The Grail

Searching for one's soul.
Where do I find redemption? Is it housed inside my soul?
Or does my heart hold the key? Or does Karma hold control?
Is knowledge the way forward? Does ignorance lead to Hell?
Should I worship those above me... Or should I worship myself?

To find God is easy, if you listen to a priest,
They will propagate their meaning, instill you with their seeds,
They'll prophetize, materialize, the demons that you fear,
Monopolize your income, percentage of your ware.

Alas, should not true understanding come from within your mind?
Should not your thoughts contemplate, and with your heart, combine?
Is ignorance truly bliss when shelter is in offer?
Or should we seek much more than this... Unto the devil a daughter?

Where can Diablo hold the key when God upholds His sanctions?
If we worship not, then who is He to ridicule reaction?
I think, therefore I am, my God lies within my heartbeat,
My ruse, my muse, my commonsense, learned from the streets!

And so, should we compromise, those who fill their gain,
By ridiculing our own lives, just to feel the same?
Propaganda merits nothing if you want to find the grail,
The blood is there, it's yours to take, collect it in your own soul!
Published: 5/2/2012
Bouquets and Brickbats