The Ghost Of Elvis

A short poem about love and hope.
I just talked with the ghost of Elvis,
And I didn't even ask for his autograph,
It was outside Sun studios in Memphis,
During the annual pilgrimage to Graceland's.

I wondered at the awe and magic of a moment,
How a fleeting glimpse can mend a broken heart,
I remembered with a smile, the last time I saw you,
Elvis told me to hold that memory in my heart.

He said if I nurture it you will come back to me,
For the bond that binds our hearts is strong,
He knows you asked for space to arrange your thoughts,
He said the time you need won't be too long.

I will wait for you patiently with the knowledge,
That our love will triumph in the end,
That you will realize that we are soulmates,
And that I'll hold you in my arms once again.

So with that I must thank the ghost of Elvis,
For giving me the strength to carry on,
For it seems that my pilgrimage to Memphis,
Has given me what I hoped for all along.
Published: 7/6/2010
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