The Laundromat By The 7-11

An apartment dweller doing laundry goes to the laundromat by the 7-11 where he watches the news with the homeless.
Big real estate interests were turning the Fogcutter Apartments complex into Moosewood Condos. Most of the tenants had been forced out, unable to muster up enough credit and cash to qualify for a mortgage. I was still around because my roommate, a tenured professor at the University, had qualified for a loan through the housing office there.

However, they hadn't yet completed the process of remodeling all the units. Our apartment was still without the soon-to-be prerequisite washer and dryer, so I hustled across the street to use the laundromat by 'The 7-11'.

There, if you were lucky, you could watch TV with the local unwashed homeless while doing a few loads. They would perch on washer tops and docilely take in the morning news via the television posted across the room atop, the top row of dryers.
Do you ever watch TV with the homeless?
All the time.
Once in a while.
Published: 10/28/2013
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