The Golden Spoon - Chapter 5

And the war begins.
Chapter 5 - The End Times

The night air was thick without a trace of life in site. A swift wind blew past the deserted streets of Asia Minor, where the air reeked of poison and damnation. In a nearby wrecked house, two shadows stood upon the porch, awaiting the arrival of their master. As if on cue, the earth began vibrating vigorously, as the desolate roads split in two, regurgitating a cloaked figure. The figure sedated through the air and dropped to its feet, directly before the two shadows. Simultaneously, the sound of engines revved from the distance, alerting the three figures of the militia’s presence.

"Most reverent," one of the figures greeted with a Russian accent. The convoy came to a halt, as an army of soldiers flooded the streets. Helicopters soon made themselves known as a couple, made their way to lower ground. The cloaked figure smirked callously, revealing his identity. Gasps reverberated throughout the atmosphere, all man astounded at who they saw. The Russian figure leaped forth from the shadows, dropping to the cloaked figure’s feet, kissing each of his naked toe. She had never seen such a beautiful creature, in all her life. A black limo parked in the shadows, a man revered by all alighting, his head held high. "Master," the man greeted with an American accent. At this time, convoys and army troops flew across the Atlantic and Pacific, to the destination of the majority. Troops came from the allies of Iran and Russia, and headed steadfastly towards Zion for battle.

Meanwhile back in Asia minor, the audience of soldiers remained speechless and awed by the immaculate creature that stood before them. The man from the limo stepped towards the cloaked figure and shook his hand firmly. "How nice of you to join us Vacarius," he stated. The immaculate creature performed a miracle, so that all should believe him to be God. "Welcome Mr. President of the US, it is my pleasure." The man smirked at the president who shook with anticipation and delight. He was going to be a very powerful man and would rule at the antichrist’s side. He would be the antichrist’s second in command, like the image of one’s appearance. He would have tyrannical supremacy over all the earth and would be able to slaughter many for great fortune and military might. The woman at the serpent’s feet was swept up by the hair, causing her to yelp in agony. "Maxine, Maxine, Maxine," the serpent chorused in a menacing and condescending tone, "You have done of what I asked and now… I have no more use for you." Before the feeble rogue could muster up the courage to rebel, her neck was broken and her body was carelessly flung on the pavement. Gasps circulated the air as men recoiled in fear, dropping to the dirty roads and worshiping the disgusting beast. "Take your troops and head to Israel, kill anyone and anything that gets in your way. You are representing for Israel to the world yes, but remember what shall be after the first three and a half years," and with that, the serpent vanished, leaving behind a smug President, who glanced at the pitiful soldiers in amusement.

Missiles blasted from miles, annihilating the Jewish state. Pools of blood oozed about the grounds, as chunks of soldiers and civilians laid scattered about the place. Gigantic tankers crushed the roads, on setting reactors from the far distance that were already taking out some of the Jewish men’s tankers and demolishing buildings and innocent lives in the process. A group of convoys headed towards Zion, to the destination of the Sacred mount.

Meanwhile Islam and Iran was a burning Inferno, as US military backup arrived on the battlefield. Jewish soldiers were in power jets, targeting missiles at the reactors below that incessantly released nuclear bombs for distance, across the oceans towards Israel. The US decoys made quick work of extinguishing the reactors and be ridding its remnants. The President however, traveled with a separate jet towards Mt. Moriah, where a group of Islamic troops were heading. Upon spotting their targets, missiles and rockets were fired in their direction, detonating every convoy, leaving behind a continuous chain of explosions. This series of explosions rebounded throughout the province, lashing out at Mt. Moriah. The Muslim’s precious Dome of the Rock, a sacred temple to the Muslim world, came crashing down with a loud thud. The entire topography of Israel shook pugnaciously with a devilish vengeance in reciprocation, potently causing trees and houses to collapse, and pile on top of each other. Many men and beasts perished dreadfully amidst the scorching battlefield. Even the smug President grieved the loss of some of his men, but nevertheless, he knew his fortune would be greater. He commanded his pilot to escort him back to the US, leaving behind the residue of a heinous and despicable battle of riotous, unyielding violence. The Dome was annihilated forever and though many lives were sacrificed, the end was far from over.

As Yahweh beheld the serpent, Lucifer begrudgingly and frightfully refused to look his master in his eyes. He knew that his chance of being God and being above all was improbable, but regardless he would still attempt until his demise. He gulped, inwardly cowering in fear and made the first move. Raising his silver, fiery spear, he bellowed, "Die Yahweh, die!" And all hell broke loose. Without squandering another second, Michael sprinted across the heavens and charged Lucifer with a vengeance. The serpent of a devil dodged his attack, but was instantly wounded by another angel via the sword. Lucifer retaliated immediately, tackling the angel to the floor and plunging the igniting spear through his heart. Lucifer’s dominions were being annihilated by God’s angelic army while Michael charged to Lucifer for another attack. Yahweh, God, hovered in all his glory, grimacing at the horrendous scene before him. It hurt him to see what Lucifer had caused and though he could easily vanquish the bastard and his rogues, he allowed all that needed to be to just be. Yahweh was humble and logical. He is a unfathomably perceptive and immaculate God. He never troubled himself, for he was the one in control, the most high and most omnipotent. Michael charged towards Lucifer with utter determination and hit him such a powerful blow, that it sent him falling from the holy heavens. His dominions saw this and quickly joined their new master in the fall.

"Is there much casualties?" Gabriel asked as he approached Michael and Yahweh. "Only one," Michael dismissed quickly, motioning to the wounded angel lying peacefully on the floor. While Gabriel tended to him, Michael approached God, kneeling in his midst. "My God, why did you allow this to be? I know that you are great exceedingly, but why?" Yahweh did not understand his creations at times, for one minute they would quickly believe that he is God and knows best, but in the despondent times of adversity, they withheld doubt against him. His heart ached at this each passing second. He gently placed his right hand on Michael and shook his head impassively. "You will understand when the time is at hand. In the mean time, come, let us clean up this mess." Yahweh gestured for Michael to rise as they headed indoors, to a prepared place. Yahweh allowed his host to enter before him and as he stood at the blinding, marvelous gates of heaven, he whispered, "This is only the beginning," and the gates were shut behind him.
Published: 8/26/2013
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