The Meaning of Deep Love

This poem is based on my feelings for my boyfriend. His name is Harrison and he has made me the luckiest girl in the world.
The rain drips upon the window,
As the stars dazzle upon a vast carpet of darkness,
The moon radiates the midnight sky,
With a light to sparkle in lover's eyes.

A soft drizzle of rain creates a puddle,
A flow of deep love,
Completely natural.

The heart deepens fonder,
The thought of her lover,
Makes her heart beat faster,
From the pitter-patter drops of rain,
That disappeared pain when he came.

The moment a shooting star brightens the sky,
Lightens the night with a magnificent sight,
As dawn awakens a new day,
A soft whisper spoken in the wind,
One to cherish,
A daily remind.

Of the love we must live,
We will fight for no matter what will bring us to ultimate destruction,
No matter how hard to function,
We have to survive for with it we thrive,
To become as one, the sealing of two hearts drawn by dawn,
The sparkle of the sun that binds lover's heart,
That forever will never draw us apart.
Published: 11/21/2012
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