The Lady of the Evening

What can I say, it was an odd day.
The lady of the evening lays down in weary bed,
Seeking the quiet solace inside her aching head,
Her velvet gown all wrinkled black in folds,
Beneath her lays a scattering of sparkles, move with her breath in waves.

Her eyes are drifting gently closed as she slips into her dreams,
One of glorious wonders she has heard, but never sees,
Her gentle lover wakens now as she softly sleeps away,
His tasks and journeys just begins with the dawning of the day.

A tender kiss upon her brow, he lovingly bestows,
Gathering his scattered thoughts as he gathers up his clothes,
His mighty duty calls to him as he heads into the morn,
The shining sun has risen now, another day has begun.
Published: 1/8/2014
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