The Man I Thought I Knew...

About how a lover cheats on their spouse and how the spouse has to continue on without them anymore (they break up).
As the dust finally settles from the past day,
Only the memories of yesterday remain.
I wish there was something that I could say,
That I could look at you with more than disdain.

All the nights I waited up for you,
All the places I hoped someday I could take you to.
I believed in our love,
Yet you were the foolish one who couldn't rise above.

Eyes that were as deep as the ocean,
Are now as frigid as the sea.
There was a time I would follow you wherever you would lead.

Was it worth in the end?
Are you alright with the price?
There is no lie you can send,
There is no re-rolling the dice.

I wrote this story to have a happy ending,
But my darling, you ripped out the last chapter,
And ended up writing the last pages,
Where our hearts were placed in cages.

The wind bites at my cheeks but I won't turn around,
I was taught to always continue forward bound.
Even though my heart aches, it is no longer for you.
But of all the memories of the man I thought I knew.
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Published: 5/27/2014
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