The Last Cell - Part 3

Chace struggles with cancer, and how she makes everyone's life worst. Chace and Dr. Wayings get so close.
August 23rd, 2006

I’m in the hospital lying on the bed. Avery comes up to our room and sees me passed out on the floor. I’m so sorry Avery, for not letting you have one day all about you. I will never forgive myself. Andy won’t even make eye contact with me.

My mom said she is going to the café to get something to eat, and Andy jumps right in along with my dad. At least Avery stays. I told him he could go with them, but he just said nah. He asked me what I wanted more than anything. That’s a tough question. I would say our family, but I don’t want to make them suffer anymore. I said a nice warm bath. He smiled and said ok. He’s filling up my bath now. Some kind of caring brother he is...


My bath is amazing! I feel so relaxed and good. He stays in with me and just talks to me. I don’t understand why he’s being nice to me. I'm making his life a living hell. Mom told me that I could swear in my writings. It makes me feel powerful. I like feeling power, instead of weakness all the time. Also I am an advanced writer for a 6-year-old. I think homeschooling taught me well. At least I know I accomplished something in my life.


August 30th, 2006

I have been really sick. I’m still in the hospital. My white blood count is way too low. Avery’s been by my side every second. Avery told me something, he said, "I am a better person because of you."


June 3rd, 2012

Those are really important moments to me, back then in 2006. What Avery did and said to me, really blow my mind. He really is a great brother. I have had chemotherapy 4 times. Dr. Wayings - a 24-year-old, very handsome young doctor is my doctor now. I really love him. I get butterflies in my stomach when he’s around. He treats me like nothing's wrong with me.

I have my own room here at the Mercy hospital. He thought it would be best. I feel like that is my cue that I will die soon. I have to have a kidney transplant in a month, and if I get sick, I can’t have it.


June 7th, 2012

Today is my day to walk. I have to walk one time a week, so my body doesn’t slow down. Dr. Wayings holds on to my arm the whole time. We sit down on a bench, and have a very nice conversation.

"How are you feeling?" He asks.
"I’m feeling good," I say smiling into his blue eyes.
"Have you had bad pain lately?"
"Actually a certain spot in my stomach hurts, but I will be fine." He takes a big breath in.
"Where is this spot?"
I point, and his face turns a hint of pink.
"Did that just start, because I didn’t know about it."
"I don’t know… My um." I don’t want to say my chest. It seems weird. He’s a doctor, and oh well. He will understand.

"Chest," I say.
His eyebrows rise.
"Are you having trouble breathing?"
"No, it’s just I’m tender."
He sits back. He seems relieved, and I’m confused.
"Bananas." He says.
"I’m sorry, what?" I say.
"They help with cramps during your time."

I give him a confused expression.
"Period?" He questions.
"I don’t have it yet, I answer."
"Ok, let's hope it’s that and not a virus," he laughs patting my back.
I smirk. "Can I ask you something?" I ask.
"Of course," he says smiling.
"Do you ever feel like your siblings hate you?"

His eyes dim in a sorry expression. "I feel that, but I know they love me."
"Oh." At least he’s loved.
"What’s bugging you Chase?"
"My brother Avery is always nice to me! Andy, he is always mean to me. He’s always on his phone when he’s here. He will be in the middle of a sentence, and he just stops talking. I know he hates me. I take away all of his attention."

"Chase, he doesn’t hate you! He loves you very much. He’s a 15-year-old. He’s going through tough changes, and at the same time, he’s watching his little sister suffer."
"That’s not true!" I yell. "Avery is the exact the same age. He would be going through the same changes. Andy just does not like me!"

"Chase look at me." I look at him, my eyes swollen. "Guys go through changes at different times. Trust me. While his body is changing, his hormones are raging, and he takes it out on you. He’s mad that you're sick! Trust me, he loves you!"
I give him a little smile.
"See look at him."

He’s got his hands in his pants. I laugh! Dr. Wayings laughs too. "It’s his hormones," he says, as he reaches out for me and gives me a big hug.

He is so masculine. He smells good. I hate to think I will never have a boyfriend, or have children. No one would like a girl like me. I think I have a crush. I have fun today. FUN!! That doesn’t happen very often with me. It feels good to laugh.
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Published: 2/15/2013
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