The Inscription

"Good" will turn to better and best is being ambitious and optimistic.
Worse to worst may not be bad is being hopeful and not-at-all pessimistic!
This displays a positive state of mind.
‘We will move ahead’ makes the ground for their firm stand.
This adds spark to achiever’s profile.
It lights up their path’s every mile.
Reaching the goal cannot be any easier.
Touching the target could not get tougher.
Positiviteness is the morale booster, very strong.
Failures do not stay for very long.
Transformed are they to stepping stones to success.
This positive attitude does not permit to lament or give any excuse.
Sudden brakes and unexpected halts cannot force it to exit.
The fighter instinct inside is too powerful and well built.
‘Being positive’ takes to places targeted and beyond.
‘Ward off negativity’ may be difficult but not impossible is the inscription on winner’s stand!
Published: 9/10/2008
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