The Last Letter - Chapter 5

A messy situation!
Friday passed by with the speed of lightning and came Saturday or should I say panic day.

"I have put the salads and the starters on the table Em. Do you need me to help you with anything else?" Nat said as she got into the kitchen.

Nick along with Rose and Nat’s boyfriends were coming for the brunch today which I had very bravely accepted to prepare myself.

"No Nat, thanks for the help but I guess everything’s done now. The drinks are in the cooler, the main course prep is done and the brownies are baked. So yes, we are almost there. I just hope they like the food." I said in a rush.

Nat came towards me and then she put her hands on my shoulder and said, "Relax Em, everyone will like your food okay? Don’t overwork yourself, you get that?"

I nodded a yes.

"Now go and get dressed and I’ll do the same." Nat instructed me and then left the kitchen.

I stood in the kitchen for a few more minutes and then went into the room to get ready. I got into the dress that I had bought the other day and put on a little makeup. I decided to pull my hair back into a high ponytail to complete the look and then I went into the dining room to have a final look at the table when the doorbell rang.

I went to the door and Rose was there with Nick on her side along with Dan and Ron.

"Hey guys, all together huh?" I said with a smile and let them in.

They all sat down in the living room except Rose who followed me to the kitchen. Nat was already there giving finishing touches the food.

"Hey, has everybody arrived?" Nat asked as she saw Rose entering behind me.

"Yup, they all came together." I said as I entered into the kitchen.

"Wow! Food looks fancy." Rose said.

"Yeah! Thanks for the help Rose." Nat said in a sarcastic tone.

"Well, you are welcome." Rose said with a smile.

"Alright girls, enough talking now let’s get these drinks out, okay?" I said as I grabbed the tray.

We all went to the living room and served drinks to the guys and then got ourselves settled down.

"Wow! This feels really good right?" Nick said as he took a sip of the pinna colada that I had made for them.

"What? The drink?" Rose asked.

"No idiot! Not the drink, I mean the drink is good but what I was referring to was us being together you know." Nick replied.

"Yeah, it feels good to see you after such a long time Nick." I said with a smile. "And I am so glad to meet Danielle and Ron, I mean till now I had only heard about the two of you, but it’s too good to finally see you guys."

Ron passed me a smile. I looked at him for a while and realized how he was exactly as I had imagined him to be, I knew Rose’s taste in guys and he was just like I had expected. He was tall, had messy browny hair and wore spectacles. He had this decent and clueless look on him which was a rare combination, but I guess that’s what attracted Rose the most. Dan on the other hand was a pretty chilled out guy, he had his arms covered in tattoos and his blonde hair were a little overgrown and shaggy. He was not my type and to be honest I couldn’t really make out what actually made Nat fall in love with him?

After a bit of chatting and joking, the food was laid and everyone really enjoyed the meal. I got some great compliments for my cooking skills and everything felt so good. Even though it was just for a while, but I actually did forget all my worries and problems and enjoyed the day.

"Nick, how come you are alone?" I said as we started with the deserts.

"What do you mean?" He asked with a puzzled expression.

"I mean aren’t you seeing anyone?"

"Well, I was but well.. I ended it you know." He said and went back to eating his desert.

"Am sorry I brought that up, I didn’t know."

"It's okay." He said.

"Umm…so guys have you all cleared up your schedule for this Wednesday?" Rose asked.

As soon as she put up the question, Nat looked at me with a look that terrified me and the panic began to settle in. I knew Nat wanted me to spill the truth but I just didn’t have the courage to say anything.

"Yes, we are all set." Nick said in a cheerful tone.

"Um..Well I have something to say." I said. I cleared my throat as I felt everyone’s eyes on me. "I might not be able to come to the party."

"What? You serious?" Rose said angrily.

"I mean I am not sure yet, I have this new project thingy that’s going on in the office..and-and..."

"Enough is enough Emma, I mean I can clearly see you are making excuses here and for what? For Josh? Why can’t you just simply say that you don’t want to come to the party because you don’t want to face Josh? Why can’t you admit that no matter how much you pretend you are still not over him?"

"Alright Rose just stop right there." I said angrily as I stood up from my chair and glared at her. I was so angry at her that even though she was right I wanted to prove her wrong and my stupid anger got the best of me and I made another mistake, "One- I am completely over Josh and two- I already met him when I was in the supermarket with MY BOYFRIEND."

Everybody stared at me in silence. I ignored their stares and left the dining room.

I got into my room and sat down on my bed with my head in my hands and cursed myself for acting so irrationally. I knew getting over Josh would be difficult but I didn’t expect it to be this messy and now I was just trapped in it with no way out.



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Published: 7/19/2018
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