The Island - Chapter Two

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"Ay Dios mio!" Myra looked up at the sky and yelled to God as she rubbed her round belly. Tony patted her on the back as he whispered sweet things in her ear. Personally, I think she was being a drama queen.

Everyone had spread out but made sure to stay close. I was reclining in the shade of a palm tree. I watched as Drake and Patrick threw rocks into the ocean and Lexi who was trying desperately to strike up a conversation with Brody Vincent. I stared at his handsome face and prickly heat warmed my body.

He had long, full eyelashes and I was pretty sure his eyes were blue greenish. His deep tan made him seem even sexier. I couldn't help but stare at the guy. Brody was intense though. His father, Arlington Mathers, was in prison and his mother had left him a long time ago.

So I'm guessing all the intensity came from that.

"Do you need some company, Andrea?"

I looked at the person who was talking to me and I saw Patrick there smiling. I smiled back at him. He was nice, sometimes. His blue eyes were welcoming and his pearly white teeth made him seem perfect. If only he wasn't such a perv sometimes.

"Uh, sure." I told him. He sat down and I slowly slid down next to him. We watched the waves crash on the shore for a while before he finally spoke up.

"So...Do you have a boyfriend?" I almost laughed right in his face. We were stranded on a deserted island and all he could think about was if I were in a relationship. But it was kind of hard to say no to those eyes.

"Actually I don't. I haven't really had one in while." I looked down as I said this and scribbled S.O.S over and over again in the sand.

"Oh well maybe that will change since I really like-"Before he could finish his sentence Pilot Henry started calling everyone over. I didn't really want to hear what else Patrick had to say so I quickly stood up and made my way towards the others. Patrick soon matched my stride and we both hurried towards everyone.

"As you all know, we are stranded," Every one let out groans and 'no duh!'S but Pilot Henry ignored everyone and continued.

"I know you guys were expecting to do hard labor in Africa but now that we are here don't think that's over. It's all about survival now.

"Now I'm going to set off to try to find civilization. It's much too dangerous to take any of you children. So I'm letting all you elect a leader for now."

Pilot Henry scanned each of our faces for a reaction. Everyone stayed silent and all you could hear was Lexi chewing on her thumbnail.

"I vote for myself!" Patrick said as he stood up and flexed his arms. Patricia stood up and smacked him.

"I think it's someone who could actually make someone do what they say. I vote for Brody." She said while batting her eyelashes at him. Brody didn't even blink.

Myra whimpered and Drake started break dancing in the sand. Patrick and Patricia started fighting and Lexi was trying to make a move on Derrick.

For some reason, everyone was acting like they were high. My head hurt because of all the shouting so I stood up, brushed the sand of my dirty shorts, and cupped my hands over my mouth.

"Listen up! You guys want to act like fucking monkeys all you want then fine! Don't come crying to me when you're hungry or thirsty or sick. You want to survive? Then calm down and pick a leader before we ALL die here! I don't know about you guys but I actually want a burger before my time is up."

Nobody said a word. Even Pilot Henry stared at me in silence. I crossed my arms and stared at the now setting sun. I hadn't expected them to like what I said but I really didn't care.

Suddenly, Drake started clapping.

And then Patrick and Patricia.

And then the rest of the survivors.

"I vote for Andrea!" Yelled Lexi.

"I second that! Plus she's hot!" Derrick said and then was greeted by punch to the arm by Patrick.

"Well I guess it's unanimous; Andrea do these sorry souls a favor and help them survive." Pilot Henry already had his backpack on looked at me with pleading eyes.

"Sure, whatever." I said and everyone cheered. Pilot Henry nodded gratefully and set out towards his journey to who knows where.

After he had gone, everyone spread out in search of shelter and firewood. I sighed and slowly made my way towards the plane to get my bag.

"Hey Andrea." I heard someone say in a deep, attractive voice. My heart fluttered and I turned to see Brody.

"Hi" I said awkwardly.

"I liked what you said out there. Your" I blushed and before I could thank him he was already setting off towards the ocean.

I stared off after him and rolled my eyes. How come he was so hard to figure out?

Instead of wasting all my time thinking about him and his intensity, I continued my way towards the plane, muttering "boys are crazy" under breath the whole way.
Published: 5/3/2010
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