The Golden Spoon - Chapter 1

Luciana discovers the truth on her 17th birthday, a truth that ought to convert her life forever. This is just the introduction. Enjoy.
Chapter 1: Recollection

It was a bright summer’s day, a day in which Luciana favored. Little did she know, it was a day that was opted to transform her life forever. The chattering streams not far off from the Lewis residence, dripped into a narrow drain that trickled water into a straight channel. The creeping thing rattled and prattled as it seeped into another passageway, making its way jubilantly and ecstatically to another underground opening that led to another drain, just opposite the Lewis residence. The sun was set to depict a marvelous day of change and discovery as it made its way to the definite east of the sky. The channeling water now flowed in its mob wheel past the Lewis residence and missioned its way back to the spring where it was to be recycled.

At the window on the top floor of the small two-storied building, a 17-year-old teenager stood. Her blue sapphires fixated on the green plains and grassy weeds that scattered themselves about the place, over in the neighbor's yard. "Those greens are so enticing!" The innocent girl gushed to herself, "I should pick out a flower for my mum!" The thought brought a mixture of emotions, some of which unresolved to the girl’s heart that now throbbed with elation infused with some melancholy and emptiness. As if on cue, a light knock sounded on the door and the girl was forcibly disentangled from her baffling train of thoughts.

"Luciana, may I come in?" A womanly voice inquired from the other side of the door. At once she sprinted to the adjacent side of her room and unlatched the door. A red-haired woman with petite figure entered the room and took Luciana in her arms, her eyes immediately flooded with happy tears. "Happy birthday my daughter," the woman wept. "Mother, why is it that you cry? Is something the matter?" Luciana asked apprehensively as she disentangled herself from her mother’s affectionate embrace. She silently dabbed at her mother’s tears and smiled apologetically. In that instance, a muscular figure walked into the room, his disheveled, blond hair held in a neat ponytail. He carried with him a mini parcel, neatly gift wrapped with a red bow attached to its top. Luciana squealed in sheer delight and tackled the man for a passionate hug. He reciprocated almost instantaneously, securing his little girl in his arms. "Bon anniversaire mam’zelle," he whispered in her ear, planting her on her feet so that she could easily open her present. It was a sparkling necklace with a sapphire gem encrypted with intertwined rubies and emeralds. Luciana gaped at it, blown away at its fortune and potent beauty. "Thank you so much daddy and mommy," she croaked in a little voice, "but this is too much. This must have cost you guys a fortune."

"Nonsense daughter, your mother and I … well, let's just say it was always a part of you." Luciana stared into her father’s eyes and stiffened at the conflating emotions she suddenly felt. It slowly dawned on her that those emotions were not her own, but in fact her father’s. The amulet slipped from the girl’s hands unto the floor with a thud that was the essential cornerstone, which onsetted the dumbfounding, unraveling of the gift paper that was to come. Call it a catharsis or emotional release, either way this was just the beginning of a fortuitous journey that awaited the crowned princess of the heavenly host.

If only he could have turned back the hands of time, which verily he could have, yet he did not so as being God and creator of all, he allowed his creation the will of free choices. Even the angelic beings that were to serve him as their master and commander. It had been a great period of time passing since his creation of the world, and of the heaven, yet here he sat on his royal throne, his heart crying out in distraught, excruciating agony. The unfolding of Lucifer’s rapacious destiny was just ample to send Yalweh into hysterics, and now, his favored creations who he mirrored as himself, would betray him. Adam and Eve, and all because of the persuasion of Lucifer, the cunning bastard, filled with self-sophistry and too much pride for his own good. God knew that the hour was at hand for Lucifer’s betrayal and so he knew what he had to do.

In the beginning, the world was with God. After the world, the world became flesh and dwelt among man. God knew from the beginning what was to come, and so he sent out an angel to convey the Virgin Mary of what was to come, who begat the world under the influence of the holy spirit, Jesus Christ. After His time, Jesus returned to the heaven with Mary and Joseph who dwelt in peace. There came such a time when Mary had begat her second child, though not due to the remnants of Joseph’s offspring, but under the influence of the holy spirit. And she was named Luciana, meaning purity and righteousness, and was to play an epic role in Lucifer's defeat. The child was entrusted in the hands of her future betrothed, who would by all means, protect her during her tribulation period upon the earth. Yalweh knew that the hour was at hand and though heaven mourn the loss of their princess, one day she was sure to return, and she has to, and at the hands of her father, she will and already has, in his heart.
Published: 8/9/2013
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