The Last Train

When love comes to an end...
Standing in the station,
At the edge of the platform,
The silence between us roars louder than the train.
Dark clouds are swirling,
Where did they come from?
Night drops like a pebble and I'm scared again.

The clouds split open,
To unleash their torrent,
Water rolls down my coat to splash on my shoes,
A cold shiver shakes me,
It adds to my torment,
I'm drenched in the misery that you have induced.

I look into your eyes,
They are bitter and cold,
Yet hinting of sadness with a pinch of regret,
And I almost smile,
If I could only be bold,
But bold's an enigma I haven't solved yet.

So we stand at a distance,
So close, yet so far,
Within reach of touching but too far to feel,
And we are both saddened,
We both bear the scars,
Of a love laid in tatters beneath the train wheels.

There are no words left,
That can ease the pain,
The trains in the station getting ready to leave,
And I look through the mist,
My eyes pleading in vain,
As you board the last train with your back turned to me.

I'm guessing that somewhere,
Deep inside your heart,
A memory will linger of the times that we shared,
And I'm hoping that somewhere,
In a future, not too far,
That our paths will once more cross like before.

So until that time comes,
Then I shall retreat,
On an ocean of melancholy where memories hide,
I shall drift in the darkness,
Silent, discreet,
And speak not of the heartache that I feel inside.
Published: 10/13/2015
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