The 'In' Crowd - Chapter 1

This is a story about how being 'In' crowd is not always the best place to be. It's about pain, loss, and betrayal as well as life lessons.
This story may include spelling errors and run-on sentences. But still worth the read!

Summer of 2012

21-year-old May pulled into the parking lot of the local coffee shop with her old Honda. 'Oh my God I need a coffee so bad,' she thought to herself, searching for her wallet.
"Why can I never find my damn wallet when I need it," she muttered under her breath.

As she stepped out of the car, she noticed two people approaching her.
"Hey, nice rims you got on there," one of the person said.
"Thanks," said May.
"Where did you get them?" The other person asked.
"My stepfather got them for me for my graduation," she said proudly.

She looked at the two people now standing in front of her. There was a guy who appeared to look around 25 with a white t-shirt and semi-fitted jeans, and young girl who looked like she was in her early 20s, in a pink tank top and jean shorts.

"My name is Devlin, this is my friend Carman, are you May?" The young girl asked.
"Yeah, that's me, nice to meet you." She said, a little thrown back as to how this girl knew her.

"I'm sorry, have we met before? If so, I don't remember."
Devlin laughed and said, "I've heard about you from our mutual friend, Derek."
"Oh Derek, ok cool."

Carmen began to walk around May's car and stared at it.
"You know, I have tail lights, you can have for your car, it would look pretty awesome. You should come by my place and take a look at it."
May looked at him confused as to why he was inviting someone he doesn't know over to his place.

"I'm not too sure..." She said questionably.
"Oh common, we don't bite and he lives only across the street, and Derek will be there." Devlin insisted.

May looked around the plaza deciding whether she should or shouldn't go. May shook her head and agreed to go. She felt for a moment to go get her much-needed coffee she so desperately craved. As she walked towards them, they had signaled her to grab her car and follow them to Carmen's house.

May parked her car on the road and walked up to a small house down the street from the coffee shop. It had a long driveway with a silver hatchback Honda parked in it.

"Hey May, how are you doing?" Derek shouted from the garage at the top of the driveway.
"Hey Derek, I've been good, just keeping busy, how about yourself? Did you find a job yet?"

"Yeah, working at the grocery store, Sara was bugging me to get something." May had been the one who introduced Derek and Sara and a few months later they had started dating. May was very happy for them, she and Sara were such good friends for a long time but lately they had been drifting apart.

Derek started walking towards a small fenced door that opened to the back. May followed him through the door and was immediately inside a small outdoor sunroom. Just a few feet outside the sunroom, there was a large pool and a bar right beside it. They continued their walk to the bar where May found Carmen and Devlin.

"So, May, I hear you and I have the same birthday, that's pretty awesome. How old are you turning?" Devlin asked.
"Oh that's real cool, I'm turning 22. What about you?" May smiled.
"Oh, you're so young, I'm turning 27. I feel old." Devlin looked disappointed.
"No way, you look so young, I can't believe that! I wouldn't put you past 23," May projected, looking shocked at how young Devlin looked.

"Oh, thank you, that makes me feel so much better. I'm glad I don't look like I have a five-year-old daughter," Devlin smiled.
May looked shocked at the fact that she had a five-year-old daughter. Looking around for some indicator that Carmon was the father, May found nothing.
"So... Where is she?" May questioned.
"Oh, She's at her father's place," Devlin stated.

Devlin and May began chatting about a lot of things; they even discussed birthday plans and combining parties. A few hours later, Devlin got a call on her cell phone.

"Hello?" She said in a harsh tone. May listened in on what she could hear in the conversation.
"What do you mean you're at my house, I'm not home, leave! We broke up and I don't want to be with you anymore," Devlin hung up the phone and placed it down hard.

"I wish he would just understand that he can't treat me like crap and expect me to stick around!" She shouted out to nobody.

Carman looked towards Devlin and told her that she needed to move on.

"Lukas is no good for you, he treats you like crap and I don't know why you keep going back to him," Carman said as he pointed his finger at her.
"I'm not going back this time, this time is the last time," Devlin said as she tried to convince herself. May looked at Devlin lost, but really didn't want to intervene.
"Lukas is my ex, he's at my house so I have to go, I'll send you a text tomorrow," Devlin said to May as she grabbed her purse and disappeared into the sunroom.

"Those two will be back together by tomorrow, I'd put money on it, but this is too easy," Carman and Derek joked to each other.

After talking about the lights that Carman had told May about, May left towards home. On her way there she received a message from Devlin.

'Hey May, Its Devlin, Just wanted to see what you are up to tomorrow evening, do you want to hang out? You can meet Lukas.'

May agreed to hang out and meet Lukas. Carmen and Derek were right; they did get back together really fast.
Published: 7/20/2013
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