and play around with the water. I formed it into animal shapes - I jump up and do a backflip.

"Nice try," I say to Jace as he turns to me.
"I admit that you're good, but," Jace adds, "I'm better."

He runs to me and tries to punch me. I dodge it, and throw a blow to his ribs. I make contact, but he grabs my arm. Somehow I'm in the circle of his arm. I look up and suddenly he's kissing me. It is at first as if he hadn't wanted to kiss me. His mouth was hard on mine, unyielding; then he put both arms around me, and pulled me against him. His lips soften. I could feel the rapid beat of his heart, taste something sweet in his mouth. I wound my fingers in his hair, something I've wanted to do since I first saw him. His hair curled around my fingers, silky and fine. My heart was hammering inside my chest. Jace drew away from me with, though his arms were still around me.

"Do you still want me gone?" He asks me softly. I look anywhere but at him.
"Yes," I whisper. He instantly flinches away from me.
"If that's what you want," he spits at me. He turns and starts to walk away.
"I'm sorry," I whisper into the nothingness of the night.


I wake up and feel a chill up my spine. I look out the window and see that everything is covered with snow. I hope this winter isn't as harsh as it was last year. I go into the restroom, almost scream when I see myself in the mirror. The bags under my eyes make me look like a raccoon, my hair is standing up to all sides, my face is dirty with dried dirt and tears from last night. I try to forget everything, so walk into the shower, hoping that the water can calm me.


Jace's POV

That single word keeps echoing in my ears. My feelings get the best of me, and as a result, I brought winter a week early. At least everything around me feels like home: cold. I can't shake Rose off my mind, so I go to her house. Seeing that she has already left I walk around and see her with a guy I recognize. Tony. He came to my parents, months ago, begging them to give him some powers. This isn't good.

I yell out Rose's name. She turns. But when she sees me, her face is filled with hatred and sadness. I flinch slightly, knowing that I caused it. I follow them, and hear their conversation with my super sense of hearing.


Rose's POV

"Who was that?" Tony asks.
"Just some jerk," I say emphasizing the word jerk. I hear a dark chuckle behind me, and I know Jace is there.
"So I wanted to ask you something," Tony says again.
"What's up?"
"Would you like to go on a date with me?" Whoa! That is not what I was expecting, but....
"Why?" I ask before I can say anything else. Great.
"Why?" Tony repeats.
"I didn't mean why really, I mean... well I don't know what I meant," I ramble on.
"No. It's a legitimate question," he says and thinks what to answer.
"Because I want to go out with a pretty girl who is just so mysterious," he replies and looks intensely into my eyes. And when I blink repeatedly, I'm not acting.
"Yes, pick me up at 7:00 pm, okay," I said winking as I walked into the office.



I walk with Tony, hand-in-hand, through the hallways. Everyone just raises an eyebrow and shrugs. Not Jace. His eyes are full of many emotions - fury, jealousy, hurt, sadness, and a bit of confusion. Ha! It worked! If he hurts me, I hurt him back; he should know that.
An hour before 7 pm...

I walk into the shower, happy for once in my life. I sing whatever song comes to mind when my spine tingling with - pleasure - suddenly interrupts me. I clear the fog in the window and see Jace outside, perched on a tree, staring at me. What the fuck?

"What's wrong with you?" I scream out the window and quickly get out of the shower. I put my blue and white striped shirt on, black skinny jeans, and my black converse, and then walk out to the backyard. Jace jumps off the tree with such grace it stuns me. I shake out of the daze.

"Will you stop following me?" I ask him, my voice serious.
"Look, that Tony guy isn't who he looks-" he starts to say, but I interrupt.
"Just because you are jealous, doesn't give you the right to tell lies. Now please stop following me!" I say, angry.
"Don't say I didn't warn you," he says, and disappears into the night.

When the doorbell rings, I run down the stairs excited.
"Hey," I say, opening the door.
"Hello there," he says, his eyes widen when he sees me. I blush, and look down at my shoes.
"You look lovely," he says and cups my face in his hands. My blush deepens, and I look into his eyes that are full of sincerity. He leads me to the car and we are off.

"Do you mind if we pass by my house first? I forget my wallet," he says embarrassed.
"Don't worry. I'd like to see where you live," I say smiling.
"Great," he says with a hint of darkness in his voice.

He unlocks the door and shows me around the beautiful house. His living room and kitchen are enormous!

"You live here all by yourself?" I ask in a complete shock.
"Yup. This is all mine," he says, and takes my hand. He leads me up the stairs and into a room that is twice the size of a normal one. He shuts the door behind me and locks it.

"Now, we can do this the easy way or the hard way," he says evilly.
"What are you talking about?" I say, scared.
"You'll see," he says and approaches me. I try to push him away, but he is stronger than me. The room has no windows, so I can't call the southerlies. I back up, until I hit the wall. Jace was right. I close my eyes as he starts tearing my clothes off.

'I'm so sorry Jace, but help me please. He wants to...' I send the message with all my strength, hoping that it reaches him.


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