The Marionette

Kristy Sanders here (author of Triple Drama). Lately, I've taken interest in writing poetry which isn't actually poetry in the truest sense (lol) but here you go!
Painted face,
Drawn smile,
They play with her,
Their pretty Marionette.

Held hostage to their strings,
Her struggles to escape in vain,
She danced to their tune,
Laughed at their cue,
Even as her heart grows heavy with pain,
So heavy, she hoped the strings would snap,
Alas, they held,
Propping her up,
Even when she could barely move.

Bit by bit,
The spirit died,
Until one day,
She hung limp,
With the painted smile faded,
From tears, finally shredded.


Author's Note

To those who have read/are reading 'Triple Drama', I'm sorry I'm taking so long but med university has turned out to be more time consuming and like mentally draining. I'm getting better at it but it's harder to juggle with writing on top of that. I haven't stopped writing. Actually, I write a lot but for some reason, I can't write CHRONICALLY now??? I just keep writing these bits and bobs and linking them sucks because I can't focus long enough for that. Trying to get back on track again, thanks for all the support! I love you guys for it!!
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My eyes, my poor eyes.
Corny af.
Nice attempt, bro.
This is da bomb.
Published: 8/31/2017
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